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Top 10 Things That Annoy A Drag Queen

So I found myself looking at Facebook over the past few days and I see a ton of complaining. I thought it would be a great idea to post a list of a few things that annoy drag queens with the help of several queens who I had asked what just grinds their gears about the drag community. 

1. Race Chasers

We all know at least one person that only cares about the Rupaul's Drag Race queens and spends all their time trying to get their attention. There's a difference between a supporter of drag and a supporter of Drag Race. News flash: THERES TONS OF OTHER PERFORMERS OUT THERE THAT DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION. Drag Race Queens aren't the only ones that exist. Explore the drag world and stop ignoring amazing talent. Thanks.

2. Getting compared to other queens

This is a huge one and it's not only a problem in the fanbase but queens do this as well as a form of throwing shade. Never...EVER...compare two queens and be like "you remind me of ...." Or "you're serving ... realness." One of the most disrespectful things you could do and even though queens don't say much to the fans about it, it secretly really pisses them off.

3. The "rules" of drag

We all get there are some basic standards, but drag should be an open art form...but there's too many "rules". Don't do this. Don't do that. You're wearing too many wigs. Your padding isn't good enough. You don't look feminine enough. Let everyone be creative! 

4. Too competitive

In some instances, drag is a competition. But does it have to be a competition every single second of every single day? Does it make you feel superior to belittle that queen you know that performs at the same club or the club down the street? Save it for the stage, babe. Stop being rude.

5. Constant bashing of each other 

One thing that is always very clear is that not all queens get along. Which is human nature. But some of it just gets way out of hand. It's like high school all over again. This community faces so much discrimination already, and instead of standing together, we're all fighting over the stupidest things and judging each other. It's okay if you don't get along, but does it do any good to post a status about it on Facebook calling someone else names and acting like a 15 year old? No. Resolve it and let it go. LET IT GO.

6. Know-it-alls

This category includes the obsessive Drag Race watcher that only pays attention to the show's contestants that thinks they know everything on this earth there is to know about drag and they judge everyone. Knock it off. Do your research. Drag Race isn't everything. It's a cool show, but you have no right to judge anyone if that's the only form of drag you pay attention to.

7. Mean Queens

I have experienced this first hand and it's a HUGE disappointment. I'm not a drag queen, I just like to interview them. This happens when someone gets too into their ego and they hold themselves up on a pedestal. Don't be mean. Being a drag queen is not synonymous with being rude. You're a performer. You're an artist. Hold your head high...but not too high. Drag is supposed to be fun. Don't take yourself too seriously.

8. Lack of unity

This community lacks so much unity it's crazy. We're one of the most judged communities there is in the world today and you would think we would all stand together when in fact it's the complete opposite. Why is it so hard to just accept each other? We should be good at that since we preach acceptance and self love. 

9. Lack of respect towards variety

There are tons and tons of different types of drag. Why not embrace them? You could find something new and actually learn something. Be respectful to the variety and keep an open mind. It's what this community is supposed to be about.

10. "Mall" drag

I didn't even really know this was a thing until someone brought it up to me. From what I was told, it's okay if you're going to do something creative with it but to just wear the clothes as is without making it your own is frustrating to other queens. For those who don't know, "mall drag" is when someone goes to the mall and literally buys women's clothes and wears them as is without doing anything to make it their own. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 8 RUVIEW

Oh hey look who's back with a new episode review! This episode is full of fun and unexpected twists so let's get started!

This week's mini challenge included making boring prison outfits into drag outfits and it included the beloved Latrice Royale as the cop! The girls were supposed to drag up their outfits and have a prison fashion show. In my opinion, all of them turned it out but I think my favorite was Katya. Kennedy ended up winning. Of course. No comment.


After that we get to the interesting stuff. Rupaul reveals who's coming back and Trixie Mattel walks in and everyone gets all excited. And then comes Tempest. And then comes Kandy. And Sasha. And Jasmine. And  Mrs Kasha Davis. And Max. EVERYONE COMES BACK. The girls are just rolling their eyes at this point and here's the twist. The challenge is to be teamed up with one of the eliminated contestants and put together a conjoined twin look. Which ever team wins, the eliminated queen on the team gets to come back into the competition. 

Since Kennedy won the mini challenge, she gets to put the teams together. The teams were as follows:

Pearl and Trixie
Violet and Max
Ginger and Sasha Belle
Kennedy and Jasmine Masters
Jaidynn and Tempest Dujor
Miss Fame and Kandy Ho
Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis

Right away, Ginger is just not having it. She doesn't like the challenge and she doesn't want to be teamed up with Sasha. At one point she pulls Katya away for a minute and just vents to her because she feels like she's doing all the work. So right off the bat, I could tell she was going to be in the bottom for the first time ever. Ginger, girl, I love you, but you need to be ready for any challenge that's thrown at you! Pull yourself together mama!

Kennedy is complaining about Violet and her beauty. Girl. Please. I absolutely LOVE Violet and her corsets. Leave her alone.

Pearl is really excited to be with Trixie and right away I know they're going to slay this challenge because they just feed off of each other and they work together so well. So thank you Kennedy for basically making yourself lose. :) Cause I'm going to be real if I were in the competition I would put girls together that don't get along so that they would fail because I'm just shady. 

Miss Fame rambles when she's nervous and she makes me laugh. I didn't know how to feel about her but she's so quirky and silly I can't help it. Rupaul throws a joke at her and it goes right over her head. But I love her on the show. I can't help it. "Miss Fame, how's your head?" "Fine!"

I really love Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis together. I know they were teamed up when Mrs Kasha Davis got eliminated but I do feel like, regardless, they can pull it together on this challenge because they're playing characters and that's completely different from hosting an awards show. 

When Kennedy was given the power to choose the teams, I knew she would pick Jasmine. I think we all knew. And we also knew their conjoined twins would be pageant queens. No surprise. Next.

I feel terrible for Jaidynn because she was given an extra hard task but I know she's going to try her hardest to make it work. 

I realize this episode how much I actually relate to Trixie and her backstory. Bless her. I love her dearly.

RUNWAY TIME!!! My favorite!

Top looks:

Pearl and Trixie Mattel (BREATHTAKING!)

Violet and Max

Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis 

I actually agreed with Michelle Visage tonight. Thank you for standing up and saying Kennedy's look was predictable. 

In the end, Pearl and Trixie won which means Trixie is back in the competition...HALLELUJAH FINALLY A DECISION THAT MAKES SENSE! The bottom was Ginger and Jaidynn and they had to lip sync with their conjoined twins. Ginger and Sasha were conjoined at the boobs, so they literally cut themselves out of their costumes and it was really bizarre but hilarious at the same time. In the end, Ginger kept her spot in the competition and Jaidynn sashayed away. 

I really love Jaidynn but I wasn't too sad about this because I figured it was going to happen within the next couple episodes anyways. But Jaidynn is very talented and always so positive and happy. I love her.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boa: Can't Be Tamed

Something that comes to mind about typical drag performers nowadays is that they all want to try out for the almighty Rupaul's Drag Race and become insanely famous and live happily ever after. When one meets a person such as Boa, those perceptions of drag that they had before might fade away. Boa doesn't want to be insanely famous, just well known...and known for all the right reasons. With a witty personality and a strong determination, nothing can stop Boa from accomplishing what she wants...which is the opportunity to showcase herself and share her art with a bigger audience. 

1. Who is Boa?

Well my name is Ryan Boa...hence "Boa". I'm really fun, outgoing, and energetic. I always try to stay positive. I've always been creative and I've also always been the odd one out. I went to an art high school that has the leading drama program in all of Ontario. I was never in the drama program because I felt like I didn't fit in because the kids were always super snobby so I consider my drag as my outlet.

2. When and why did you start doing drag?

The no makeup selfie challenge. I was challenged by someone who I considered a "frenemy" so I wanted to a lot better job than them. So I watched a Willam Belli tutorial and used my mom's makeup to do it. This was literally about a year ago. It all started from that...I started playing around with makeup and realized I was a pretty ass bitch and here I am.

3. Where did you get your drag name?

I really don't know. I found it really difficult, actually, to figure out a drag name. When I was in high school, people started calling me by my last name which is "Boa" and I didn't like it at the time. My principal even started calling me "Boa" which was really weird. So when I started doing drag I decided to use it as my drag name because everyone knew me as Boa anyways.

4. What is your favorite song to perform to?

It's when I do my mash up and I play Hannah Montana and she turns into Miley Cyrus. It goes from "Best Of Both Worlds" to "Can't Be Tamed" and I rip my wig off and I rip some clothes off and I get really crazy. I smack my pussy and twerk around and the audience loves it. It's definitely my favorite thing to do.

5. Who is your favorite queen of all time from Rupaul's Drag Race and why?

Sharon Needles...I mean she's kind of a bitch...but her drag is so different. She takes drag to a whole new level...I mean she spits blood. She even came out on one of the runways on Drag Race wearing a bald cap and before that, we haven't really seen that before. She makes it her own and it means a lot to her and you can definitely tell.

6. What is something no one knows about you?

When I was younger I watched a lot of shark movies and I went on the JAWS ride at Universal Studios. My whole life, I've had a pool, and to this day I will not go in pools by myself. I know there's no shark in a pool but in the back of my head I'm just terrified of pools but I will go to the beach any day which is really weird.

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?

My weight loss. I used to be really big, like pushing 200 pounds. I wasn't really happy with myself. People weren't paying attention to me and I love attention. What happened was I actually struggled with bulimia. What I did before was I was a compulsive eater so I would eat and eat and eat. Then I started binging and purging and it made me feel worse. I finally realized that if I ate healthy and exercised that I would lose weight. So I started eating healthier, working out, I got a gym membership and I dropped about 50 pounds and I look amazing.

8. If you were ever on Rupaul's Drag Race, what would be your signature catchphrase?

60, 40, classy, trashy. It's my explanation for when I do something stupid.

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

West Hollywood in California so I can get opportunities to showcase myself and for people to see how I am as a performer which would help me expand my horizons.

10. What is the biggest lesson you've learned doing drag?

You get what you give. You put a lot in, you will get a lot out from it. Be nice, make friends.

11. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Donna Rama Versace. She's a queen from Toronto. She's my inspiration because she does crazy performances and she's not afraid to push the boundaries. She's got a wicked personality and she's super positive and she's unlike every other queen here. I find that a lot of queens here will go to their bookings and like, 5 minutes before they're supposed to perform onstage they will pick their songs that they're going to do. Donna is always prepared. For example she has a Lego dress and she will perform to "Piece of Me" and throw Legos at people. She's just awesome.

12. What is something you want to accomplish in the future?

Find a sugar daddy. Just kidding. I don't want to be "famous" but I want to be well known and I want to be appreciated for what I do.

13. What is your favorite/least favorite part about the drag community?

My favorite is how we're a family...like we're all entertainers and we're in the same field. So we're all doing a craft that we enjoy and we're putting something out there that we love and it brings us together in a way. Even if we truly don't like each other there's still some respect as far as what we do...if you're doing it well. My least favorite thing is the shade and the cliques. People can get really nasty and it's not right. We should all be closer together than we are. We shouldn't bring each other down.

14. Do you think Drag Race has helped or ruined the community and why?

I have a 2 part answer to that. I feel like Drag Race has helped the makeup aspect of drag because since Drag Race started, the makeup in drag has become so much bigger and there's so much more to it and so much more you can do. It's ruined the community because I feel like the influence some of the queens have had hasn't been that great. People think they can do whatever they want because the queens on Drag Race say or do it...if that makes sense.

15. MARRY, KAI KAI, KILL: Adore Delano, Kennedy Davenport, Detox.

I would kill Kennedy because she kind of has a dog face. I would marry Adore Delano because she seems pretty laid back and doesn't give a fuck. I would kai kai with Detox because I feel like I would have to since I already married Adore and killed Kennedy.

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Rupaul's Drag Race Episode 5 Ruview

This post is a bit late but oh well. Let's jump right into the shenanigans of Episode 5.

To be completely honest this episode seemed really empty due to Trixie not being in the workroom and I still don't think she or Pearl should've been in the bottom 2.

The mini challenge this week was to create celebrity looks out of paper and everyone was divided into groups of two. The teams and looks were as follows:

Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho: Lil Kim

Jaidynn Diore and Kennedy Davenport: Lady Gaga

Pearl and Max: Cher

Mrs Kasha Davis and Katya: Björk

Violet Chachki and Miss Fame: Jennifer Lopez

The winners were Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis and that was pretty obvious because they played up their look by having Kasha act like Joan Rivers on the red carpet. Yaaasss.

The main challenge was called "The Despy Awards" and the girls stayed in their pairs and had to put together presentation speeches to present awards for the categories:

"Sexy Sexy Drag Queen" presented by Jaidynn and Kennedy

"Most Busted Queen" presented by Max and Pearl

"Shadiest Queen" presented by Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho

"Meatiest Tuck" presented by Violet and Miss Fame

Since Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis won the mini challenge, they got to be the co-hosts for the award show.

To help the queens put together their material, Kathy Griffin came back to the show. Each team had time with her during their preparation time. Right away, Miss Fame and Violet start clashing. Battle of the beauties....neither of them are comedy queens so they're throwing ideas back and forth and they both attack each other's ideas.

Kennedy and Jaidynn are clashing because Kennedy is a bit over confident due to winning last week's challenge and Jaidynn is just not having it.

Let's talk about Pearl and Max for a minute. This moment is like...the craziest point in this episode. Pearl has been picked on every week for not having enough personality and acting tired all the time. Rupaul walks in the work room to check on all the teams. He walks over to Max and Pearl and asks how everything is going since Max has a big personality and Pearl doesn't. This gets Pearl upset and she goes "well you kind of just told me I have no personality so that isn't supposed to make me feel good or give me confidence." After this, Pearl and Rupaul kind of have a huge moment of tension with a few words exchanged and a stare off in which Pearl replies "do I have something on my face?" and Rupaul basically tells her that he's not convinced. Max starts encouraging Pearl and Pearl walks out of the workroom and doesn't come back for a few hours. Eventually Pearl comes back and Max tries her best to get her back on track.

Next the girls show Kathy Griffin what they have put together. Kathy wasn't really impressed with Kasha and Katya, although I thought the "Ginger Minj is the Danny Devito of drag" line was pretty witty...but that's just me. Kennedy and Jaidynn say "girl" too much during their presentation to Kathy which I couldn't agree more. Miss Fame and Violet are the farthest thing from funny and Kathy looks bored....I still really love them though, they just aren't comedy queens. Max and Pearl walk in and Kathy isn't too impressed. Kathy is a tough cookie, that's for sure. Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho were next and Kathy calls them out on copying a joke from someone else. Ginger seems unsure of herself at this moment because Kathy told her that their speech wasn't funny.

The next part of the awards preparation was each queen had to vote on who out of their peers should win the award categories. Right off the bat I could already guess a couple of the winners and come to find out, I was correct. :)

When the queens are getting into drag for the awards, Pearl reveals her teenage years were spent being mostly angry all the time and that she has issues with past abandonment. After hearing that, it makes a lot of sense and maybe her Rupaul stand off was something that needed to happen for her to realize she isn't living up to her full potential.

This episode also helped me see how much I really and truly adore Max for always encouraging everyone and standing behind them no matter what. Even though it is a competition she obviously still cares about everyone and doesn't want to see people completely fall short and I feel she needs to be recognized for that. She seems like the rock that holds everyone together in times of tragedy.

The next highlight was Miss Fame putting her makeup on next to Violet and her talking about chickens. This is probably one of the most bizarre minute of Rupaul's Drag Race ever. Looking at Miss Fame and her flawless appearance in drag...one would never guess that she is completely obsessed with chickens. It finally makes sense. She even has a tattoo on her arm of a chicken. A whole minute of the show was dedicated to Miss Fame and her obsession with chickens and it was the best thing ever. She even revealed she sang songs to her chickens and did a chicken noise in the confessional room.

After the conversation about chickens, Violet and Miss Fame seem to open up more to each other and a friendship starts blossoming. No more battle of the beauties.

The award show starts with Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis opening the show and they threw a bit of shade at the other contestants. It was pretty witty but I thought they could've done better because I know they're capable. Same thing with Jaidynn and Kennedy...they did good. Pearl and Max were next and they had me in tears....absolutely FABULOUS. Ginger and Kandy were next and I wasn't a fan of Kandy's dress but that bit where she called Ginger an elephant was pretty funny so they didn't do too bad. I know people will disagree but I really liked Miss Fame and Violet's presentation

The winners were:
"Sexy Sexy Drag Queen": Miss Fame

"Most Busted Queen": Jaidynn Diore Fierce

"Shadiest Queen": Violet Chachki (of course)

"Meatiest Tuck": Katya

And then it was time for the critiques. Pearl and Max won the challenge which I was very excited about because they deserved it. Mrs Kasha Davis isn't over the top enough. Katya's acceptance speech was funnier than her opening speech...and she needs more volume to her wig. Ginger Minj was hilarious in her presentation and she needs to cut back on her black spray she puts on her forehead. Kandy Ho faded into the background compared to Ginger Minj (I agree) and her dress is ugly. Violet talked too fast but she looked stunning as always. Miss Fame looked stunning and the judges are seeing that she's at least trying to be more funny and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Top looks for me:
Miss Fame
Violet Chachki

In the end, Mrs Kasha Davis and Kandy Ho. Mrs Kasha Davis ended up going home. This week, yet again, I disagreed with the elimination. I'm a bit shocked about it as well. What is going on this season?

That's all for now! Check back next week for Episode 6!

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Rupaul's Drag Race WISH-LIST

So I decided to put together a list of queens who I think would do well on Rupaul's Drag Race based on what I see by following them. This is going to be a bit tough for me because my free time is nothing but promoting drag artists and showcasing them so please don't get offended. Here it goes. (This list is just my top picks and it doesn't mean these artists are auditioning-although some of them are.) Also, there's more than 14 here. I'm aware. ;)

James Majesty: James is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Lots of performers are just pretty but I have always had a love for the more artsy people in the competition because I feel like they're the full package. I can't help but admire the variety of looks she can put together. 

BibleGirl666: I worship BibleGirl. Pun intended. Every time I watch a performance of hers, she takes me to church. Literally. I love her character onstage and I love everything from the fan blowing her blonde hair to quirky sense of humor.

Aurora Gozmic: If Aurora's attitude was food, she would have food to feed the whole entire world. I'm saying this in a good way. She's really come into her own in the past year and I feel she would learn a lot from the experience of Drag Race.

Discord Addams: Discord's ideas are absolutely brilliant and out of the box. I feel like with her on the show, you would never really know what to expect. She has the power to take an idea and run with it and execute it well.

Eve Summers: Eve hasn't even been doing drag for too long and she has the look and attitude of someone who has been doing it for years. I feel like she could learn but also work really well under pressure. She seems calm, cool, and collected.

Tatiana Rexia: Tatiana would be the spooky queen. And not in a Sharon Needles way either- so don't say she's trying to copy Sharon. Tatiana is very independent and strong willed and I feel she would fight her way to the top without a question. If she won, she would use her platform for good things such as giving back. :)

Kaotica Divine: oh my goodness...where do I begin? Kaotica is absolutely beyond anything I've ever seen. I remember watching a performance video of hers and I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it whatsoever...but Kaotica takes you to a whole other dimension. Full of energy and the bitch literally PAINTS her face.

Lucky Madison: Ms Lucky is on this list because I truly believe her intentions are genuine and I know she really wants it. I know she's auditioning and I see lots of people throwing hateful words at her lately and I just really believe in her and want her on the show so that she can show what she has to offer.

Jayy Von Monroe: I know Jayy isn't auditioning this next season but that doesn't mean he wouldn't ever audition period. I've been a follower of his for years and I had the pleasure of interviewing him and I feel like he has the personality and performance experience to carry him through since he's been in a band all these years and knows how to keep people attentive. 

Arabia Felix: Arabia can't audition this season due to living in Kuwait. I feel like even if she never auditions, she will still have a huge following because I know she's fierce and I'm not saying that just because she's my drag mother...I'm saying it because I know it just as much as everyone else that she would completely slay that competition.

Chloe Knox: Chloe is pretty young yet but she has very quick wit and I enjoy her style along with her over the top makeup. I feel she would be good tv because she is really quick with insult comedy and sarcasm and I love that about her. 

Ironica Leigh: Ironica is constantly throwing shade and I feel like she would do really well in the comedy challenges and I'm really interested to see what she would put together for the snatch game.

Cupcake Canne: Well we will start with the obvious- Cupcake is absolutely STUNNING. She seems very well put together and patient and open minded. So even if she does get critiques for something (not sure what it would be) but I feel she would take it all in without getting too upset over it. She's just a very well rounded queen.

Melissa Befierce: Melissa is a straight up performer. Period. End of story. I don't know if she would ever audition for the show because I don't know her feelings on that but she is a performer in every sense of the word and if she ever did get on, she would deserve every win she gets. 

Veronica Pop: I've really enjoyed watching Veronica grow since I started following her. I think the reason I want her on the show so bad is because there's just something about her that screams STAR QUALITY. She's just an all around fun performer and I could even just listen to her talk for hours. 

Yolandii Fizzure: I just added Yolandii on facebook not too long ago and there's just an element of mystery to her that I can't point my finger on but I just really want to learn more. 

Ari Ola: All I can say is Ari Ola is the full package. She is kind, hilarious, a wonderful performer, and uses her performances for good. She could do a performance and move you to tears and it takes a special type of person to do that. She's an advocate for social change and I feel if she won the competition she would use it to help other people.

Anaol: It's hard for me to remember that she dropped that last name. Anyways, Anaol has never been boring to me. I'm always interested in what she has to offer and what she has to say. I need more of her in my life.

Skarlet Starlet: GIRL. Skarlet is a southern belle and everything about her is ON POINT. She has that loud personality that just makes you fall in love with her and she can make you laugh without even trying to. She's another one where I'm just entertained by listening to her talk. 

Diana Dzhaketov: Diana is another person who has the full package. Believe it or not it's possible to be really pretty and extremely funny all at once. I fell like if she did make it on she would be the underdog and make it really far.

Dakota D'Vil: I know there's some people who might disagree with me but I would really love if Dakota did the show because I love her performances and I feel she could work under pressure and just do what she had to do to win. I just adore her. 

Sissy Spastik: I put Sissy on this list because I feel she's very versatile and she could do anything. Even with her looks, you never really know what she's going to pull out and I love the unpredictability of her drag.

Crystal Mess: Very down to earth, very genuine, very well rounded. Her style is pretty interesting too and I just want to see more.

Meth: I know Meth is from the UK but if this show expands itself I would pretty much freak if Meth got on just because she makes me laugh and her style is absolutely wicked.

Rhea Litre: Either you love Rhea or you hate her and in my case I can't get enough of her. Although I feel like she won't audition, that doesn't stop my urges to see her on the show. Everywhere I turn on social media, Rhea is there...on almost everyone's pages in selfies and whatnot and she has a huge following already.

Cake Moss: She has told me before she's not going to audition anymore and she doesn't need the show because she's doing well on her own but my wish list wouldn't be complete without her because there's no denying she's talented and I feel like she could school some bitches.

Tatiana Mala-Niña: This queen definitely needs to be on my list because even if she isn't auditioning I feel she will still go really far just on her own. 

Noodles: I feel like if you have your own makeup look and you still can learn how to do other queen's faces as well on your face, you're an artist. I would LOVE to see Noodles on a future season of Drag Race because I know she's capable of doing well.

Giselle Dijon: Giselle is absolutely hilarious and I feel it won't be long until she breaks out. She's got the talent to keep people entertained and I feel she's only going to get better. 

Kim Chi: If you don't know Kim Chi, you really need to get out from under that rock you've been under. Kim Chi gives me life. 

Trannika Rex: Drag Race needs some life, and Trannika would be the perfect person to stir it up a bit. I don't know how she comes up with half her jokes but I love her. 

I was going to put Vicky Vox and Miss Coco Peru on here but I feel they don't need the show and I don't think they're ever going to audition. I'm perfectly okay with that because they're absolutely amazing on their own.

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