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Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 4 RUVIEW

Lots of T will be spilled in this specific review of this week's episode, so let's just jump right into this. Episode 4 was an extremely big pill for me to swallow and I feel like I completely disagreed with the outcome of this episode.

There wasn't a mini challenge this week. Rupaul had the girls jump right into the main challenge. He had the girls divide themselves into 3 groups and each group got a Rupaul song that they had to write, record, and make a music video parody for. The teams were as follows:

Ginger Minj, Kennedy Davenport, Kasha Davis, Kandy Ho
Got "Let The Music Play" and turned it into "I Got Paid" talking about Rupaul's accomplishments and poking fun at her.

Trixie Mattel, Pearl, Katya, Miss Fame
Got "Dance With You" and turned it into "Tan With You"
Beach scene with massive sunburn and severe tan lines.

Jaidynn Diore, Max, Violet
Got "Sissy That Walk" and turned it into "Get Ready To Clock"
Made a parody of the "Sissy That Walk" music video where Violet was Adore, Jaidynn was Bianca, and Max was Courtney Act.

During the preparation, the teams are obviously clashing with their ideas...especially Trixie's group and Violet's group. Pearl and Miss Fame were going head to head about ideas regarding the theme and Max and Violet seemed to clash a bit. Honestly Violet clashes with pretty much everyone so I wasn't too shocked because she says what she's thinking and that's it. When the recording was happening, I felt that Jaidynn did excellent because she seemed to really grasp the concept and her playing Bianca was absolutely genius. She slayed. Period.

Now it's time for each team to film the music video and first up was Jaidynn's group. The only one who seemed to have any trouble was Max. Max was trying to channel some Courtney Act realness and it's hard to make Courtney funny. Other than that, Violet was brilliant as Adore and she seemed to really embody the personality well. Jaidynn basically was Bianca...to a T. Jaidynn was absolutely flawless in this challenge. You go girl.

Next was Ginger's group and I mean...I felt they could've been more clever with it. I mean some of it was funny but it wasn't really my cup of tea. Let's be honest. I loved Kasha's voice though because she did full camp which is what she's good at. Ginger is always hilarious to me and I don't think that will ever change. Kandy kind of faded into the background.

Last was Trixie's group and they basically did a beach themed video about tanning too much. I don't know exactly what happened to Trixie in this challenge but she seemed so nervous and confused. I think it was mainly nerves. Katya was absolutely brilliant...this challenge was right up her alley and she chopped it up and served it on a gold platter. Once again Rupaul got on Pearl's case for being too chill and it's starting to bother me. Miss Fame's most defining moment was when they were trying to figure out a scene and she laid out a towel and said "it would be great if we could all roll like rotisserie chicken." Oh Miss Fame and her chickens. Geez.

Kennedy talked about Sahara Davenport while getting ready for the runway. Rest in peace, girl.

The runway theme was green...you're welcome Michelle Visage!

Top Runway Looks
1. Pearl

2. Miss Fame

3. Trixie Mattel

4. Violet Chachki

5. Ginger Minj

I want to say that I wasn't all about Violet's look until I watched the episode more than once and then I was like crazy over it. Violet serves the runways every week. Period.

My favorite was "Get Ready To Clock" because I thought Jaidynn tied it together with her impersonation of Bianca Del Rio. If I didn't know better I would say she was Bianca. Good job girlfriend. Absolutely slayed it.

Kennedy ended up winning. I was really feeling Kennedy's vibe when she came on the show but now I'm not really sure anymore what to think. With this particular challenge, I feel the win should've went to Jaidynn just because she really nailed her part and she was hilarious. Katya was also brilliant...so either Katya or Jaidynn should've won. That's just my perception.

And here come the feelings. :(

First critique tonight went to Pearl. Pearl was once again getting thrown under the bus for not coming out of her shell. Michelle called her a stoner and Pearl defended herself. I am really getting pretty annoyed with the judges critiques of her because I know the relaxed vibe is just who Pearl is.

Next was Trixie. The judges basically built her up and called her funny but then shot her down saying she doesn't stand out enough. I completely disagreed with that and maybe it's because I see what Trixie is capable of and I get her and her drag. It disappointed me how it wasn't good enough. I get during the filming of the music video she was nervous but don't completely throw her under the bus for not being funny and saying you don't know who she is.

Max was called out for the grey hair which I knew she eventually would be. I disagree because Max is a character and if she's forced to be "versatile" I feel she might lose sight of herself and her character. I thought it was rude.

Violet was critiqued because she apparently didn't do enough for playing the character of Adore Delano. For the record, I loved Violet's impersonation of Adore and I thought she did all that she could've done.

Kandy's critiques...I agree with her blending into the background. What I don't agree with is the fact that, yes, she wears pretty dresses. That's just her drag and how she is. I thought she looked pretty this week and she improved her makeup. I just wish she would stop blending into the background.

Ms Kasha Davis was the last one to get critiqued and it was mainly about her singing. I thought she played up the camp in her singing and she had me rolling of laughter. I didn't really care for her runway look though.

In the very end, Rupaul decides to put Trixie and Pearl against each other in the lip sync. This is where things get sticky for me because I love both these queens so much. Pearl is someone I've completely fallen in love with this season. Trixie I've been following for a little over a year and I've always been so impressed with her and her style. So this happening really had me torn apart. Trixie ended up going home and Pearl stayed. I didn't want either of them to go home and I don't think either of them deserved to be in the bottom. It was also really hard for me to watch because they're friends outside of the show and they've worked together before and to see two friends against each other like that and see how they're forced to send someone home is a tough thing. After the lip sync was over, Pearl broke down and cried and Trixie walked out with a smile on her face and she held herself together really well. This episode had me crying at the end, I'm not going to lie...because not only did my favorite go home but seeing Pearl cry was heart breaking.

Drag Race was very disappointing this week and I wish it would've went differently.

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