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Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 2 RUVIEW

Now that everyone has had a chance to see the queens on the show, we can all start seeing their roles this season. I have a top 5 already out of the girls....well a top 4 now that one of them got sent home this episode, but we'll get into that later.

As always, the episode starts off with everyone entering the workroom after Tempest Dujour goes home, and Kandy Ho cleans off the mirror since she was in the bottom 2 along with Tempest. Everyone seems exhausted but the mood changes from calm to tense when Violet says "I hate Michelle Visage." I feel like Violet might be the villain this season because she walked in pretty sure of herself and she seems like she will push away anyone who tries to get in the way of getting that crown. And let me tell you, I am living for Violet. She doesn't seem to care if she offends someone, she just says what's on her mind and she knows shes a threat. I'm looking forward to her future shenanigans.

Quick side note: I feel a ton of tension and competition between Miss Fame and Violet and I saw this the first episode with Miss Fame and her side eye she gave Violet when Violet won the main challenge. I'm not surprised.

Next was Sasha Belle confronting Pearl and explaining what happened onstage. In the first episode, the queens had to tell Rupaul who least impressed them and why. Sasha had said Pearl because she saw Pearl as a huge threat to her. So this obviously caused some tension afterwards. Sasha had tried talking to Pearl and Pearl just blew her off which caused even more expected.


This week's mini challenge was quite interesting. The Pit Crew walked in with leaf blowers and the queens had 15 minutes to get into drag and whoever gave the most face while getting blown with the leaf blower would win. There were 2 winners and they were Ginger Minj and Trixie Mattel (get it Trixie!) Because Ginger and Trixie won, they were team captains for the main challenge and got to pick who would be on their teams. 

The teams were as follows:

Team Ginger: Sasha Belle, Jasmine Masters, Kasha Davis, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Kennedy, Kandy Ho

Team Trixie: Pearl, Miss Fame (or MISS LAME according to Trixie), Katya, Max, Violet

Violet and Kandy Ho were both tense about being picked last...which I would be too. They seem like the outcasts this season. Interesting.


The main challenge was a musical number about an airline run by drag queens. Each team had their own number to perform and everyone was judged individually. Ginger won the challenge this week, and Sasha and Katya ended up lipsyncing. Sasha sashayed away. Here we go with my rant.

I didn't know Sasha when she was announced, but I absolutely loved her. I loved her so much she was one of my top 5 picks. I definitely encourage everyone to take the time and actually look her up and follow her because I feel like her time in the show misrepresented her. I remember seeing her Covergurlz video and I saw someone say "...well someone has to go home first...". Joke's on you because she went home second...and for the record, Sasha is amazing and she's one of the most versatile queens that was on this season and I feel angry that she went home so early because I feel she had a lot to showcase. And that's it. I was upset about this weeks elimination.


Trixie: I know Jasmine and Ginger were coming for this look in Untucked and they were coming for Trixie in general but what can I say....? I'm one of those people that just GETS Trixie. Hate on it.

Pearl: Once again she slayed me with her beauty. Pearl is literally so pretty it hurts and that laid back personality with the bitch face has made me a Pearl fanatic.

Max: Max is always in character and she sold her runway look. She always wears simple but elegant clothes with a twist of old glamour. YAS MAX.

Annnddddd I think this covers this week because I really don't know what else to write besides the fact that I'm mad about Sasha Belle getting eliminated. Also, Miss Fame really needs to let loose. Don't disappoint us!

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