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XELLE releases new video "SWEAT"

Summer may be over but XELLE aims to make this September the hottest month of the year with their exciting new single release. “Sweat” is a little bit dirty, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of fun. It’s got the high gloss pop sheen of a Britney track with the powerhouse vocals fans of the girl group best known for throwing an illegal dance party on a moving NYC subway train have come to expect. “It’s what’s playing in your mind when you see that hot guy or girl across the bar and you know it’s time to make a move,” says Rony G, one of the dance floor divas that fronts XELLE.  “It is all about flirting, feeling sexy and confident, and giving in to your romantic desires,” adds JC Cassis, the other half of the energetic duo.  Sweat is available exclusively on iTunes pre-release now, and will be released on iTunes on September 16, 2014. It will be available on all digital retailers shortly thereafter.

“Sweat makes playful, suggestive connotations that will inspire some physical action,” continues Cassis, “but there is a deeper meaning to the song too.  As curvy women, we wanted to take on the themes of fitness, body image, and feeling beautiful just as you are. We work out and eat healthily, but we’ve still got our curves, and we know we’re not the only ones.”
“You don’t have to have that stereotypical ‘perfect body’ to be fierce,” adds Rony G. “Watch us with our dancers in the video and you’ll see what we mean!”
Written by Zach Adam and Lisa Greene (who has penned hits for Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue), the track builds on the band’s previous releases, songs like “Queen” and “Hologram,” all of which centered on having fun by mixing high-energy vocals and danceable beats with powerful synth rhythms.  However, “Sweat” takes it one step further.  It’s sassier, frolicsome, more colorful and slightly off-the-wall.

The video parodies the aerobics culture, ridiculous exercise classes and the terrible late-night fitness infomercials of the eighties.

XELLE cast Brett Azar as the hot, bodybuilding Tony Little-esque instructor.  They also brought on a fierce group of curvy jazzercise dancers and called on celebrity friends like Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Stodden, Andrew W.K. and Sherry Vine to make cameos.  Designer Geoffrey Mac created the insane costumes and the hair design is by Wigbar.
NYC drag star Marti Gould Cummings also appears as the catalyst for the surprise twist ending!
“Fitness is a good thing, but obsessing over perfection, or superficial things like how you look, can be a problem, especially for those doing harmful things to try to look like the unattainable, photo-shopped super models we see in magazines and on television,” says Rony G.  “It’s important to remember that whatever type you are, or look you’re sportin’, somebody’s into it.”
XELLE is an all girl group that came out of the gay men’s nightlife scene.  It formed four years ago when singer-songwriters JC Cassis and Rony G and producer Zach Adam (who has produced numerous number one hits in Europe and Asia) united with the idea to create a band that combined the sass of TLC with the fun of The Spice Girls and the timeless pop excellence of ABBA.
“We call our sound Megapop, because it’s everything you love about pop music, turned up all the way,” says Cassis.   Together with Zach Adam, the group has unleashed a slew of jaw-dropping songs and music videos.  Their video, “Hologram”, is the first choose-your-own-adventure, interactive YouTube video, and the longest music video ever.  It stars Janeane Garofalo, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Martha Wash. “Queen” is a trippy, visually stunning piece starring nearly all the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.   Their last single, “Red Flag”, was a call-to-action, meant to inspire fans to stand up to people like Russian President Vladimir Putin and New Jersey governor Chris Christie (who, at the time of the release, was petitioning his state’s court to repeal their ruling allowing gay marriage).
XELLE has a strong fan base in the LGBT community and beyond, and they have headlined festivals and clubs all across the US, sharing the stage with Salt 'n' Pepa, Joan Rivers, Mya, Deborah Cox, Lil' Kim and many more. They create their music and videos with their fans in mind.
“We want to be the role models we didn’t have growing up,” says Rony G.   “We aim to inspire our fans to do what they want to do in their lives no matter what society says about it.”
Sweat was mixed by Ryan West (Eminem, Rihanna, Martha Wash) and mastered by Joe Lambert.  The first official remix was produced by elite remixers, NovoGain.
“The message behind everything we do is to celebrate and love yourself for who you are.”
Sweat is available now for pre-order exclusively on iTunes, and will be released exclusively on iTunes on September 16th, 2014. It will go on sale through all major digital retailers shortly thereafter. Follow all of XELLE's crazy adventures, as well as their weekly Threesome Interview video series with celebrity guests at http://www.xellemusic.com.
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Clever Sarcasm: Chloe Knox

Looking for a queen who is beautiful and funny all at the same time? Chloe Knox is your queen. She makes youtube videos as well as performs onstage and she may call herself a beginner but honestly with her talent, you'd never guess. 

1. Describe your drag persona. 

Very sarcastic and and candid. Similar to myself out of drag, but just more clever and uninhibited. Also more peppy and charismatic than I tend to be.

2. When and why did you decide to start drag?

I decided to start wearing makeup and heels in high school because I had wanted to as long as I could remember, and it felt like the right time. Specific time, August 2011. During that time, I toyed with the idea of breaking into drag, but it just seemed so hard I wasn't sure if it was for me. But eventually, I shed my bleach-blonde locks and stopped wearing makeup every day, and decided to only wear makeup when I felt like it. And that's also when I started buying wigs. And so Chloe was born.

3. Does your family support you?

I don't have much contact with my "family" (they're all in Canada) but my parents and step-parents love it. My mom's been asking me to put her in drag for forever.

4. If you could pick anyone that you really want to work with, who would it be and why?

A queen? Um.....Bianca del Rio. A part of me actually would be nervous about that because I'd probably seem incredibly unfunny next to her. But I would LOVE to spend time with her and I know I'd learn so much. Comedy is something I'm really trying to make my niche, so I think she'd be the best mentor I could ask for.

5. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Well Bianca obviously is a big one. Another, again obviously, is London Adour. I take inspiration from pretty much everyone, though. There's always something someone does that I like. But the two biggest would probably be them two.

6. Why did you decide to start a YouTube channel?


7. What has been the biggest obstacle you've ever had to overcome?

The general sense of being lower than everyone. Ever since childhood, everyone's sort of looked at me as the neurotic, attention-seeking little nuisance. And because of that, all I've ever wanted is respect. And to be treated like I'm on the same level as everyone else. So when people look down on me or give me and attitude like they're just plain better than me.....I do NOT take it well. And these bitches know who they are. But another big obstacle is controlling my fucking mouth. I have lost countless opportunities and had many gigs cancelled on me because of someone I said that got back to someone, or something I said on Facebook, etc. What can I say, I have no filter.

8. What is the biggest lesson you've learned while performing as a drag queen?

No matter what, you will get better. But just because someone is improving faster than you does not mean you aren't.

9. What makeup item can you not live without?

Well....there are a LOT. Things like glue sticks, setting powder, black eye shadow....if I ran out of any of those things before a show, I'd have a panic attack. But the number one would probably be foundation. No foundation, no face. I ain't showing my nasty real-person skin on stage. No ma'am.

10. What types of things do you do in your free time?

Well I assume that means other than work and drag, which is pretty much all I do. But I spend any free time hanging out with my best friend Rebekkah. Or hanging out with Ironica and her boyfriend Adrian. Other than that, I lay in my bed on my laptop like I'm doing now.

11. In your opinion, what is your favorite thing about performing as a drag queen and what's your least favorite thing?

My favorite thing is positive attention, as I assume is everyone's. When people come up to me like I'm.....SOMEBODY, and tell me how gorgeous I am and ask for pictures or whatever, it's like an outer body experience. I still assume at first they're talking to someone else. It's literally the best feeling ever. The worst part I'd have to say is the crippling self-doubt. Always thinking my performances weren't good enough, and seeing other queens slaying the crowd. Makes me feel sometimes like I should just stop doing lip-sync performances and just start doing stand-up. But I just go to my performance video file and look at some of my favorites to remind myself, I'm good at both.

12. Do you buy your outfits or do you make them yourself?

I have made VERY few things from scratch, because I'm not particularly good at crafting or sewing. Most things I either buy, or I buy them and add them together or add things to them. Like buy a unitard and add sleeves, for example.

13. Do you have any hidden talents that no one knows about?

......not really haha. When I'm good at something, I want EVERYONE to notice. I mean I'm good at drawing, but most people know that. Other than that....I can stick my whole fist in my mouth. Wanna see??

14. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Stupidity. When someone says or does something retarded with the utmost conviction....I just want to smack the shit out of them. And when I do something stupid (which is pretty much constantly) I get mad at myself.

15. What's your biggest fear? 

That I'm really as unimportant as people treat me.

16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Gosh let's see, I'll be 29.......hopefully making more than $8 an hour. Haha no what I REALLY hope is that I'll be making money doing something I love. Whether it's drag, or acting, or comedy....just something I'm excited about doing. Not scrubbing floors and punching in 40 hours a week wanting to blow my brains out. If I could make enough from drag to live off of comfortably...that would be ideal.

17. Do you have any advice for beginner drag queens?

Well....I'm essentially still a beginner. I'm in an awkward stage between total amateur and professional. However, I'd just have to say....you're a beginner. So chances are what you're doing now is FAR from sickening. Lots of people told me I was the shit when I was starting.....and looking back, I was anything but. If someone says "gurrl your makeup looks a mess" they're not a 'hater', they're probably right. Now if you've been doing makeup for years, that's different. You're set in your ways and they're probably just trying to piss you off. But if you're just starting, it probably does look a mess and they know you can do better. So ask them what specifically needs improvment and work to make it better. Keep yourself grounded, you are and will never be 'better' than anybody. Just be as amazing as YOU can be and that's enough. And lastly....keep trying. You WILL feel like giving up, and if you do, that's okay. Drag's tough, it ain't for everybody. But if it's your passion...stick with it.

18. If people want to see you perform, where can they find you?

Meteor on Thursdays, F Bar on Tuesdays sometimes, JR's on Sundays.....sometimes. Might be doing a gig at Splash in Galveston sometime soon, we'll see. Ya never know! Just follow me on Facebook and Instagram and chances are you'll get the heads up.

Find Chloe Here:
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Just Bendovah!

Bendovah is someone I just found a few months ago from a fanpage I run for a Drag Race queen and she's one of the most nicest and humble queens anyone could ever spend their time talking to. I found her when she just started drag and she's already improved a lot and I can't wait to see her grow more. 

1. Describe your drag persona :)

BENDOVAH is a scamp, camp, and a bit of a tramp, she is a V-A-M-P... vamp. She adores high glam and twirling on the kids, so you could say she’s fancy and dancey.

2. How long have you been doing drag?

My first time in drag was for an undergraduate drag show when I was 21. I was “Salexica, silken sex goddess”! My drag career launched under the name “Bennifer” for the RuPaul’s Drag Race season six finale May 19, 2014. Bendovah has been performing since July.

3. What is the biggest lesson you've learned so far?

KEEP AN OPEN MIND. You have SO much to learn and SO much you don’t know. My drag grandmother, Kimi-San DuMi of Tucson, instilled in me that principle.

4. Where does your drag name come from?

My drag mother, of course: Miss Jewels A. Plenti of Los Angeles. She wanted the name to be super Jewish (and true to my bedroom activities, haha). Ben-dooooooooooo-vah. Like buttah!

5. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Adore Delano was the first. There’s something really candid and honest about her drag that makes you feel like you can drag up, too. So, I owe a lot to her.

My current ‘biggest’ inspiration is probably Miss Fame. Face, face, face, face!

6. How has your family reacted to you doing drag?

Biological family? It is what it is.

7. What was your childhood like?

I had a great childhood! Every day of 1997, 1998 and 1999, I was obsessed with the Spice Girls. Wanting to be a Spice Girl, it’s not all that surprising I became a drag queen. haha

8. What's your favorite makeup product?

If I had to pick one, I’d say the Nyx ® Curve ™ Liner. AMAZING. But I’m also in love with the beautyblender®. ESSENTIAL. GOOGLE IT.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your future goals?

I would like to be living on the west coast, performing full-time as an entertainer, branding my name. I would like to have appeared on (and ya know, maybe won) a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

10. What is one crazy thing that no one knows about you?

When I was fifteen, Cher was on her Farewell Tour. In my closet, I had scrap pieces of fabric my grandparents bought me for a school project a few years prior. I would lock my door, hide in the closet, and put on scraps of fabric and pretend to perform the whole Farewell Tour I had on CD. Through the bedroom window, my sister swears she once witnessed me do this!

11. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Probably when I sharted in my khakis at school in seventh grade – the kind of thing to scar a young ladyboy!

12. What is your favorite thing about the drag community? Least favorite thing? Why?

I love the acceptance of the drag community. We’re men in dresses and it’s NORMAL.
I’d have to say my least favorite thing is unpolished queens who don’t try harder!

13. Do you ever plan on auditioning for Rupaul's Drag Race or do you think the show isn't for you?

Ha! Refer to my answer for #9. I would love to audition for RPDR. Since it’s only been about three months I’ve been performing, I’m afraid I’d go home first like Shangela, season two. ;-) Give me a couple years.

14. What is the biggest obstacle in your life that you have overcome?

Ask me again in five or ten years. Or ask my shrink. lol

15. What kinds of things do you do in your free time?

I love to binge-watch television, but it’s like sweets: You can get sick if you overindulge. Listening to music soothes me; singing along is great therapy. I think I’m a great singer; when I was sixteen, I wanted to be a pop singer – but I had the grades to be a doctor or a lawyer.

16. What is your favorite memory?

One of them is taking on Disneyland in Anaheim with Jewels, my drag mother, in December 2012. Best birthday ever.

17. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why? What do you think is your best quality?

The great thing about drag is you can change anything about yourself that you want to. But, if I win Drag Race, I’m getting some lip filler, haha. I see you, Sharon!

18. If people wanted to see you perform, where would they go?

You can see me (most) Wednesday nights at 11PM EST at The Back Door, Bloomington, Indiana! But, if you can’t come see me twirl on the children, you can catch my channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/justbendovah!

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Dakota D'Vil: Dark Glamour

Dakota D'Vil is quickly making a name for herself in the drag scene. She recently won Project Drag 3 and scored a spot in the Showgirls show at Mickey's WEHO and is starting to claw her way to the top.

1. Describe your drag persona. 

It’s on the darker side… Usually when you see me out, you will get the buxom Blonde stripper girl that could fuck up a truck driver...Or you’re going to get some high-fashion editorial dark glamour.  South Dakota and North Dakota is what I’ve coined my dual drag personas. I never change my tone of voice or personality though...Unless you piss me off.

2. What is your best quality?

I’m adaptable, what I bring to the table is more universal than what most are comfortable doing. I hate being labeled or put in a box I CAN BE ANYTHING!

3. What are you most insecure about?

When I read the fucking comments and I start believing the shit the troll’s type up on line…I tell myself all the time “DON’T READ THEM” but I still do sometimes and that makes me feel insecure. Basically it’s your choice to feel a certain way or not…if you are a Rose would you rather have the thorns grow inwards or out?

4. When and why did you start doing drag?

I started doing Drag professionally about 3 years ago… WAY before that I would play in my mom’s closet when she was at work when I was just a little lady boy so It’s always been an interest to me.  One year for Halloween (Cliché I KNOW) I went all out and really enjoyed myself It was very freeing and I knew I wanted to pursue it.

5. What competitions have you been in? Which ones did you win? 

I started performing in competitions, long before the paid spots came along…I was pretty awful when I started but I was living… a year ago I won the DRAGULA Pageant and have been working closely with the Boulet Brothers ever since. Recently I was a contestant in Mickey’s “Project Drag” in WEHO and I Won that coveted spot in the Showgirls Show!  Every Monday at 10:30 Hosted by Raven and Tony Moore…My debut is Sept 29th ;)   I also just won KiKi Extravaganzas “Little Miss Welfare” pageant so you could say things are getting pretty serious.  

6. Do you have a drag family?

I do have a Drag Family “Haus Of D’Vil” lead by the Matriarch Supreme, Saint Peter D’Vil.  We strive to push the boundaries of the “norm” of what drag is. We celebrate the alternative, rock and roll lifestyle of Drag…Not everyone wants to hear a Britney or Beyonce song you guys… Yes we are darker but we welcome everyone and we do Love…You see the teeth everywhere right? LOL

7. What was your childhood like? Does your family accept you doing drag?

I grew up an only child with a lot of free/alone time…Raised by my Mom who worked a lot to support us she’s still very supportive in my Career and will be in LA to see my Debut for Showgirls on Sept 29th…I haven’t spoken to my father since I came out about 11 years ago…I don’t talk about him. For the most part my family has been great to me, I’m very fortunate.

8. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My main Drag Inspiration is Cherie Currie from “The Runaways” I have always felt a weird connection to her and if there is any sort of mold I’d like to be fitted into it’s hers.

9. What is the most expensive thing you own that you use for performances?

I don’t know about the “most expensive” but what I own that’s worth a lot is an original Black Velvet Bob Mackie gown Saint Peter D’Vil got me for my birthday last year, I’ve only worn it once and I performed  Lana Del Rey.

10. What is the difference between your drag personality and your actual personality?

I’d LIKE to say nothing but when I’m in boy drag I’m a lot quieter, very introverted but once I’m in full regalia and I have a few beers in me and a good song comes on…you can easily see the mentality shift…everything is in duality

11. What is the biggest lesson you've learned while doing drag?

Don’t expect to be hot shit your first year on the scene…it takes a lot of falling to learn how to stand on your own.  

12. Do you have a most embarrassing moment? What is it?

To date its still when I fell off stage during a competition… Not only did I fall but I fell on Phi Phi O’hara…but we’re cool now.

13. Have you ever doubted yourself? How did you overcome it?

I doubt myself all the time, I think its part of being an artist/ perfectionist never feeling like you’re good enough but I always keep a positive outlook and I always follow my instincts.

14. Do you get nervous right before a performance?

Every single time…if you don’t quit doing Drag and find what makes you feel this way! 

15. Describe the feeling you get while you're onstage.

I zone out, I can’t see I can’t hear I just act and stay in the moment…

16. What has been your biggest obstacle thus far?

Handling the things you hear people saying about you and the inevitability that you will have to work with them in the future…I’m good about leaving it at the door but it’s still awkward working in such an unnecessarily-cutthroat business.

17. What is your biggest accomplishment?

The SHOWGIRLS title is pretty amazing,  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…My debut is SEPT 29th XOXO

Find Dakota Here!

Instagram: @dakotadvil

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Chasing Dreams: Queen Annecy

Upon falling deeper and deeper into the ocean of the drag community, one of my first drag queen loves was Sharon Needles. While being a fan of Sharon, I noticed this girl named Annecy started being part of the picture and eventually she was in a theater production with Peaches Christ and Sharon Needles and I became even more fascinated with her. After this show, Annecy has truly started to leave her mark on the drag community and I'm so proud of her for working so hard and accomplishing her dreams, which is why I asked if I could feature her on this page. She may not be a drag queen but she truly understands the art more than anyone else I know and she is extremely talented. 

1. How long have you been part of the drag community?

My whole life I've admired over-the-top glamorous artists and scenes and films and art of all kinds that my parents raised me on - David Bowie, Nina Hagen, Alice Cooper, Boy George, Rocky Horror...of course those aren't exactly "the drag scene" but I feel like they guided me towards the light that is drag. I discovered club kids when I was 10 which lead me to various drag phenomenons such as Wigstock, but drag didn't stick with me at first. I would watch drag race here and there in middle school as well, but when I found myself overwhelmed with depression in the beginning of eighth grade, I started watching it religiously. It became one of the few things that could make me smile at the time...So to sum that all up, I suppose I officially was engrossed by the drag community by the time I was 13!

2. What does drag mean to you?

It probably means as much to me as religions do to religious people - is that offensive? I've always questioned my love for drag because it's so hard to explain it. I feel like there's something magical about drag queens and the performance artists like them. They're a complete illusion of somebody completely different to the person wearing the makeup and costumes. As an actress, when I play characters I can feel like I'm escaping my identity and reality, and when I look at these performers I get a similar feeling even though it's not me on stage. They're all inspiring in different ways and they're definitely to blame for why I am who I am today. 

3. How did you and Sharon Needles become friends?

Long story short(ish): I won a contest to go on Drag Stars at Sea. Soon after, I managed to get Sharon to follow me on vine. When we finally met we ended up spending so much time together and I guess I was able to help make her happy because she was going through some rough times as you can imagine. The way she treated me that week was so special and I'm immensely grateful for it. The last night when I had to go to bed, we both fell into each other's arms and bawled. She thanked me for making her so happy that week. Then she said if I ever need her I can always not call her. Except a week later she told me to call her and she slowly started calling me more and more then started facetiming me! Her FaceTime stopped working so now we can't do that and I miss it a lot but I wanna give her as much space as possible... As much as I probably bug her she's seriously one of my closest friends!

4. What was it like working with Sharon Needles and Peaches Christ for The Wizard Of Odd?

A dream come true. Literally. Two years ago I couldn't sleep one night so I created an entire plot thingy in my head of a Peaches Christ production of The Wizard of Oz. Obviously Sharon was the witch, but I was Dorothy and Peaches was either the Wizard or Glinda. I got obsessed with Peaches when Sharon did Silence of the Trans and it became a huge goal of mine to be in one of her plays, preferably The Wizard of Oz with Sharon. Of course, I thought that was a complete fantasy and the chances of it happening would be when Sharon and Peaches were elderly. Yet next thing I knew, Peaches called me in response to an 8 paragraph letter I wrote to her and asked if I wanted to play Toto!

 When the week finally came where I would be going to San Francisco to rehearse and then be in the play, everything turned into parallels of the actual Wizard of Oz story. I was Dorothy. The first planes were the tornado. The first day of rehearsals when we filmed the opening and closing sequences, Sharon - whose persona is a dead witch - bought me cheeseburger shoes! There are plenty more but I'll explain in my novel that I write about that week in like 30 years. After the show, Peaches kept me onstage with Sharon and Sharon's real mother and told the audience my story. The 1400 people in the house gave me a standing ovation and I began to cry so hard. She recently did an interview with Feast of Fun and talked about that moment and her realization that I was Dorothy and it made me cry again. I'll never be able to thank Peaches enough for that whole experience.

5. How long have you been studying theater?

I've been acting my whole life but I started doing plays when I was eight and started actually studying theater in theater classes when I was 11. I took theater classes everyday in middle school, and when I started high school they put me in the honors theater class which is intended for seniors and juniors only - I was the youngest and only freshman in my class that first year! Now I'm at a different high school thingy where I'm taking a college theater class.

6. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
I have so many that it's probably unhealthy! I think my mom is actually my biggest inspiration...she's incredibly embarrassing but she's been there for me every moment of my life and has gone out of her way so many times to make me happy. She's one of those cool moms ya know...but like she's really cool actually. Back in the olden days she was a dj and interviewed a lot of famous musicians and has tons of really major pals. My dad Bill is hip and funky as well but he's grumpy at me for having an A IN MY HISTORY CLASS!!! (It's probably going to end up a B soon oops) I love my parents so much equally though and this year I've realized a lot more how thankful I am for them.

Besides that cliche "my parents" answer, Sharon's my biggest inspiration but that takes too long to explain so maybe one day I'll release my journals from when I was in the hospital when I was 14 and wrote several creepy pages gushing over her.

Amanda Palmer is a huge inspiration for me as an artist and musician. Jinkx has had a monumental influence on me as an actress. Katy Perry is an embarrassing idol I've carried with me since I was 10 who honestly has inspired me a lot to follow my dreams which is incredibly cheesy but I have to give her credit. Judy Garland has been the reason I've wanted to be a performer since I was a fetus.

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Either living in my parents house eating macaroni and cheese and sobbing over what could've been or hopefully living the fantasies I created a long time ago...I want to be famous - and I want to die for art...when I'm really old. I hope I'm out there helping people in someway and making people happy at the least.

8. What is your biggest insecurity/fear?

I guess my biggest insecurity is just the fact I'm paranoid of people secretly disliking me or something. I am really outgoing and I love people, but at the same time I'm incredibly shy and can be very quiet because I'm scared of bothering people. I hate this because I want to be friends with so many people but it's so easy for me to just hide and so hard to approach people. One of the reasons I want to be famous - preferably for good reasons - is because I feel like I wouldn't need to be so scared of other people.
My biggest fear is death, which is ironic because I went through about 4 years of going in and out of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. I love living. But I'm prone to being eaten alive by depression. I'm more scared of others around me dying. I've been through so much death in the past few years that I can get so easily overwhelmed. I still cry all the time over the people and things I've lost even years ago...I get really sensitive to death related things - I can't stand it when someone tells me or somebody else to kill themselves. I can't even kill bugs because it makes me sad!

9. What do you like to do in your free time?

I am usually laying on the floor doing nothing or on my computer not being productive, or I'm trying to create things. I'm a self-taught pianist with basic skills so of course I'm always learning new material, I struggle to sing and attempt to improve my voice all the time, I make collages, I make strange photoshop creations that sometimes end up in my redbubble store, I play with my puppy until he starts eating every inch of my body, I stare at my hamster, I read and write every now and then, I watch too many movies, I create and edit dumb videos, I stuff my face with processed snacks, I dance around my house and act out the entirety of The Wizard of Oz or Rocky Horror or pretend I'm a drag queen, I dress up all weird and take selfies...I'm always busy doing something!

10. What is your favorite quality about yourself?

I'm honestly very self conscious and insecure which a lot of people don't realize because I keep those feelings quiet these days, but I've found more and more things to appreciate about myself. I think overall my imagination is my most prized possession. Without it, I'm nothing. It's what let's me create, dream and love. I can entertain myself in a plethora of ways because I have so much creativity driven by my imagination. I have so many fantasies and aspirations that I keep believing in until they're actually reality. I have the mindset of a six year old so I'm overwhelmed with curiosity. Having the ability to imagine allows me to have such a spirit and so much love for people and cultures and art and the whole universe. That was probably the cheesiest thing I've ever written.  

11. Do you regret anything you've done in the past?

There are so many things I regret - I've honestly hurt some people in the past, and I wish I could've held myself back. But you can't please everyone and lately I've been focusing on blocking out negativity and trying to be more sensible and stay out of conflict, as well as move on from these regrets of the past. Other than that, I don't regret anything no matter how much it affected me because we wouldn't be who we are without a history of good and bad.

12. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Everything I do embarrasses me in someway. I think being on stage with Katy Perry and meeting her was the most embarrassing moment of my life. While that was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life, following Katy Perry around on stage while sporting glasses, a big gap in my teeth, a starstruck expression, a pink skirt sliding off my butt revealing a pair of blue shorts, three gigantic bags, an untied shoe, then proceeding to wobble while my idol held my hands until she told me to jump so I awkwardly hopped in place in front of more than TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE is a rather haunting experience. 

13. Out of all the projects you've worked on, which one is your favorite and why?
The Wizard of Odd. See question 4.

14. What is your advice for kids who don't feel accepted by anyone?

Speak out to those people and let them know how you feel. Many people don't have open minds or hearts and if you can't find anyone who does, either go somewhere else or sit and dream without giving up so when the time comes, you'll still be yourself and can move on and find people who will accept you. Life is hard but it's fragile and delicate and should never be wasted. Love yourself. Embrace what's inside of you. Build an imagination. Create things, explore your mind. Eat lots of low sodium macaroni and cheese. Watch Drag Race and listen to Rupaul and find queens and other people to inspire you...but most importantly find inspiration through yourself.

15. What is the biggest lesson you've learned over the past few years?

"Don't dream it, be it" and "if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gon love somebody else can I get an amen up in here." I've learned not to give up on myself, not to take things for granted, privacy is a delicacy, and patience and determination will get you everywhere.

16. How do you stay positive?

I look for little things that will reinforce the fact that even when life seems boring, it still has meaning. If I can make someone happy, make my parents proud of me, or just realize how much beauty exists in everything, I get a very happy feeling where my throat gets all tickly and I can't stop smiling. I also look back on memories of the major things I've accomplished and realize how gracious I am for those experiences. I can also find happiness by playing with my hamster and puppy, watching precious animal videos, and losing my head while admiring drag queens in various ways.

17. If you were on a deserted island and you could only bring one item with you...what would you choose?

A boat.

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