Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Windy Breeze: Reigning Miss Popular 2016

The current reigning Miss Popular 2016 is sure to leave audiences wanting more with her energetic and charismatic performances, beauty, and wit. She recently left Milwaukee, Wisconsin to start anew in the diverse and eclectic Chicago drag scene and she has yet to disappoint. Not only is Windy Breeze beautiful but she has a personality that will lure anyone in immediately. She plans to keep embarking on new adventures and bringing her drag to new heights in the future.

1. Who is Windy Breeze?

Windy Breeze is an entertainer who loves to perform a variety of things such as comedy/parody numbers, dance songs/mixes and just really stand out from among the rest and try different music styles and looks. I'd describe her as upbeat, loud and funny.

2. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I started doing drag when I was about 18-19 years old. My mother growing up had so many gay friends and some of them did drag. I was always attracted to the idea and very interested in knowing more about drag in general. Some neighbors of ours did shows regularly and I was obsessed with watching their performances which were recorded. Shortly after, I started developing the monster we have today, Windy Breeze!

3. Where did you come up with your drag name?

So my drag name sort of came from these drag queens I watched on a semi regular basis. I was watching their performances one day and hanging out with them (probably listening to Spice Girls) and one of them made a comment such as, "if you did drag you'd have a campy and stupid name like Windy Breeze or something." I was taken back by how rude it came off but I liked the name, so I kept it. Since it was so "stupid" it really pushed me to make a name for myself and do something with that name that was given to me as what seemed to be a joke.

4. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about doing drag?

I would say one of the best things about drag is getting to work with and meet so many different people and having a kiki in the dressing room beforehand. It's so much fun and I've met some pretty amazing people because of doing drag and I'm forever grateful for that. My least favorite thing would be padding, it can definitely help give you an amazing shape but it's such a pain to put on. It's always been my least favorite thing honestly.

5. Where did you learn to paint your face?

I learned a lot from trial and error honestly. I didn't have a drag mom to tell me this outfit didn't look right or your makeup should look a certain way. Once I started getting into looking up makeup tutorials I feel I learned a lot from watching different people doing different styles of makeup, so that helped. I also learned a lot from other queens doing my makeup too. All in all, I just have to stick with the typical...practice makes perfect line!

6. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I can't say I have any one thing that is my biggest accomplishment but I can say I feel I've accomplished a lot. I've traveled throughout the entire midwest and performed, I met several RuPaul girls and worked with them in various shows, I just recently had my first hosting gig here in Chicago. There's a lot of things to list but I wouldn't say there's just one thing. Overall I'd say I'm very proud of myself for all I've done so far.

7. Why did you decide to make the move from Milwaukee to Chicago and how has your life changed since moving?

I moved to Chicago for a change and a new start. I'm loving it here so far for sure. The drag scene here is incredible and very accepting which is great for someone who just moved here. Anything goes here, all drag styles are welcomed and the people in this city LOVE the shows and it's a great feeling and happy to be apart of it. Although, I always believe in 'remember where you came from' so I would never discredit my Milwaukee family and friends or the scene there. It's just different. Not bad, just different. I feel not too much has changed but I can definitely explore my campy/comedic side a little more here I feel, which I'm excited about. I'm only a few months in so we'll see where this chapter in my life goes from here.

8. What is your favorite number to perform and why?

I love performing all types and styles of music but I would say if I had to pick one thing, it would be something by Britney. I feel I've studied her performances and listening to her music growing up, I relate to it a lot and it just makes me move more so than anything else does. It's hard to pick one song honestly but maybe Toxic or You Drive Me Crazy would be two of my faves.

9. What has been your most embarrassing moment so far?

I would say I have fallen a few times during some performances and that is embarrassing but one particularly was when I first got my new hip pads and I tried to do this sassy walk and all I remember was one foot going down under me as I tried to walk away and then bam, on the floor. All was fine but it was a pretty packed show. I feel I recovered from it well but still

10. What would you say is your most unique quality as a performer?

My most unique quality I would say is my ability to do multiple things like host really well, pull of comedy style numbers or make people laugh while hosting, dancing my butt off and just being such a versatile entertainer.

11. If you could travel anywhere in the world to perform for an audience, where would you go and why?

I really would love to travel the world and perform everywhere but I'm not sure there's any place specific. I do know I would love to travel outside of the United States for sure and go over seas and perform. Just to experience it.

12. What is something you want to change about the drag community?

If I could change something about the drag community, I'd say lets change how we view each other and treat each other. For the most part, from what I've seen in Chicago so far is people are very supportive of one another but in general, I think it could be like that a lot more. It's coming around but can still use some work. More respect and love and less hate and talking about each other.

13. If you could work with anyone in the future pertaining to your drag career, who would it be and why?

I haven't worked with any season 8 queens from Drag Race so if that happened, that would be cool. I wouldn't mind working along side some other queens who are also into comedy, but nobody specific.

14. What are your favorite makeup products?

I really enjoy Ben Nye and Mehron products. Those are two I normally use just because I'm use to them and feel I really know what I'm getting for my money. I'm always interested in trying out new products though or you know, some cheap products with no labels from beauty supply stores... whatever works! #budgetqueen

15. If Windy was a superhero, what superpower would she want to have and why?

Well, Windy is a superhero already with the ability to make people laugh and fall in love with her after every performance. That's always been my goal and I'm actually making it happen. So I feel superheroes do incredible things...and I feel I do just that!

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