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Admira Thunderpussy: Rising Star

Often times in drag, people can underestimate a pretty queen for not having enough personality...but that's why Admira is a talent. She can be visually appealing, put on a sickening performance, and have a fun and energetic attitude to match. Admira is only 20 years old and she was already nominated for a major award and began drag by producing a big drag show when she was 18.

1.Who is Admira Thunderpussy?

Admira Thunderpussy is a tall, monstreous ,female-like creature, constantly smoking and never smiling. She is a result of imagination and a product of body distinction (a shitload of padding). A performer, hostess, MILF and artist. I'm a cunt with a capital T!

2. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I started working as a drag-hostess and performer the minute I graduated school in Stockholm. During my senior year in school, I put together a huge dragshow-production with 6 dancers, 30 costumes, live singing, parodies and burlesque, and I produced, choreographed and starred in every number. Art, theatre and performing is something that always have been close to my heart and during shcool I had the wonderful opportunity to showcase all of my crazy ideas on a real stage in front of a Iarge crowd.
I spent every dime and every minute during my time of school producing, writing, editing, sewing and rehearsing for the big day. Looking back it feels almost unreal how I managed to juggle a finishing year in school, while at the same time putting my heart and soul in to one of the most challenging projects of my life.
But all the hard work payed of. After my show had it's premiere (I only performed the show once, cause I had so many final tests in school), some people from the gay community got a hold of me and suddenly I was working in clubs, performing during Stockholm Pride, starring in interviews and big theatre productions, all while I was nineteen, which when I think about it, is pretty crazy, right!?

3. Where did you get your drag name?

My "real" name is Adam, and back when I was deciding what drag name I wanted to go for,  I knew I wanted something similar, so I had several suggestions in my mind, and I almost wound up with the name Adore.. And thank god I didn't! I ended up with the name Admira cause it just felt pretty original and easy. Thunderpussy just felt right, and currently that's what most people call me.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Susan Boyle, duh!? Besides her, my grandmother is a real fierce bitch! Always telling it like it is and she is such a sweet, indipendet woman. She has always been supportive of both my drag and my sexuality and she is by far the person in my life who I feel the closest too.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

Sweden's biggest and only gay magazine, called QX, arranges an award show every year with categories like "Hetero of the year","LGBT-person of the year", "Drag of the year". It's a huge spectacle, a real gala! The nominees in the different categories are chosen through voting (anybody can go to the QX-website and vote for whomever they think should get nominated). 2014 i got nominated for drag of the year. It was so surreal, I mean, here I am, a twenty year old boy who chooses to express himself through wigs, makeup and perfomance, and I'm already all up in the "drag of the year" category? Say what!?

6. How is Swedish drag different from other drag around the world?

The swedish drag scene is pretty small I would say, and the club scene in Stockholm, where I work and live, is also quite narrow, hence the competition is real sharp. We have quite a lot of drag show-groups in Sweden who are amazing at putting together fabulous shows, but currently I think I'm one of the very few who "work alone".
The Swedish drag style in itself has in it's history gained popularity and interest by basically trying to "pass" as a real woman, while at the same time putting on an incredible show. Today, with Drag Race on Netflix, I feel like the overall drag style in Sweden is taking a direction towards a more over-the-top and harsher look, which by looking at my nose contour, you should understand I enjoy.

7. What has been the biggest lesson you've learned while doing drag?

People are real damn superficial. And straight guys will fuck anything with a lash on.

8. In your opinion, what is the most misunderstood thing about drag?

That it's not something you could do as a job. Sometimes, a lot of Swedish people come up to me when Im hosting, and ask me "Do you always go out and party like that?". And when I try to explain to them that I am working, they get pretty confused. Again, I think it's because of the small size of the Swedish drag scene.

9. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about drag?

My favorite thing about drag is that I can create an Image in my head of a certain character and put it on my exterior self, it truly is empowering. But I also like that I can easily steal poppers from strangers!
My least favorite thing about drag is when drunk people come up to you and start rubbing your mug. I mean, I didn't sit for 18 hours beating my face just so that you could touch it, right?!

10. Do you have a favorite performance that you've ever done?

My signature performance that I love doing is Cola with Lana Del Rey, where I lipsynch to the song while tasting my pussy. But I also love this new number that I recently produced, where I do an enema with a huge Poppers-bottle while playing on bongo drums!

11. What advice do you have for other performers out there who would like to be drag artists?

Do not take it too seriously and take some time to study drag culture and it's history. If your planning to work as a drag artist, you better always deliver and hold on to your work ethic!

12. What is something that makes you unique that not many people know about you?

I may come across as a very non-serious and flamboyant character in drag, but I am actually very mature. Even back when I was around 17, a lot of people would guess that I was in my late twenties, because of my behavior. It's almost like there is a fat old girl living inside of my gay-boy-bottom-body.

13. Where did you learn to do your makeup?

Masturbation and doing makeup goes hand in hand, you discover what you like and what works and the more often you do it, the faster you finish! I started by watched some shit on YouTube but I think I wanted to understand the science of feminine facial structure and what the typical features were.Then I just magnified it, and when I saw what Willam Belli was doing with his face, I understood what not to do, and that's when everything started to look better!

14. If you could work with anyone, who would you pick and why?

I would love to work with Barbra Streisand, just so I could get the chance to countour that fucking nose down! Other than that, I could work with anyone, i love working and cooperating with different types of people!

15. Do you have a most embarrassing moment?

Well besides getting ready in drag at a hospital, falling down a couple of stairs and doing a show with a bubblegumsituation, I would say that just doing this interview takes home the price! Oh, right and having to ask people who read this to follow me on instagram.. @admirathunderpssy

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