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Rupaul's Drag Race WISH-LIST

So I decided to put together a list of queens who I think would do well on Rupaul's Drag Race based on what I see by following them. This is going to be a bit tough for me because my free time is nothing but promoting drag artists and showcasing them so please don't get offended. Here it goes. (This list is just my top picks and it doesn't mean these artists are auditioning-although some of them are.) Also, there's more than 14 here. I'm aware. ;)

James Majesty: James is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Lots of performers are just pretty but I have always had a love for the more artsy people in the competition because I feel like they're the full package. I can't help but admire the variety of looks she can put together. 

BibleGirl666: I worship BibleGirl. Pun intended. Every time I watch a performance of hers, she takes me to church. Literally. I love her character onstage and I love everything from the fan blowing her blonde hair to quirky sense of humor.

Aurora Gozmic: If Aurora's attitude was food, she would have food to feed the whole entire world. I'm saying this in a good way. She's really come into her own in the past year and I feel she would learn a lot from the experience of Drag Race.

Discord Addams: Discord's ideas are absolutely brilliant and out of the box. I feel like with her on the show, you would never really know what to expect. She has the power to take an idea and run with it and execute it well.

Eve Summers: Eve hasn't even been doing drag for too long and she has the look and attitude of someone who has been doing it for years. I feel like she could learn but also work really well under pressure. She seems calm, cool, and collected.

Tatiana Rexia: Tatiana would be the spooky queen. And not in a Sharon Needles way either- so don't say she's trying to copy Sharon. Tatiana is very independent and strong willed and I feel she would fight her way to the top without a question. If she won, she would use her platform for good things such as giving back. :)

Kaotica Divine: oh my goodness...where do I begin? Kaotica is absolutely beyond anything I've ever seen. I remember watching a performance video of hers and I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it whatsoever...but Kaotica takes you to a whole other dimension. Full of energy and the bitch literally PAINTS her face.

Lucky Madison: Ms Lucky is on this list because I truly believe her intentions are genuine and I know she really wants it. I know she's auditioning and I see lots of people throwing hateful words at her lately and I just really believe in her and want her on the show so that she can show what she has to offer.

Jayy Von Monroe: I know Jayy isn't auditioning this next season but that doesn't mean he wouldn't ever audition period. I've been a follower of his for years and I had the pleasure of interviewing him and I feel like he has the personality and performance experience to carry him through since he's been in a band all these years and knows how to keep people attentive. 

Arabia Felix: Arabia can't audition this season due to living in Kuwait. I feel like even if she never auditions, she will still have a huge following because I know she's fierce and I'm not saying that just because she's my drag mother...I'm saying it because I know it just as much as everyone else that she would completely slay that competition.

Chloe Knox: Chloe is pretty young yet but she has very quick wit and I enjoy her style along with her over the top makeup. I feel she would be good tv because she is really quick with insult comedy and sarcasm and I love that about her. 

Ironica Leigh: Ironica is constantly throwing shade and I feel like she would do really well in the comedy challenges and I'm really interested to see what she would put together for the snatch game.

Cupcake Canne: Well we will start with the obvious- Cupcake is absolutely STUNNING. She seems very well put together and patient and open minded. So even if she does get critiques for something (not sure what it would be) but I feel she would take it all in without getting too upset over it. She's just a very well rounded queen.

Melissa Befierce: Melissa is a straight up performer. Period. End of story. I don't know if she would ever audition for the show because I don't know her feelings on that but she is a performer in every sense of the word and if she ever did get on, she would deserve every win she gets. 

Veronica Pop: I've really enjoyed watching Veronica grow since I started following her. I think the reason I want her on the show so bad is because there's just something about her that screams STAR QUALITY. She's just an all around fun performer and I could even just listen to her talk for hours. 

Yolandii Fizzure: I just added Yolandii on facebook not too long ago and there's just an element of mystery to her that I can't point my finger on but I just really want to learn more. 

Ari Ola: All I can say is Ari Ola is the full package. She is kind, hilarious, a wonderful performer, and uses her performances for good. She could do a performance and move you to tears and it takes a special type of person to do that. She's an advocate for social change and I feel if she won the competition she would use it to help other people.

Anaol: It's hard for me to remember that she dropped that last name. Anyways, Anaol has never been boring to me. I'm always interested in what she has to offer and what she has to say. I need more of her in my life.

Skarlet Starlet: GIRL. Skarlet is a southern belle and everything about her is ON POINT. She has that loud personality that just makes you fall in love with her and she can make you laugh without even trying to. She's another one where I'm just entertained by listening to her talk. 

Diana Dzhaketov: Diana is another person who has the full package. Believe it or not it's possible to be really pretty and extremely funny all at once. I fell like if she did make it on she would be the underdog and make it really far.

Dakota D'Vil: I know there's some people who might disagree with me but I would really love if Dakota did the show because I love her performances and I feel she could work under pressure and just do what she had to do to win. I just adore her. 

Sissy Spastik: I put Sissy on this list because I feel she's very versatile and she could do anything. Even with her looks, you never really know what she's going to pull out and I love the unpredictability of her drag.

Crystal Mess: Very down to earth, very genuine, very well rounded. Her style is pretty interesting too and I just want to see more.

Meth: I know Meth is from the UK but if this show expands itself I would pretty much freak if Meth got on just because she makes me laugh and her style is absolutely wicked.

Rhea Litre: Either you love Rhea or you hate her and in my case I can't get enough of her. Although I feel like she won't audition, that doesn't stop my urges to see her on the show. Everywhere I turn on social media, Rhea is there...on almost everyone's pages in selfies and whatnot and she has a huge following already.

Cake Moss: She has told me before she's not going to audition anymore and she doesn't need the show because she's doing well on her own but my wish list wouldn't be complete without her because there's no denying she's talented and I feel like she could school some bitches.

Tatiana Mala-NiƱa: This queen definitely needs to be on my list because even if she isn't auditioning I feel she will still go really far just on her own. 

Noodles: I feel like if you have your own makeup look and you still can learn how to do other queen's faces as well on your face, you're an artist. I would LOVE to see Noodles on a future season of Drag Race because I know she's capable of doing well.

Giselle Dijon: Giselle is absolutely hilarious and I feel it won't be long until she breaks out. She's got the talent to keep people entertained and I feel she's only going to get better. 

Kim Chi: If you don't know Kim Chi, you really need to get out from under that rock you've been under. Kim Chi gives me life. 

Trannika Rex: Drag Race needs some life, and Trannika would be the perfect person to stir it up a bit. I don't know how she comes up with half her jokes but I love her. 

I was going to put Vicky Vox and Miss Coco Peru on here but I feel they don't need the show and I don't think they're ever going to audition. I'm perfectly okay with that because they're absolutely amazing on their own.

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  1. Amazing list, they all look like contenders. You did a lot of research. RuPaul should pay you a finders fee.