Tuesday, March 3, 2015


After a long, heart wrenching, exhausting wait, Rupaul's Drag Race is FINALLY premiering! The first episode is full of T, shade, and shenanigans...so let's get started!

So the episode starts with Miss Fame entering the room. She was serving extra terrestrial fish and she was WERKING it. Her entrance look gave me life! I've actually been pretty excited for Miss Fame because I've wanted to see her try the comedy challenges. I think we all know Miss Fame is gorgeous that her biggest strength is serving face. GIVE US MORE DARLING!

Next we have Ginger Minj who I didn't really know until she was announced to be on the show but I will say I think she's absolutely adorable and I love her feisty attitude. I also feel that people might be underestimating her just a little bit because my social media doesn't show her too much. I'm waiting for the world to see the talent of Ginger Minj. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS EVERYONE!

After that, Jaidynn Diore Fierce struts into the work room. I wasn't a fan of her entrance look because all the colors were pretty overwhelming to me. I wasn't too focused on the look though because Jaidynn's personality lights up the entire room and she always demands attention. I absolutely love her and her personality and I am hoping she makes it decently far so I can learn more about her.

In comes Violet Chachki who I didn't know before she was announced but I really wish I did. Violet, to me, is the epitome of beautiful. I also feel like she has a pretty bitchy attitude and I live for it. Violet is in my top picks for this season and if she gets sent home early I will set fire to the rain. I've done a lot of research on her and she's insanely talented and her cinched waist is absolutely everything.

Max Malanaphy is next! I've been following Max for about a year on social media and she's very old hollywood glamour and is also very unique. She's always been pretty mysterious to me. She seems very balanced with her personality along with her look meaning she can be absolutely stunning and still have an attractive personality that just sucks you in. It's interesting.

Where do I begin with Katya? Katya is beautiful and funny and her performances are amazing. To be honest though I didn't how to feel about her in the promo because she reminded me a lot of Willam and I know people are going to crucify me for that observation but now that I've learned more about Katya I've been way more interested. Let's be real...that Covergurlz video she did was hilarious and her entrance look on this episode was stunning!

Let's talk about Jasmine Masters! Jasmine I know from her online videos and...she has A LOT to say. I love her personality and she's very loud and positive and she LOVES to smile. Personally, I was not a fan of her entrance look and I feel Jasmine's strong points come from her personality.

Mrs Kasha Davis walks in next and she reminds me of a house wife stereo type. Always happy, always smiling, and I feel like she will probably be the motherly figure this year. I could be totally wrong but that's what I'm getting based on what I know about her.

Yay it's time for Trixie Mattel! First thing's first, you all should know before I start writing these reviews every week that Trixie is from my area...I live about 45 minutes away from Milwaukee, WI where she lives and performs. With that being said, I know a lot about her already and when I started getting into drag I looked up my local clubs to see who my local queens were and found Trixie. For those of you who don't understand her, she's basically a life sized exaggerated Barbie. And growing up, I was obsessed with Barbies. So there you go. Trixie is my favorite from Season 7. Period.

Next is Kandy Ho who I've heard about a lot and I feel she is a bit underestimated. Kandy is Season 7s Puerto Rican beauty and when she performs she sets the stage on fire. There isn't just sparks..she literally sets it on fire. She's full of energy and her performances are always put together perfectly....so if she lip syncs...I will be shocked if she goes home.

I've been stalking Pearl for quite some time now and let's just begin by saying she's just beyond beautiful. When she walked into the work room I swear I heard the hallelujah chorus because she's so pretty that it hurts. And not to mention her personality is so chill and relaxed and while most queens come in with a tagline, Pearl just walks in the workroom, poses for the camera, lifts her chin and says "sup?"

Kennedy Davenport is another queen I didn't know until recently and I feel like someone could be completely mislead by her personality. Just like Kandy, I feel like Kennedy is an amazing performer and I really want to see what she brings this season. Her entrance look was stunning, by the way.

Oh you know who it is! SASHA BELLLLEEE! Sasha is a top pick for me this season and I am hoping Rupaul doesn't screw up and send her home early because I really want to see Sasha on the Snatch Game at least and I'm hoping she makes it even farther. I didn't know who she was up until she was announced but I have fallen for her charm and humor and on top of that, her looks are extremely versatile and if you don't pay attention to Sasha at all, get on that shit.

Last but not least is Tempest Dujour. Tempest is a campy queen and she's the oldest this season and right away, Kandy Ho threw a bit of shade. Just by seeing that, I feel like both Trixie and Tempest are going to be misunderstood by the other contestants because their drag is different. I don't know much about Tempest but I can't wait to see more.

The mini challenge was different this year because usually every year it's some type of photoshoot and this year it was a fashion show. Everyone had to pick two outfits each: one from their Spring collection and one from their fall collection. My favorite Spring look was Violet Chachki and my favorite fall look was Sasha Belle. I know everyone expected me to say Trixie because I'm absolutely obsessed with Trixie and her looks were fabulous but I couldn't get over Violet and Sasha.

Next was the main challenge. The contestants had to create a "nude illusion". Because why? YOU WERE BORN NAKED AND THE REST IS JUST DRAG! Sorry. I had to. Anyways, I had 3 favorites for this challenge and they were Trixie (she literally looked like a life sized barbie), Pearl, and Violet.

And we won't show Violet naked because all she was wearing was some heels and her wig ;)

By the way, I think with the critiques, they were a little harsh with Sasha Belle. Just saying.

The winner of the main challenge was Ms Violet Chachki! YASSS.

The bottom three was Tempest, Kandy, and Jasmine. In the end, the lipsync was between Kandy and Tempest, and Tempest sashayed away. Which I was kind of disappointed with the bottom two choice because I didn't know much about Tempest and I kind of wanted to see more of her. As soon as the bottom two was in place though I knew Kandy was going to send her home just from seeing videos of Kandy onstage. She turns it out.

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  1. Fantastic as always!!! There are a lot of unique and interesting girls this season. It's a very strong cast. I actually currently have many favorites, but
    I'm sure in a week or two I will have it narrowed down.
    Thanks for the blog.