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James Majesty: Never the Same Face Twice

James Majesty is a queen who resides in Seattle, Washington and is starting to make a name for herself. She never wears the same face twice and has proved her versatility on several occasions. She recently got the opportunity to join the World Of Wonder network and even appeared on Trasformations with James St James. Not only is she making a name for herself  to be proud of but she is also very approachable and really fun to talk to.

Relax, it's drag! 
Lots of queens act like divas and throw other queens under the bus for being different. James is more humble than that. 

"I don't consider bitchy queens true queens, a true queen can control her emotion the same way she can control the audiences attention. 

This has been my career for 5 years now, it's my life. And no doubt I take every opportunity that lends itself, but I would never push another queen under the bus to have an advantage. Drag fame comes and goes so quickly, we will all have our time in the limelight , it's better to let it come to you when the time is right rather than fight to have your name known when it will be over in fifteen minutes."

1. Describe your drag persona.

I'm James Majesty in and out of drag. To me, drag is creating a piece of art, the canvas tells a different story  each time, but it's the same artist splattering paint everywhere. 
... The only thing that changes when I'm in drag is my posture is more proper and my voice gets a little deeper lol! So I guess my persona is just me!

2. When and why did you start doing drag?

The first time I did "drag" or what I thought was drag anyway was at the age of 14.  Just before drag race was a thing I met a queen named Miss Coco Peru who inspired me to want to do drag, if she didn't tell me to throw a wig on my head, I'd probably would have tried to become a professional athlete instead. 

3. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Andy Warhol!  He was a genius with advertisement which in the drag world is essential for staying relevant. But honestly I just like to rub colors all over my face and pretend I'm his next masterpiece, RIP. 

4. Name everyone in your drag family.

Ha! Never! It is impossible to keep track, kids pop out from in between my legs  faster than a child at a sleepover with Michael Jackson. ( too soon?)  But the children who are "Ride or Die" are my daughters that have been with me the longest: Ava Patron NYC, Cannabliss Majesty, Siren Majesty, and Whispurr WaterShadow Majesty.  My #1 mother is Connie Hung St.James! 

5. Why did you start your YouTube series "Coloring With Majesty" and what will we see in the future on your channel?

 I'm very honored to be a part of the World of Wonder Network now, and joining their network is what really pushed my ass into gear. I've always wanted to make tutorials but never had the means of doing so until I met Krystal Fey the producer of Sheattle TV and Tony James, a local Seattle Queen. Together we came up with Coloring With Majesty! 

Well I do have a few RuGirls appearing in upcoming videos, as well as local Seattle celebrities! And we haven't set a date yet, but the fabulous Wendy Ho might make a guest appearance as well!! You should expect silly fun shit, it's makeup it's suppose to be expressive and a little crazy! 

6. What was it like doing "Transformations" with James St James?

St.James is one of my idols! He is one of the most creative people of our time, and to have the chance to work with him is bewildering!  He's crazy, and insane but in the best of ways! It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything! 

7. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Ya know, I really am OBSESSED with Andy Warhol, but I might be even more obsessed with Edie Sedgwick! She is such a muse, so careless and so troubled but so in touch with who she was. I would love to be able to pick her brain if she was still alive! She makes me feel "free". 

8. You have a single out called "There She Blows". Will there be any more music released in the future?

Haha, not in the near future no. I am working on a small EP, less pop, more hiphop. Don't hold your breath though I don't plan to start recording until 2016.  In the meantime I have been ghost writing for other bands, it's one of my secret passions!  

9. What is the one makeup product that you couldn't live without?

Hands down it would have to be Atomic Cosmetics Spackel Foundation!  We queens use to live off of Max Factor Panstick, but it was discontinued in the U.S. Atomic makes a similar product, but I've found I prefer it's skin like texture rather than MF's "plastic" look.  PLUS it's non-toxic, my skin feels great after a night of drag!  

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Australia! I'm not sure why, but I have a calling to visit, the queens there are so friendly, the white parties are huge, and I love sun and kangaroos lol! The only thing stopping me is the 2k plane ticket. 

11. Who do you want the opportunity to work with in the future?

There are so manly people I would love to work with, the only people that really stand out right now are Tammie Brown and Dame Judi Dench. 

12. What is your secret to success?

Well...I guess I'm successful for for only being 20. I don't suggest dropping out of school like I did, it doesn't work for everybody. I've found that hard work, determination and not being afraid to ask for help can really help elevate a persons chosen path. 

13. Are you ever misunderstood?

Always. Because I never do the same face twice (unless I'm paid to *cough) people don't really know who James Majesty is. Most queens have a go-to image that helps promote them, I on the other hand just love makeup too much to settle for a "look" 

I'm also young and say a lot of dumb shit, so people roll their eyes a lot, and well.....they are right lol 

14. What is your biggest accomplishment and also the biggest obstacle that you've overcome?

My biggest accomplishment is that I've  accepted who I really am, I've been  hidden behind drag for so long that I neglected to let myself be myself...and with that it has also been my biggest obstacle. I'm transgender, it's something I have come to terms with.  On the same note, currently I don't plan to transition, for many reasons, but down the road I won't rule anything out, for now I'm going to just keep doing me. 

15. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the drag community?

My favorite thing about the  community is that it brings together, families, houses,and friends. It connects people and gives us our own chosen family. 

I don't have a least favorite. All drag is good drag, because all drag is art, and there isn't any bad art.  

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