Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dakota D'Vil: Dark Glamour

Dakota D'Vil is quickly making a name for herself in the drag scene. She recently won Project Drag 3 and scored a spot in the Showgirls show at Mickey's WEHO and is starting to claw her way to the top.

1. Describe your drag persona. 

It’s on the darker side… Usually when you see me out, you will get the buxom Blonde stripper girl that could fuck up a truck driver...Or you’re going to get some high-fashion editorial dark glamour.  South Dakota and North Dakota is what I’ve coined my dual drag personas. I never change my tone of voice or personality though...Unless you piss me off.

2. What is your best quality?

I’m adaptable, what I bring to the table is more universal than what most are comfortable doing. I hate being labeled or put in a box I CAN BE ANYTHING!

3. What are you most insecure about?

When I read the fucking comments and I start believing the shit the troll’s type up on line…I tell myself all the time “DON’T READ THEM” but I still do sometimes and that makes me feel insecure. Basically it’s your choice to feel a certain way or not…if you are a Rose would you rather have the thorns grow inwards or out?

4. When and why did you start doing drag?

I started doing Drag professionally about 3 years ago… WAY before that I would play in my mom’s closet when she was at work when I was just a little lady boy so It’s always been an interest to me.  One year for Halloween (Cliché I KNOW) I went all out and really enjoyed myself It was very freeing and I knew I wanted to pursue it.

5. What competitions have you been in? Which ones did you win? 

I started performing in competitions, long before the paid spots came along…I was pretty awful when I started but I was living… a year ago I won the DRAGULA Pageant and have been working closely with the Boulet Brothers ever since. Recently I was a contestant in Mickey’s “Project Drag” in WEHO and I Won that coveted spot in the Showgirls Show!  Every Monday at 10:30 Hosted by Raven and Tony Moore…My debut is Sept 29th ;)   I also just won KiKi Extravaganzas “Little Miss Welfare” pageant so you could say things are getting pretty serious.  

6. Do you have a drag family?

I do have a Drag Family “Haus Of D’Vil” lead by the Matriarch Supreme, Saint Peter D’Vil.  We strive to push the boundaries of the “norm” of what drag is. We celebrate the alternative, rock and roll lifestyle of Drag…Not everyone wants to hear a Britney or Beyonce song you guys… Yes we are darker but we welcome everyone and we do Love…You see the teeth everywhere right? LOL

7. What was your childhood like? Does your family accept you doing drag?

I grew up an only child with a lot of free/alone time…Raised by my Mom who worked a lot to support us she’s still very supportive in my Career and will be in LA to see my Debut for Showgirls on Sept 29th…I haven’t spoken to my father since I came out about 11 years ago…I don’t talk about him. For the most part my family has been great to me, I’m very fortunate.

8. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My main Drag Inspiration is Cherie Currie from “The Runaways” I have always felt a weird connection to her and if there is any sort of mold I’d like to be fitted into it’s hers.

9. What is the most expensive thing you own that you use for performances?

I don’t know about the “most expensive” but what I own that’s worth a lot is an original Black Velvet Bob Mackie gown Saint Peter D’Vil got me for my birthday last year, I’ve only worn it once and I performed  Lana Del Rey.

10. What is the difference between your drag personality and your actual personality?

I’d LIKE to say nothing but when I’m in boy drag I’m a lot quieter, very introverted but once I’m in full regalia and I have a few beers in me and a good song comes on…you can easily see the mentality shift…everything is in duality

11. What is the biggest lesson you've learned while doing drag?

Don’t expect to be hot shit your first year on the scene…it takes a lot of falling to learn how to stand on your own.  

12. Do you have a most embarrassing moment? What is it?

To date its still when I fell off stage during a competition… Not only did I fall but I fell on Phi Phi O’hara…but we’re cool now.

13. Have you ever doubted yourself? How did you overcome it?

I doubt myself all the time, I think its part of being an artist/ perfectionist never feeling like you’re good enough but I always keep a positive outlook and I always follow my instincts.

14. Do you get nervous right before a performance?

Every single time…if you don’t quit doing Drag and find what makes you feel this way! 

15. Describe the feeling you get while you're onstage.

I zone out, I can’t see I can’t hear I just act and stay in the moment…

16. What has been your biggest obstacle thus far?

Handling the things you hear people saying about you and the inevitability that you will have to work with them in the future…I’m good about leaving it at the door but it’s still awkward working in such an unnecessarily-cutthroat business.

17. What is your biggest accomplishment?

The SHOWGIRLS title is pretty amazing,  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…My debut is SEPT 29th XOXO

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