Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Adore Delano: Looking Cool, Drag Race, and Pizza

To anyone who was just passing Adore on the street, they may think she's just a queen who rocks a hog body and likes to party. But, if they saw her perform live, they would realize she's even more than extraordinary. Adore is a powerhouse who is very quickly taking over the world with her voice, beauty, charm, and uniqueness. When watching Adore, whether it would be watching a performance or even just having a conversation, one would quickly come to the conclusion that she is not only funny and carefree but also extremely passionate and genuine towards her fans and her art. 

1. Describe Adore's personality. What are the personality differences between Adore and Danny?

I'm pretty much the same. I mean, I have makeup on and anyone feels more powerful with makeup on. It's like an exaggeration of myself.

2. What inspired you to start youtube?

I had no friends so I became friends with the camera. I had a lot of viewpoints on things and I was young. I wanted to just share them with the world. I wanted men to look at me.

3. When you were making YouTube videos and had all those characters like Angel Baby and Chelsea and Roseanne, where did the inspiration for those characters come from? And were they used to help form Adore?

I think they just came from my brain. I'm convinced I have multiple personality disorder. Angel Baby is clearly inspired by my family and the Mexican culture that I grew up with. Roseanne is definitely inspired by my "white" side of my family. They're just exaggerations of parts of me and the way that I think and separations of cultures in my life.

                   Angel Baby 

4. How many times did you audition for Rupaul's Drag Race before getting cast on the show? Which challenge was your favorite?

I auditioned once before I got on the show and that was for season 5. My favorite challenge was the rap challenge because I like to think of myself as very gangster.

5. Your new single is called "I look fucking cool" featuring Alaska Thunderfuck. How did that collaboration begin and what was it like working with Alaska?

They said "what's one queen that you would want to work with" and I said "Alaska." We were doing a writing session and Alaska said "Adore, why don't you just talk about how you're cool". So then I started writing and that's how it happened. 

6. Which music videos have you already released and what is next for you?

We have two music videos already finished for "Jump The Gun" and "My Address is Hollywood" and I think "My Address is Hollywood" is coming out first and it's so beautiful and I'm most excited about this one. I actually got in a fight on set with someone but it was really cool. With "Jump The Gun" I had lesbian action with Courtney Act in the hot tub and it was so much fun.

7. Do you have any advice for any queens that are just starting out?

I always say that there's one rule in drag and that is that there is no rules in drag. I feel like it should be like a melting pot of all your inspirations and female influences in your life. Have fun before anything else. 

8. What is the biggest lesson you've learned during your drag career? What has been your biggest obstacle?

Sleep and sleep. I don't know how to do it and I need it. When I was a kid I had weird insomnia and on the road I still haven't managed my sleeping schedule, but I sure do know how to put a pizza in my mouth.

9. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My's so cliche and boring but it's true. 

10. Is Bianca actually nice? (Hahaha)

Yes she is but she doesn't want you to know she's nice. She does a lot of nice shit off camera and behind the scenes just to keep her look. But she's an awesome soul. You know when a bitch is raised right and she has a good family and a good background and she's an awesome person.

11. What was it like working with Joe Harwood? 

He's awesome! We got so drunk at his house. I did an interview with him that was over an hour long and I was so wasted and I'm kind of nervous for that interview to come out. His house is amazing! I was so fascinated because he has so many stuffed, dead animals in his house and he's vegan and his viewpoint on that was awesome and he's such a good time. 

12. Watching the episodes of drag race from season 6, what was your favorite moment to watch?

I think it was cool when I almost failed the first challenge and broke my mannequin. I thought it was funny.

13. Who do you dream of working with in the future?

I dream of working with Freddie Mercury in heaven when I die. 

14. Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans and supporters across the world?

Just thank you for changing my life and saving my life. I feel like they were my friends when I had none even before Rupaul's Drag Race. I think there's a few girls that are at my shows that have been with me since I was about 17 and I think that's awesome. Thank you for being hardcore. A big fucking thank you!

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