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10 Makeup Techniques Drag Queens Need to Change By James Majesty

I pride myself in being a makeup artist, but by no means do I consider myself the best. These tips and tricks are techniques I've learned from being in the beauty industry; from stage & screen to behind the counter.  

Stop being Raven. She's drop dead gorgeous, but her face is her trademark. In fact STOP copying anybody from RPDR or ANYWHERE! 

The art of drag is how you create your own character and let yourself evolve into cookie cutter drag allowed. 

Beard Coverage

If you can't shave close enough you need to camouflage your five o'clock shadow. The best way to conceal a grey undertone is to use an orange cream underneath your foundation and then apply your cream foundation over the Orange with a "patting" application, not smearing or blending. 


Nobody wants to be Snookie! 

Often queens use bronzer as a contour, STOP! If you have light-medium skin you need a contour color that has a grey undertone. If you are very pale you can even use straight grey, but be careful not to blend it to where you look you have beard shadow!  If you have medium-dark skin you need a neutral-olive undertone... Don't use grey in this situation because you don't want to be ashy! 

Always use a Matte contour, shimmer is a sin!


If you have light skin using a pink highlight is the brightest option other than white. 
Medium skin looks best with a yellow highlight! 
And darker skin is most flattering when using an orange(ish) highlight! 

Shimmer isn't often flattering. Matte highlight is best! 


This one is easy! Use the color of your choice! The blush should go between the contours and highlights of your facial structure. On the cheekbones and very lightly above the brow...don't get too crazy! 


The contours of the breasts should be darker in the center and gradually fade lighter towards the clavicles. The highlight between the breasts should match the highlight color on your forehead. You can also add blush right under your clavicles to give some life to your chest, but be careful to apply it lightly. 

Hair Line

Blend Girl BLEND! 

If you can't afford a lacefront wig...there are options! 
  A) Use shadow to blend the line. 
  B) Back comb the front. 
  C) Don't buy a cheap wig!

Lip Liner

You must wear it if you plan on over drawing your lips. 
The darker liner outside your natural lip line that fades to your natural lip line creates a more realist looking dimension. If you don't understand that.....because I used a lot of words...just use it. Cool! 

Eyebrow shape  

Open your eyes! Seriously... You need to arch your brows upward. That's it! 

Brow Highlight

(Unless your skin is the same color as your brows you don't need the highlight. The forehead highlight is enough.) 

And this concludes my 10 Makeup Techniques Drag Queens Need to Change! Please remember theses are simply guidelines not rules! Now, go rub makeup on your face!!!

Xoxo, Majesty 
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