Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Natalie Wynters: Ride Or Die

Natalie Wynters is a queen from Nevada with a good heart and even bigger dreams to match. Her lip sync skills are off the charts and as time goes on she's learning to build her character.

1. Describe your drag persona.

Well I def started as a glam queen but once I stopped listening to whatever everyone else said I realized Natalie's a bad ass. Kinda rocker-ish with a touch of glam.

2. What are your future goals? Where do you want to go with your drag career?

Well I just started cosmetology school and I want to major in makeup. Once I'm done I plan to audition for the race (rupaul). My dream is to tour the world performing every night, well not every night I still need time To party haha

3. What other passions do you have other than drag?

Dance. I started as a dancer doing: jazz, ballet, hip hop, jazz funk, and lyrical. I hope to one day open a performing arts high school.

4. What is your favorite song to perform to?

Probably "up n down/trouble for me" by Britney spears I've performed that mix like 4 times lol

5. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Britney Spears. I remember watching her "baby one more time" video and I was like 8 at the time. I remember thinking "that's what I want to do" and I always thought I wanted to be her dancer but who am I kidding I wanted to be her!

6. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the drag community? 

Probably the same thing. "Clocking your T" I love how the drag community can "come for each other" in a playful way. But the queens that take it too far and it's no longer a joke a just turns into a big clocking brawl. 

7. If you could work with any other queen, who would it be and why?

Definitely Adore Delano! She's like Britney to me. She's the one who made me realize I don't have to be a perfect beauty queen I can do me and look fuckin cool!

8. What is your opinion on the facebook name controversy? 

Dumb, I think they want to be able to find anyone at any time and that's why they do it but they need to realize drag queens are like artists. What if lady gaga had to put her real name?! No one would find that hoe hahaha

9. Why did you start drag?

Just to try it out. My (now) drag mother wanted to do me up and I loved how I felt more powerful in a weird way. Plus my ex didn't like it so I said let's fuckin do it haha

10. In your opinion, what is your best quality?

I am a ride or die bitch!. I will be your friend until the end and sometimes even after. Which i guess can be my best and worst. I am a true friend even after you stabbed me in the back I will forgive and forget.

11. Does your family support you?

Yes!!  I'm so blessed. I hear people's stories about their parents/families disowning them and it breaks my heart. I came out in middle school and my family wasn't really surprised. I used to do 
Dances/performances for my whole family and the first time I did I guess I was three and danced to "vogue" by Madonna and my mom told my dad she thought I was gay. Of course my dad didn't want to believe but I mean, here I am lol.

12. What was your childhood like? 

I had a good childhood. But looking back, I definitely tried growing up too fast. Like smoking and drinking when I should've been doing something more... well... Child-like. But all in all I wouldn't change one second of it ☺

13. Do you have any regrets?

No regrets.

14. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

I'd want to teleport! One minute in LA the next Paris. No flights for me!

15. What does drag mean to you?

Drag is turned into everything for me. It's kinda a make or break thing now. I always wanted to be famous and I truly believe drag will take me there.

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