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Alaska Thunderfuck: Your Makeup Is Not Terrible

Alaska Thunderfuck is most known for her appearance on Season 5 of Rupaul's Drag Race. Recently she collaborated with Adore Delano for Adore's single "I Look Fucking Cool" and also worked with the company American Apparel along with Willam Belli and Courtney Act.

1. Where did your drag name originate from?


2. You recently worked with Adore Delano for her single "I Look Fucking Cool", what was it like working with Adore and how long did it take to write the song?

Great.  My verse came to me in a dream, so it only took a minute.  

3. Where do you get your comedy from?


4. Who is your biggest inspiration?


5. You were on Season 5 of Rupaul's Drag Race, what was your favorite challenge and would you change anything about your experience on the show?

The perfume challenge.  I wouldn't change a thing.   

6. Do you have someone that you dream of working with in the future?

Photo by: Robert Hayman

7. What is your view on the Facebook Real Name policy?


8. Do you plan on ever releasing a full album?


9. Let's say you were offered an acting gig...but not as Justin. Would you do it? Even if you had to "hang up" Alaska for a bit?


10. In June, you posed naked for the Genderbent project. It seems you are very comfortable with nudity. Were you always comfortable with it?

No.  But I am now.  I think everyone should be.  

11. How does it feel knowing that you are responsible for making many people smile, laugh, and forget their troubles on a daily basis?

I'm glad I can help.  But don't forget your troubles-- use them to make good art.  

12. Of all the places you've gotten to travel so far, what was your favorite and why?

Here and now.  I can't decide which is my favorite-- I just try to stay in the present moment and enjoy it all.  
Photo by: Crystal Allen

13. Are your wigs human or synthetic? Why did you change your signature platinum wig?

This is my hair.  I don't wear wigs.   I had to dye my hair for an acting role but it has grown back in its natural platinum hue.  I take my vitamins and my hair grows very quickly.  

14. Are you returning to Australia anytime soon?

Photo by: Robert Hayman

15. What is your view on the "T" word controversy?

Photo by: Robert Hayman

16. What's your favorite animal?

The horse.   

17. Any favorite fan moments?

I like it when people get tattoos of me.   

18. What is the most bizarre thing anyone has ever said to you? 

"Your Makeup Is not Terrible."

19. What advice do you have for someone who just recently started to do drag?

Retire!  Just kidding.  The real answer:  YouTube & eBay.  

20. What would you like to say to your fans and supporters across the world?


Oh, and go to to buy exciting new merchandise, and find out which city near you I'll be visiting next.  

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Chris E. Mistery: Embrace Your Darkness

Chris E Mistery is a queen from Orlando, Florida who is currently competing in a Florida Drag Race competition. Through her drag career, Chris has formed her own character and has faced some rejection from her peers but still stayed true to who she was regardless. 

1. Describe your drag persona? 

Chris E. Mistery is stupid, scary, and loveable.  Chris is someone you want to go on stage and hug, but don’t because you might get poked by something sharp.

2. If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?

I am a very lucky performer; I have actually worked with many of my biggest inspirations in the performance industry. One day I would like to work with Brooke Candy, but that will probably be farther down the road.

3. Who's your biggest inspiration?

Throughout the years I have pulled inspiration from many places.  But I can remember back when I started performing, I was greatly inspired by performers like Acid Betty (New York),Kayvon Zand (New York), Axel Andrews (Florida), Michelle Michaels (North Carolina), and Purina Chow (North Carolina).  The Internet is a wonderful thing, for many years (and still today) I look for new photos and videos of these fabulous performers and more, and draw inspiration from them for my own numbers.

4. In your opinion, what has been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment would be gaining a name in North Carolina, despite how against my style the other performers were.  If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere with a little hard work and determination.

5. What has been your biggest obstacle that you've ever faced?

I began my drag career in North Carolina and for those who don’t know, it was and still is, a very pageant heavy area for drag.  Two of the recent Miss Gay Americas are from North Carolina (Kirby Colby, 2012 and Coti Collins, 2011).  Because of that, my style was not accepted at all throughout the state.  I struggled for a few years to get work around the state, and eventually did.  Now I am so proud to look back and see the roads I paved for girls who are following in my footsteps and bringing spikes and studs and blood to the stage in an area where rhinestones and glitter are the only acceptable adornments for your gowns.

6. Have you ever met someone you looked up to and were you star struck? If so, who was it?

When I was still living in North Carolina I was working as a Media Director and Promoter for my college’s Gay Union.  One of the final shows I booked, I was lucky enough to book Axel Andrews.  The entire time he was in town I remember being so excited to finally see his shows in person.  

7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I would love to be able to fly, could you imagine how amazing it would be to see my crazy self literally float onto stage. 

8. What competitions have you been part of?

I can remember one of my first competitions I competed in as a queen.  I will never forget it; I got on stage in roller skates, tights, and a tutu.  I tumbled, I spun, I did karate, and I even did a cartwheel, all in roller skates.  The crowd loved my number, it was talked about for weeks afterwards, and it is still one of my most requested numbers even today after all these years.  When I got my score sheets back, I noticed I received a zero for talent on one of the sheets.  In big letters on the bottom of the sheet was written only one sentence in big capital letters, “QUEENS SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR HEELS.”  Since then I have used that as inspiration anytime I face someone who tells me I don’t do things rights.  Always remember, its not the other performers opinions that are most important, your ultimate goal as a performer is to entertain the crowd and give them a memory to smile about and enjoy.

9. What's one thing you can't live without?

really hate when people ask me this, I could live without pretty much everything in my life, but the most important thing, the thing I would be the most devastated to lose would have to be my fiancĂ©.  We got engaged last year on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, and are the most perfect fit.  We say the rudest things to each other to show our affection, we always poke fun when the other messes up, and were always there when the other needs us.  He is my closest person to me in my life and I don’t want to imagine a life without him.

10. How do you deal with hate that you receive?

When I first started getting bookings around North Carolina, I can remember how much the girls I worked with hated my shows.  There was no glitter, no rhinestones, no gowns, nothing that said traditional drag.  When the host would announce me they would never refer to me as a drag queen, they would announce me as “The Freak,” or “The Drag Thing,” and would only refer to me as “It,” never she, or even he.  I embraced it fully, I became the underdog that every performer loved to hate, and that every patron was completely enthralled with.  I now live in Orlando, FL, and am respected by my fellow performers who began calling me she, and he and a drag queen, but after years of the other titles, they didn’t feel like they fit.  I asked them to stop, and to refer to me as a Drag Thing and It, it was then that I realized just how much the hate and shade thrown my way had shaped Chris’s character both on stage and off.

11. Why did you decide to do drag?

I am a trained artist in so many fields, from painting to videography.  I am always looking for more mediums of expression to create something fun to entertain and interest people.  Transitioning into a performance art such as drag only made sense as a next step.

12. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t change anything.  I don’t believe we should have control over another’s choices.  We should work hard to make our own personal lives exactly how we want them.  We have to be honest with ourselves, and our peers and never be afraid to take a leap of faith to achieve your goals in life.

13. What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve would have to be people who have a black and white view of the world, the world is filled with every shade of gray and binary situations are very few and far between.  People who can only see one way as right, and another as wrong, without being able to acknowledge the gray area in between just blow my mind.  I’ve tried to understand their view and why they view the world the way they do, but I just cant fully grasp their reasoning.

14. What do you do in your free time?

I’m actually a huge nerd; my fiancĂ© and I play tons of video games.  I also love SyFy, I watch every episode of Face Off and every SyFy Original movie on Thursdays.

15. What does drag mean to you?

The ‘E.’ in Chris E. Mistery stands for ‘Entertainment.’  First and foremost I am there to entertain.  Every time I get on stage, I want the audience to feel something; whether it is laughter, fear, or even a little sadness, the audience always enjoys the show more so when you can connect on an emotional level.

Find Chris E. Mistery here:
Twitter: @chrisemistery

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Tatiana Mala Nina: Strong and Beautiful

Tatiana Mala Nina can be found every week on the YouTube channel Queens Of The Week and she posts every Sunday. You may not see her on every magazine cover or on TV but she knows how the drag world is and is striving to reach out to people and take the world by storm. 

1. How is your drag persona different than your actual personality?

Hmmm there really isn't a difference at all. Perhaps when I'm in face I'm slightly more courageous? Because the makeup, the padding, the shoes, clothes and the wigs I really see as armor. It only enhances what's already there. I never wanted to be one of those girls that has to "change" or "turn something on" once I transformed or got in face. It's too easy to have a cop-out that way to do things that are irresponsible and blame it on "Well I was in face, it doesn't count, I'm a different person when I transform." I don't really see it that way. I'm the same person, I just happen to have my junk tucked and a whole Sherwin Williams store on my face. 

2. When and why did you start doing Youtube videos?

Oh WOW! I started my YouTube channel almost hmmm 3 years ago? When I started doing drag. I wanted to vlog my drag journey so to speak. At the time I had a day job and still doing drag, and girl! Between a corporate America job from 6am to 6pm? The trying to the gigs at night? Getting home at 4am just to sleep for an hour before having to get up for work the next morning? Whew! Needless to say I didn't have much time for vlogging. So I started recording at the local amateur drag contest where I started doing drag. Originally it started because I wanted the "world" to see us; the girls that "grew up" with me; that is, we all started together. So weekly I would record everyone's performance, which led me into video editing, which quickly became a new passion of mine. When I became no longer apart of corporate America, I had a lot more time on my hands, so I started vlogging some and it became a lot of fun, nothing too big until I heard of a channel called Queens Of The Week and auditioned and gained a spot on the cast! I'm now the Sunday queen of the week every week.

3. Have you ever participated in drag competitions? If so, which ones?

I actually haven't, looking back I wish I would/could have. I know a few queens that were noticed more than me after being in local competitions or "drag races." It feels like I've had to work twice as hard to get half as noticed in a way, but I wouldn't trade my experiences that I've been through for anything. I'd rather have gone through the business learning the slow and hard way rather than just get on the fast track and be completely naive to the way the business works, but I digress...The only drag competition I've ever been apart of was the one I got my start at; the one that pretty much made me even the slightest bit known on YouTube. It started off having nothing but maybe 3 or 5 contestants and now going on it's 3rd year? We have more than 20 queens and drag kings that come to compete for cash money prizes.

4. What is your biggest accomplishment? What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?

As of right now? My biggest accomplishment is happening as we speak. I'm on a cast at one of THE premiere drag bars in Houston, TX and I've recently become the show director and host of my very own bar in another city in Texas. I think my biggest obstacle (as cliche as it sounds) has really been myself. My drag or "armor" wasn't as strong as it is now as when I first started. I was very much shy even when in face, I was still very scared to talk to people and put myself out there. It took me a long time to learn how to talk to people and build up my armor; a thick skin and learning the HERstory of drag and just how strong our community is.

5. What type of goals do you have regarding your drag career?

When I first started drag I always said I was not a "pageant queen," and I would say this to myself over and over again, to the point where I started to believe it. Little did I know I was actually very insecure about my drag. Well times have changed. I am definitely looking into pageantry now, the America System to be exact. I want to be able to say I've competed in a national pageant competition and hopefully have won! I want to continue being a host, sharpening my quick wit and emceeing skills, I want to be a big time show director of a show in New York City.

6. Do you have a drag family?

Oh gosh! I have SEVERAL! Where do I start?! I guess I should start from the very beginning. I started with a group of 3 friends, we all had our own aesthetic of drag, very different but very much the same and we grew into a family, we call our family "The Storm Dynasty." We've grown so much and we make solid friendships with other performers we sort of "bring them into the fold" so to speak some of us have had drag children, me included. I happen to have 4 other drag families (I know that's a lot). The first I guess "official" family that I asked to be apart of is the Capri family, a queen I met when I first performed gave  me my first compliment after I had just gotten off the stage. About a year later I asked to be apart of her family. The second was another that I asked; a legend in my city, she's known very well after going to lunch with her and talking about what I wanted and where I saw my career going in drag she accepted and became part of the Blake Family. The third? I was claimed for the first time by another legend in the business and I became a Jacobs and the final family I was asked to be apart of, now when I was asked I had realized...perhaps this isn't a very good look. I didn't know want to be seen as some queen that's collecting drag mothers to get ahead or trying to get a lot of drag mothers to know a bunch of secrets cause that's completely not the case. I was asked by a very popular well known queen to be apart of her family and was also asked to think about it and take as much time as I needed to decide (which honestly made me respect her even more) after thinking about it and talking with friends I agreed to be apart of her family and I then also became a Mirage. I think that covers it lol I've been very blessed to be apart of these families and I appreciate and take none of them for granted.

7. What is the most rewarding part of being a drag queen?

The most rewarding part of being a drag queen? Wow! I'd have to say just meeting a whole bunch of different people and being able to touch them and make them laugh or smile or feel something whenever I perform, or when they see one of my videos. I recently made a video about suicide and my struggles with it and the response and support I received afterwards was overwhelming. So many messages from people that told me that they no longer feel alone or like they're the only ones that feel the same way. That was one of the most rewarding moments I've ever felt in my career thus far.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?

But I have so many! Haha I think my biggest pet peeve is close mindedness. I try to have an open mind about everything in my life, I'll try almost anything at least once and if I don't like it? At least I can say I've tried it...mind you I said ALMOST anything lol 

9. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Ok, I'm gonna copy Adore and say my mom...I mean COME ON! I'm a Mexican BOY, of course my mom is my hero! She's the strongest woman in the world to me. She raised me on her own without any help from anyone. She played both the mother and father role in my life. She's my ride or die, my best friend, and my biggest supporter.

10. What types of things do you like to do in your free time?

Hang out with my boyfriend...I've been single for so long and (hopefully answering with this won't jinx anything) he's completely different from anyone I've ever dated or been in a relationship in my life so far, so every chance I get that we both have free time I love spending time with him. All we do is laugh and eat lol contrary to popular belief I actually don't like going to clubs if I'm not working, I enjoy the really simple things, going out to new places to eat, going to the movies, staying in, going to the park when I'm doped up on enough allergy medication lol going to the beach, really simple stuff.

11. Have you ever had a moment where a fan has touched your heart and you will never forget it?

Oh, I hate the word "fan" lol I'm very much like Sister Roma when she told Facebook she's "not fucking Britney Spears" and that she "has friends not fans." But after my suicide video he messaged me about finally knowing how he was feeling inside and really thanked me. He shared my video on his wall and his cousin saw it and she commented saying how happy she was to feel like she wasn't alone anymore. He told me that my video really saved her life. Her comments on the video were very heartfelt and really touched me.

12. Is your family accepting of your drag career? mother's side of my family is extremely supportive. I even have my Tia (that means Aunt in Spanish lol) giving me wigs. My mom has come to a few of my performances, as well as cousins and they're all really happy with how much I've gained from doing drag. My father's side? Ehh they sort of don't like the fact that I'm gay, so you could guess they wouldn't like the fact that I'm a drag queen as well. 

13. What is your view on the Facebook Real Name policy?

UGH! It's ridiculous!!! I'm still waiting to change my name back! It's October 19th right now and if I'm not mistaken I can change it October 25th I think? I'm not sure. I've had to change my name to my government name, one that I don't even introduce myself as when I AM out as a boy. I'm just so over it and want everything to go back to normal. 

14. Do you have a favorite performance that you've ever done onstage?

Hmmm...I have a few...But one that's recent is when I performed "Love You I Do" By Jennifer Hudson and pulled my boyfriend on stage, while he was in drag and pretty much announced to the world (cause a lot of people go to the bar I performed at) that I was dating another queen. It's something I'm really proud of because everyone cheered for us. It really showed me that people are growing to see that love is love no matter what or who you are. 

15. What is the one item that you can't live without?

I can't live without FOOD! You should see me after a show! I go full on rage for some food! As far as drag item though? I would have to say lashes! Lashes really do bring a look together and completes it.

Talk to Tatiana here:
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Natalie Wynters: Ride Or Die

Natalie Wynters is a queen from Nevada with a good heart and even bigger dreams to match. Her lip sync skills are off the charts and as time goes on she's learning to build her character.

1. Describe your drag persona.

Well I def started as a glam queen but once I stopped listening to whatever everyone else said I realized Natalie's a bad ass. Kinda rocker-ish with a touch of glam.

2. What are your future goals? Where do you want to go with your drag career?

Well I just started cosmetology school and I want to major in makeup. Once I'm done I plan to audition for the race (rupaul). My dream is to tour the world performing every night, well not every night I still need time To party haha

3. What other passions do you have other than drag?

Dance. I started as a dancer doing: jazz, ballet, hip hop, jazz funk, and lyrical. I hope to one day open a performing arts high school.

4. What is your favorite song to perform to?

Probably "up n down/trouble for me" by Britney spears I've performed that mix like 4 times lol

5. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Britney Spears. I remember watching her "baby one more time" video and I was like 8 at the time. I remember thinking "that's what I want to do" and I always thought I wanted to be her dancer but who am I kidding I wanted to be her!

6. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the drag community? 

Probably the same thing. "Clocking your T" I love how the drag community can "come for each other" in a playful way. But the queens that take it too far and it's no longer a joke a just turns into a big clocking brawl. 

7. If you could work with any other queen, who would it be and why?

Definitely Adore Delano! She's like Britney to me. She's the one who made me realize I don't have to be a perfect beauty queen I can do me and look fuckin cool!

8. What is your opinion on the facebook name controversy? 

Dumb, I think they want to be able to find anyone at any time and that's why they do it but they need to realize drag queens are like artists. What if lady gaga had to put her real name?! No one would find that hoe hahaha

9. Why did you start drag?

Just to try it out. My (now) drag mother wanted to do me up and I loved how I felt more powerful in a weird way. Plus my ex didn't like it so I said let's fuckin do it haha

10. In your opinion, what is your best quality?

I am a ride or die bitch!. I will be your friend until the end and sometimes even after. Which i guess can be my best and worst. I am a true friend even after you stabbed me in the back I will forgive and forget.

11. Does your family support you?

Yes!!  I'm so blessed. I hear people's stories about their parents/families disowning them and it breaks my heart. I came out in middle school and my family wasn't really surprised. I used to do 
Dances/performances for my whole family and the first time I did I guess I was three and danced to "vogue" by Madonna and my mom told my dad she thought I was gay. Of course my dad didn't want to believe but I mean, here I am lol.

12. What was your childhood like? 

I had a good childhood. But looking back, I definitely tried growing up too fast. Like smoking and drinking when I should've been doing something more... well... Child-like. But all in all I wouldn't change one second of it ☺

13. Do you have any regrets?

No regrets.

14. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

I'd want to teleport! One minute in LA the next Paris. No flights for me!

15. What does drag mean to you?

Drag is turned into everything for me. It's kinda a make or break thing now. I always wanted to be famous and I truly believe drag will take me there.

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James Majesty: Never the Same Face Twice

James Majesty is a queen who resides in Seattle, Washington and is starting to make a name for herself. She never wears the same face twice and has proved her versatility on several occasions. She recently got the opportunity to join the World Of Wonder network and even appeared on Trasformations with James St James. Not only is she making a name for herself  to be proud of but she is also very approachable and really fun to talk to.

Relax, it's drag! 
Lots of queens act like divas and throw other queens under the bus for being different. James is more humble than that. 

"I don't consider bitchy queens true queens, a true queen can control her emotion the same way she can control the audiences attention. 

This has been my career for 5 years now, it's my life. And no doubt I take every opportunity that lends itself, but I would never push another queen under the bus to have an advantage. Drag fame comes and goes so quickly, we will all have our time in the limelight , it's better to let it come to you when the time is right rather than fight to have your name known when it will be over in fifteen minutes."

1. Describe your drag persona.

I'm James Majesty in and out of drag. To me, drag is creating a piece of art, the canvas tells a different story  each time, but it's the same artist splattering paint everywhere. 
... The only thing that changes when I'm in drag is my posture is more proper and my voice gets a little deeper lol! So I guess my persona is just me!

2. When and why did you start doing drag?

The first time I did "drag" or what I thought was drag anyway was at the age of 14.  Just before drag race was a thing I met a queen named Miss Coco Peru who inspired me to want to do drag, if she didn't tell me to throw a wig on my head, I'd probably would have tried to become a professional athlete instead. 

3. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Andy Warhol!  He was a genius with advertisement which in the drag world is essential for staying relevant. But honestly I just like to rub colors all over my face and pretend I'm his next masterpiece, RIP. 

4. Name everyone in your drag family.

Ha! Never! It is impossible to keep track, kids pop out from in between my legs  faster than a child at a sleepover with Michael Jackson. ( too soon?)  But the children who are "Ride or Die" are my daughters that have been with me the longest: Ava Patron NYC, Cannabliss Majesty, Siren Majesty, and Whispurr WaterShadow Majesty.  My #1 mother is Connie Hung St.James! 

5. Why did you start your YouTube series "Coloring With Majesty" and what will we see in the future on your channel?

 I'm very honored to be a part of the World of Wonder Network now, and joining their network is what really pushed my ass into gear. I've always wanted to make tutorials but never had the means of doing so until I met Krystal Fey the producer of Sheattle TV and Tony James, a local Seattle Queen. Together we came up with Coloring With Majesty! 

Well I do have a few RuGirls appearing in upcoming videos, as well as local Seattle celebrities! And we haven't set a date yet, but the fabulous Wendy Ho might make a guest appearance as well!! You should expect silly fun shit, it's makeup it's suppose to be expressive and a little crazy! 

6. What was it like doing "Transformations" with James St James?

St.James is one of my idols! He is one of the most creative people of our time, and to have the chance to work with him is bewildering!  He's crazy, and insane but in the best of ways! It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything! 

7. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Ya know, I really am OBSESSED with Andy Warhol, but I might be even more obsessed with Edie Sedgwick! She is such a muse, so careless and so troubled but so in touch with who she was. I would love to be able to pick her brain if she was still alive! She makes me feel "free". 

8. You have a single out called "There She Blows". Will there be any more music released in the future?

Haha, not in the near future no. I am working on a small EP, less pop, more hiphop. Don't hold your breath though I don't plan to start recording until 2016.  In the meantime I have been ghost writing for other bands, it's one of my secret passions!  

9. What is the one makeup product that you couldn't live without?

Hands down it would have to be Atomic Cosmetics Spackel Foundation!  We queens use to live off of Max Factor Panstick, but it was discontinued in the U.S. Atomic makes a similar product, but I've found I prefer it's skin like texture rather than MF's "plastic" look.  PLUS it's non-toxic, my skin feels great after a night of drag!  

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Australia! I'm not sure why, but I have a calling to visit, the queens there are so friendly, the white parties are huge, and I love sun and kangaroos lol! The only thing stopping me is the 2k plane ticket. 

11. Who do you want the opportunity to work with in the future?

There are so manly people I would love to work with, the only people that really stand out right now are Tammie Brown and Dame Judi Dench. 

12. What is your secret to success?

Well...I guess I'm successful for for only being 20. I don't suggest dropping out of school like I did, it doesn't work for everybody. I've found that hard work, determination and not being afraid to ask for help can really help elevate a persons chosen path. 

13. Are you ever misunderstood?

Always. Because I never do the same face twice (unless I'm paid to *cough) people don't really know who James Majesty is. Most queens have a go-to image that helps promote them, I on the other hand just love makeup too much to settle for a "look" 

I'm also young and say a lot of dumb shit, so people roll their eyes a lot, and well.....they are right lol 

14. What is your biggest accomplishment and also the biggest obstacle that you've overcome?

My biggest accomplishment is that I've  accepted who I really am, I've been  hidden behind drag for so long that I neglected to let myself be myself...and with that it has also been my biggest obstacle. I'm transgender, it's something I have come to terms with.  On the same note, currently I don't plan to transition, for many reasons, but down the road I won't rule anything out, for now I'm going to just keep doing me. 

15. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the drag community?

My favorite thing about the  community is that it brings together, families, houses,and friends. It connects people and gives us our own chosen family. 

I don't have a least favorite. All drag is good drag, because all drag is art, and there isn't any bad art.  

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