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Sleigher Gemini: Twisted Fairytale Princess of Orlando

Taking her inspiration from darkness and fairy tales, Sleigher Gemini is determined to showcase what being a drag artist means to her. Fresh off of Tumblr's Drag Race, she has only been doing drag for under a year, but it won't slow her down. She has already been adopted into a drag family and takes pride in her artistic form of drag.

1.Who is Sleigher Gemini?

The best way for me to describe Sleigher Gemini is as a dark, twisted fantasy. Always expect a gender fucked collaboration of fairytales and darkness. Recently, it has been hard for me to describe what category Sleigher should be placed under, I would say the middle of club kid and drag queen. Or you can just say Sleigher is an entertainer that comes from a different realm. First impression is normally that Sleigher is a cunt, because I am a very shy person in and out of drag, but for those that truly know me would say that I am a creative, loving friend.  

2. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I began doing drag under a year ago actually. I started in July 2014. As ironic as it is, I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race one day and my roommate was over with her over night bag full of makeup. I looked at her bag and said “Bitch, I can do this!” So I grabbed it and started playing, next thing I know I am practicing more and more, blowing all my money on make up and developing my face. I think I wanted to do it because I have always had an artistic side and I felt like this was a way to be walking version of my art. Of course there are the basics in drag, but there are no rules, which allows you to go crazy and express who you are or who you are afraid to be. Drag allows me to be a conceptual artist and let you see a glimpse of what is constantly going on in my head. 

3. Where did you get your drag name?

I'm actually on my third drag name, but I think I finally have the right name. First I was Noelle SleighRyder, that didn't last long and I didn't like that it was so "winter" themed. So I changed it to Effie Van Sleigher (which is what TDR knows me as) which comes from my nerdy self and my love for the Hunger Games. Finally I became just Sleigher, it is a play on the word “Slayer,” as in Buffy the vampire slayer. I am a huge nerd and Buffy has always been my idol. She is the chosen one, the warrior, the protector. The slayer is surrounded by darkness, yet always rises above to be the light.  And of course I spelled it differently because I'm difficult. 

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Drag wise, I would say my biggest inspiration isn’t a person, it would be a collection of fairytales. I love taking inspirations from old stories and turning it into a modern day witch bitch work of art. I read a lot of fiction, specifically older books, so there is always a wealth of knowledge flowing through my head, sparking new ideas. I guess you could say I draw inspiration from the earth and her hidden mysteries. 

5. What is something that makes you unique?

I think something that makes me unique is that I’m not your typical beauty queen, I prefer to be versatile. One day I will be a glamour princess and the next day I want to be a troll. I want to always be flexable, yet still holding onto my core theme of who Sleigher is. A combination of club kid and drag queen. I have these huge ideas that I can't wait to make come to life, just need to keep working on them and one day you will understand what I mean. 

6. How was your experience competing in the most recent cycle of Tumblr's Drag Race?

TDR (tumblr’s drag race) is a very bittersweet experience. It changed who I am. It helped me grow as a person and in my drag, however this cycle has mainly been a show for the “fans.” Judging was all over the place and I honestly didn’t learn from the judges, I learned from myself and friends I made along the way from the TDR community. I don't like to speak poorly of TDR because I believe it has so many positive things to offer any young, new queens. However, I left TDR with a bad taste in my mouth. To say that I felt defeated is an understatement. 

7. Do you have a most favorite look that you have put together?

I think that my favorite look that I have put together was my “Him” gown. It was the very first outfit I ever created entirely by myself, and it turned out fabulously in my opinion. It touched everything that sleigher is. Dark, twisted, fairtylate, glamour, troll. It was also the very first outfit I ever hand made all by myself. I am so proud of that look and how I stayed true to who I am as well as who the character is. 

8. Where did you learn to do your makeup?

I have gotten pointers from other queens locally in Orlando here and there, but mainly I taught myself. I walked into Sephora and said “Hello, I am a drag baby, help?!” and they loaded me up with products, then I just played with different products and techniques from youtube until I figured out what worked for me. 

Note to newer queens reading this: you don't have to spend a million dollars at Sephora and mac. Some of my favorite pro it's cost half as much and I get locally. 

9. Who is in your drag family?

Well the Haus mother is Kitana Gemini, she is the founder of the Gemini haus and responsible for creating the empire here in Orlando. My sister Gypsy, who was a judge in Tumblr's Drag Race in the early cycles, is the princess of the family and the closest to me. Hex and Roman are the boys in the family, and there are a few other people who I haven't met yet. But it is a rather small family. 

 10. Favorite contestant from all the seasons of Rupaul's Drag Race?

Milk. Do I even need to explain? I just relate to her on so many levels. She is fearless, brave, beautiful and so conceptual. 

11. What is something you wish to change about the world?

I wish I could change the view people have on drag queens and their sexuality. I have had so many guys leave me when they find out I'm a drag queen and it changes everything. I wish I could make people more accepting. I'm rather butch outside of drag, and I always get to a good stage in a relationship where everything is super chill and we are happy and the shallow minded people always go running when they find out my art form. I wish we didn't need acceptance. I wish we could just all be ok with everything. And also world peace. 

12. What do you love most about this community?

I love the support I get. Complete strangers come up to me to compliment me and tell me to never stop doing what I am doing. This is something that never happens to the boy version of me. I love that I have two complete separate lives and this one allows me to be seen. 

13. What is the biggest lesson you've learned since you started drag?

Trust no bitch. I'm not bitter by any means, but you have to be very careful who you trust in this community. There have been many times where i have been left stranded, had people back out of helping me last minute, people talking about my personal life that I trusted not to. I tend to trust too easily, and it's a hard lesson to learn, but at the end of the day we are all on our own. 

14. What is an item that you can't live without?

I would have to say my sketch pad, the second I get inspired by something, I run to my sketch pad and I draw it out or else I lose that thought. If I try to recreate it later I over think it and it doesn't turn out as well. 

15. Marry, Kai Kai, Kill: Yara Sofia, Ginger Minj, Sharon Needles

Marry Ginger because we the same sense of humor, Kai Kai with Yara so I can steal her hair, and kill Sharon because she's already dead. So no harm there!

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America's Next Drag Superstar Is.....

Season 7 of Rupaul's Drag Race was full of backwards twists and a weird amount of group challenges (which i didn't like...please go back to the individual challenges, THANKS.). This season, we saw Pearl have a stare down with Rupaul, Katya had a break through, Miss Fame clucked like a chicken, and Trixie Mattel lost twice...(which I'm still really angry about I'm not going to lie)! But who will walk away with the crown? I really don't know, but I have a winner in mind that I really feel I connected to the most this season. 

First, let's go over my opinion of all 3 girls.

Pearl represents strength to me. She's relaxed and laid back but she's been through a whole spectrum of pain and doubt and I can tell she is really passionate about drag and she knows her style very well. She grew a lot on the show and is probably the most beloved contestant this season next to a couple of the other girls.

Violet is someone I relate to on a whole different level and let me say why. It's not necessarily her confidence that hits home for me, it's the fact that she says what she's thinking even if people think she's being rude. We're both the same age and I really relate to Violet's personality. Honesty is always the best way to go. She had her moments this season with her confidence going to her head, but let's face it, we watched every week to see what Violet was going to pull out for those runways. She was never in the bottom two, and if she knew she wasn't good at something, she still worked it out to the best of her ability.

Ginger Minj is very underrated I feel because people think for some reason she doesn't belong in the top 3 this season. People can say what they want, but she earned her spot. It's funny because I thought she was going to be like the motherly figure this season because I wasn't familiar with her personality but...boy...was I wrong! She had me laughing all season with her snide remarks and quick witted comments and her Snatch Game was hilarious! She doesn't know how to sew but in the Hello Kitty sewing challenge she really worked it out and brought it. So Ginger deserves her spot. Be nice.

I love all 3 of these girls so much but there can only be one winner so let the opinions begin!

Based on this whole season, I feel like it's going to be really close but my heart truly belongs to Violet Chachki. Not just because I relate to her...although that's part of it...but I feel like her overall attitude towards challenges that were thrown her way really just spoke for itself. Whenever she wasn't comfortable with a challenge, she still went out there and tried to the best of her ability and either won the challenge or was safe. She was never in the bottom two. She's very put together and knows the image she wants to portray when it comes to her style. Her runways always left me absolutely speechless and she knows how to demand a room. 

As much as I love Ginger and Pearl, and I think both of them have grown and earned their spots, my heart is dominated by Violet and I really think she deserves this win. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rubella Spreads: The Queen Of Crayola

A lot of times in the drag world, campy/silly performers are taken for granted because they don't get onstage and lip sync to some Top 40 songs. With that being said, if every performer was the same, it wouldn't be art. Rubella Spreads just wants to get onstage and make people laugh...with her huge personality and rainbow inspired look, she's definitely worth checking out. 

1. Who is Rubella Spreads? 

She's everyone's favorite disease, deliciously delusional, a truly infectious BBW with a heart of gold and a fascination with rainbows; and penis. Also, the Queen of Crayola. (Thanks Marta Beatchu)

2. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I did drag for Halloween and a couple parties as a joke but I realized I had too much fun just to stop. When I was a little boy, I would play loud music and do some lip syncing with friends and family and doing drag just made me miss those moments when all eyes were on me. I really love the attention. Now I'm going on two years and can't get enough...except heels. Those can burn.

3. Where did you get your drag name?

Well, a good friend of mine and I liked calling each other an std or disease instead of our slave names. So one day I referred to him as Chlamydia and he called me Rubella. And it stuck as a nickname, since it's so close to my boy name, Juan. 

Just kidding, it's Ruben.

Once I started taking drag seriously, It was a no brainer. I added Spreads later because Facebook wouldn't just let me be Rubella, and I do love a double entendre. 

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh shoot, this one's a tough one. I pull from so many different things. I'm a huge Roseanne fan. She can do no wrong in my eyes. I also am the sixth Spice Girl, true story. And of course The Golden Girls were a huge inspiration. I'm a fan of the underdog, as I've always felt like one. These women all made it big using comedy and camp. The Spice Girls had a real impact in me as a way of finding my self-esteem. Their positive messages really empowered me, still do to this day. Fun fact- my peace sign tattoo is actually my Girl Power tattoo. 

Now, as for Drag inspiration I'll start with Dame Edna! She was the first drag queen I ever saw on tv and her career has spanned decades! I've always wanted a variety show like hers where people can see everything I have to offer. And everything I shouldn't. There's also Jackie Beat, who is just the funniest Queen alive. Plus, she work with Roseanne! Bendelacreme, and then there's my local Queens who I admire. Saint Peter D'vil, Ms Luna, Allusia, The Boulet Brothers. I just love the art. 

5. Do you ever get any hate since your style is so unique compared to everyone else's?

Yes I do! It's funny, but because of my style and being a big girl, people don't see me as a threat. I am totally ok with that though. It makes me work harder and push myself. I really don't get involved in people's drama and their opinions are fine with me. I know what I can and can't do and I know I will always keep growing as an entertainer. The queens that usually have a problem with me are the ones who don't think they need any growth and expect to be handed gigs because they think they're good looking. People are going to judge people no matter what. It's how you handle it all that really helps you in the long run. 

6. What is your favorite stage number you've ever performed and why?

My personal favorite is my "Saved By The Bell" mix. I come out and perform to the song the girls did in the episode Jessie's addicted to caffeine pills. Yes, caffeine pills. Then I go into her freak out and end with "I'm so excited" by The Pointer Sisters. It's a high energy number that leaves me super tired but it's so much fun. 

The audience seems to really love my Small Wonder/Fembot number. I shake my tits and they go crazy! But, still no boys in my yard.

7. What's a quote to live by?

"eat my pussy". Kidding. 

I actually have it tattooed on me. It's by Alanis Morissette and it's a lyric from her song "Giggling Again for no Reason" and it goes: 
"Oh this state of ecstasy, nothing but net could ever give to me. This liberty, wind in my face, and I'm giggling again for no reason".  And that's just about taking in every moment and enjoying the little things. Find happiness in everything you do!! 

8. Do you interest in making a comeback on YouTube in the future?

I've had a rough year so sadly episode 2 of The Rubella Spreads show hasn't happened yet! But of course once everything is settled I will be filming as much as I can. I have guests and ideas all waiting so just be on the lookout! 

9. When people come to see you perform, what should they expect?

Lots of sweat and heavy breathing. 

A good time! Rubella is all about having fun! My objective is to make people laugh (and give me money). If the audience isn't enjoying it, I'm not either. 

10. What is something you really love about the drag community?

I love the creativeness. Just think of it all. We have to come up with concepts, costumes, looks, mixes and all with little to no money. We have to work within our means to make sure we are being noticed and you all are loving it. I love that everyone is so imaginative. It makes me happy to know that in that way, we can still hold on to our childhood.

11. If you could eliminate something from the world, what would it be and why?

Bugs. All of them. They're gross.
And babies. Mostly babies. 

I think hate, pain and suffering would be the correct answer here. If we could all live in love, the world would be a better place. 
I'd also like to eliminate taxes. 

12. What other passions do you have besides drag?

I'm a huge music collector. I listen to so much stuff. I can sit around for hours finding a new sound and just exploring each genre. I also like to write, although it's been a while since I last did. I like writing short stories, and music journalism. 

13. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

The UK because men.

I have a fascination with British culture. Their style, humor, music, television. It's all so good. I want to experience life out there for a while and stalk Nicholas Hoult and Harry Judd! 

14. What is your favorite item of drag you own?

My pink monster hat dealy. It's pretty much the only thing I wear. It's my cartoon costume; like in the Simpsons where everyone wears the same thing every episode. I would die if I lost it. Die. Dead. Super late abortion dead.

15. Marry, Kai Kai, Kill: Saint Peter D'Vil, Allusia Allusia, Judas Joe Manson

Bahahaha umm..ew. 

I'd kill them all because I want to be the prettiest. 

I guess I'd marry Peter because her spells can help me win competitions. Hi, Dakota! And I like her movie collection.

Kai Kai Judas because she's the youngest. And she has that long wig I want to steal. 

And kill Allusia because she's been the Queen of WeHo for too long. It would have to be pills and alcohol though. Give her a good time before she bites it. 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kaotica Divine: "Beauty in Diversity"

(Photo by Black Rose Photography)

Dripping in artistic skill, Kaotica Divine loves to surprise her audience with a brand new look every time she gets onstage. If you follow her, you will soon discover that her art goes way beyond her look and that's what makes her unique. 

1. Who is Kaotica Divine?

I created Kaotica to be an example of "beauty in diversity". I like to think of her/him as a rorschach test. Always changing, and never the same. The prime characteristic of Kaotica, is controlled chaos. You never know what your going to get, and that's what keeps people intrigued. Kaotica is my thoughts and ideas given to the public. When it all boils down to it, Kaotica Divine is whatever you see. Not so much a person, but a walking example of the beauty that lies in being different. 

2. How did you come up with your name?

Kaotica was born in the period of time in my life where I was at rock bottom. I didn't have much, wasnt making much, and sometimes it was struggle to make ends meet. So out of necessity, I did a talent contest to get some extra money so I could at least be able to afford a meal. Whether it be 6 dollars, or 36 dollars. Among other personal issues, Kaotica was born out of the Chaotic part of my life. A time that, even though it was a tremendous struggle, it was one of the most enlightening on my artistic career. If that makes sense.

3. How long have you been performing and what inspired you to do so?

I have been performing for a little over two years. Nothing really inspired me to start, Rather than I saw it as a form of necessity. It was necessary for me to make money in some way shape or form, so I could survive. At least a little bit. I never would have thought all of this would happen, and I'm so elated that it did. It's been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life.

4.  Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from anything really. I as an artist, already look at the world in a different spectrum. Nature, the colors of the seasons, space, the elegance of dark fashion, are some of the bigger inspirations, but usually, I find inspiration in the simplest of things. Things people dont really see as being an artistic piece. (Christmas ornamnets for example haha) 

5. Do you have a favorite look that you've put together?

Thats a toughy. I as a performance artist, don't like repeating looks. I don't have a favorite look comprised because they are all so different and special in their own respective light. I feel becoming stagnant in a look makes you predictable, in turn making you stuck. Drag is evolution, and I evolve within each show. 

6. Where did you learn to do your makeup?

I'm actually self taught. Starting around 8 or 9 playing with my sisters makeup in the bathroom. Also  working for Sephora has broadened  my experience and skill set exponentially.

7. What is your favorite brand of makeup?

I'm not particularily biased to one certain brand, because each brand has its pros and cons. Some lines I absolutely love is Urban Decay for their pigments, Smashbox for their intense palettes, SugarPill, and Kat Von D. 

Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black is the ONLY black liquid liner I use. ;) for those precise lines gurl.

8. What is something that not many people know about you?

I'm a people pleaser. I hardly ever say no and i have a hard time saying no. Which is a downfall of mine. In turn, I sometimes bite off more than i can chew. 

9. Who do you look up to most?

I think people should be their own role models. I believe the ONE person you should aspire to be or work towards perfecting is yourself. However, I look up to Leonardo DaVinci mentality, my boyfriends reasoning, and my mothers moral. You get from the world what you give to it. 

(Photo by Black Rose Photography)

10. What is your biggest fear?

The ocean. Something about it just freaks me the hell out. Its an entire new world, and one we know next to nothing about. Miles and miles of darkness, with monsters we don't know about lurking somewhere, watching the surface... No ma'am. I'll stay on land.

11. What is something you love most about this community?

You actually shared my post about my thoughts on people and their entitlement to voice their opinions, but i do love that in this community, we all are our own boss. We take power in what we do and we repel the negative. I think people need to learn to balance that though. Seperating difference of opinion from disliking something. Because their is a huge difference.

12. What is something you can't live without?

Something I can't live without? Air. My vision. It is how I see the beauty around me. 

13. What is your biggest goal for the future?

My biggest goal is to be happy. Have an equal balance of work and home life. Which I have been struggling with. Nothing is guaranteed so I want to leave this world knowing that I have impacted people for the better. And that alone makes me more than happy.

14. What makes you unique?

I think the diversity I give. With me, you never know what your going to see. And if you miss something, you'll probably not going to ever see it again, at the same venue. Everyone gets a different show. Every venue gets a different look. In turn, this makes people wonder what I'll be doing, which makes them go out to a venue they may have never been too. By changing show to show, not my fans, but my FRIENDS change what they're used to and venture out to other places as well. I think a whole bunch of things come from the idea of Kaotica. But its how you percieve it. I know people can look to me as an art piece and not a dance number.

15. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

All the damn hate. People need to love each other. Period. 

So much more can be done spreading love than darkness. Although my style is more dark an edgy, I'm incredibly humble and easy to talk to. 

Oh and I would change the delivery charge for chinese food. Its outrageous!! Sometimes I just dont want to leave to go pick it up. 

16. Who is in the House Of Kaos?

The House of Kaos isn't a typical drag family house. It is a coallition of artists to bounce ideas back and forth. The one main goal: artistic momentum or movement. I wanted to change the drag and nightclub industry with my artwork and set a certain standard for performance art and visual aesthetic. The house is comprised of me as the founder, my partner, Jordan (Paris Donatella) and our AMAZING CHILD Tempest. Paris is a Drag Queen still finding her own. Although drag and entertainment is something that isn't his main inteterest, she helps with the ideas and execution of shows. Tempest has made me so incredibly PROUD! growing at an even faster rate than I ever did, Tempest is Andro at it's finest.

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