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Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 3 Ruview

Alright kittens, time to sink my teeth into episode 3 because I have a lot to say!

Let's start with post- elimination after Sasha Belle left...the beginning of the episode when everyone was getting out of drag, Jasmine and Kennedy were in their own corner talking about the younger contestants which included Miss Fame, Trixie, Pearl, and Violet. This is where I must say I think Kennedy is a fierce performer and Jasmine is always saying whats on her mind, but girl, I did lose a lot of respect for these two this episode. It's not because Trixie is my's the fact that there is more than one aesthetic of drag. I'm not even a drag artist and I know that. If you walk into that competition with a bad attitude and a fixated view on what drag is, then I don't think you will get too far. From what I've seen, the competition puts a variety of queens together and forces them to work through every situation that will be thrown at them no matter how absurd and outlandish the situation is and make them put something together on a moments notice and pray for the best. That's my understanding of it anyways. I've gotten to know a lot of young artists who work just as hard (if not, harder) as any older queens out there and how dare you discredit young artists like that. Girl, let me tell you I'm already heated about this episode in the first 5 minutes. Moving on.

The mini challenge was called "SISSY THAT WALKER" and the girls had 15 minutes to get into costume and they had to make themselves look like old women and have a dance off....granny style. The 2 champions of this were Max and Kennedy which means they were team captains for the main challenge. This is where it gets real interesting. Max picked her team very carefully and it was obvious. Kennedy seemed very bitter this episode so I feel instead of evening her team out, she picked some people she knew wouldn't be the best at theater thinking that it would make her prevail in the end...boy did that backfire REALLY QUICK. Also, Kennedy picked Jasmine...and it always happens every season...someone picks teams based on friendships and it always backfires. The teams were as follows:

Team Max: Trixie, Miss Fame, Ginger Minj, Ms Kasha Davis, Jaidynn

Team Kennedy: Jasmine Masters, Katya, Pearl, Kandy Ho, Violet Chachki

Each team got a remake of a Shakespeare play. Team Kennedy got "MACBITCH" and Team Max got "ROMY & JULIET". The teams started rehearsing and it's like right away you could already tell who was going to have their shit together. As I said earlier, I noticed Kennedy was a bit bitter this episode and instead of putting whatever negative feelings she had aside to FOCUS on the task at hand, she started trying to humiliate Violet when everyone was reading over their lines. Violet was already bitter for being picked last yet again. As much as I love Violet, I feel the reasoning for getting picked last is because she's been the bitch of the season and no one likes that. But I do really love Violet...bitchiness and all. Anyways, right away Jasmine is trying to overpower the group and Kennedy just let her pick her part which I completely disagreed with. We all know from the beginning that Violet should've automatically had the bitchiest part in the play. Kennedy gave it to Jasmine at first when I thought Jasmine should've been the ghetto girl. Kennedy gave Violet the ghetto girl part and Jasmine the bitch part. BIG MISTAKE. As time goes on and the clock is ticking, not only is Kennedy making everyone learn their lines separately but she changes her mind last minute and switches Violet and Jasmine which messes everything up and they didn't have much time to learn their lines. Team Max on the other hand seemed to work together well. Max obviously picked his team using a strategy and most of his team had lots of theater experience. WELL DONE MAX.

First to perform their play in front of Mama Ru and Michelle was Team Max. Overall they did pretty well. They messed up a few lines and Jaidynn had a bit of a breakdown but after that, they seemed to really pull it together and make everything work. One thing I really admired about Max's team was how encouraging Max was as a team leader. She really just wanted everyone to succeed and when Jaidynn was having a breakdown she talked to her until she could pull herself together and encouraged her...which I just really admired. That's what a team should be...not bringing everyone down and purposely making people fail. Props to Team Max for making everything work and participating in actual TEAM WORK.

Next was obviously Team Kennedy. Where do I begin? Let's start off by saying it was a bit of a train-wreck. Round of applause for Katya though because I felt she was the strong link in the whole entire thing. Pearl was just being herself and no matter how terrible their play was...she did have me entertained. I remember at one point she walked into a bush and I about died. Violet did pretty well considering she had basically no time to learn her lines. Jasmine was an absolute mess. Kennedy and Kandy didn't know their cues. Props to Violet and Katya though. Even Rupaul said their play was the worst train-wreck in the history of the show. That's not good. Moving on.

I just want to say this about the workroom getting ready for elimination day...once again they show Jasmine talking about drag aesthetic and once again I find myself rolling my eyes. Moving on.

For this particular episode, Rupaul asked the queens to do bearded lady looks. Instead of a top 3, I'm just going to name off my favorites because some of these bitches nailed it and I can't pick just 3.

1. Katya- SLAYED

2. Max- Tim Burton inspired looks always capture my heart.

3. Trixie- Serving Jesus realness and those wings were made of plastic spoons. YAS.

4. Pearl- Used unconventional items for her beard and did an evil but sexy look. IT WORKED FOR HER.

5. Miss Fame- I didn't know how she would do but I thought she looked stunning!

6. Violet- Absolutely breathtaking as always. 1950s Dior inspired. EVERYTHING.

Rupaul showed the videos of the plays. Team Max prevailed...obviously. Max also won the main challenge which I agreed with and she absolutely rocks as a team leader. Round of applause for Max.

Team Max got sent backstage and Team Kennedy was onstage to hear critiques because all of them were in the bottom. Rupaul went down the line and everyone got their critiques. Kennedy was called out for being a terrible leader. Jasmine said she knew her lines and Rupaul called her out as well. Pearl was told to wake up because Rupaul didn't see her living up to her full potential. Rupaul basically called everyone out for having excuses.

In the end Kennedy and Jasmine had to lip sync which I completely agreed with. Jasmine went home...which I completely agreed with. Bye Jasmine.

Quick note: I AM SO PROUD OF MISS FAME. I feel like she is finally starting to loosen up and show a more silly side of herself and it makes me so happy to see that.

UNTUCKED: I usually don't include Untucked in these reviews because I feel like there isn't much happening but GIRL. I knew once Violet had the opportunity she was going to say something about Kennedy, which she did. Her and Kennedy got into an argument in which Kennedy was trying to say that it wasn't her fault that so many people on the team failed. Yes, Kennedy, it was. You picked your team based on feelings. Stupid move. VERY stupid move. If you want to win, pick very strategically and throw friendships out of the window because during challenges, it doesn't matter.

That concludes this week. Sorry this is so long but I had a lot of feelings to put out there. This was the first elimination I 100%  fully agreed with this season.

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