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I know I try to separate myself from Rupaul's Drag Race because I feel that a lot of other artists are misunderstood and underestimated, and I plan to keep it that way, but seeing all these posts about Season 7, I'm getting the urge to write a review of what I think of each queen individually. Let's start with the queen I know the best considering she performs an hour away from my house.

1. Trixie Mattel

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Trixie. When I started getting into the drag scene and the clubs around me I did research to find out who my more local queens are and I found Trixie. I've been following her for almost a year already and I'm so excited she's on this season. I feel like she brings a special twist to the stereotypical cast and she's so campy and fun. I feel like a lot of people are underestimating her and usually the underestimated ones are the ones who get the farthest. Fingers crossed for Trixie. Bless her plastic heart. :)

2. Jaidynn Diore Fierce

Oooo girl! This one has the capability to put a bitch in her place and do it with honesty and class! She's really spunky and full of energy, I can't help but love her. She reminds me of an extremely energetic and sassy Latrice Royale. Get it girl! If she goes home early I will be insanely disappointed. GIVE ME MORE!

3. Miss Fame

I cannot get enough of Miss Fame and her flawless appearance. Sometimes I wonder if she's even human or if she's a robot disguised in flawless porcelain skin. I've gotten to know Miss Fame from her well known YouTube tutorials on how to beat that face. She was in high demand to be on Drag Race and now I really hope she makes it far, because that bitch is really talented and I feel she will slay!

4. Pearl

Everyone should know who Pearl is and if you don't, you've been living under a rock. Pearl has been everywhere in the online drag scene. I found her through another queen named BibleGirl666 (I love you Bible Girl. That was a shameless shoutout). Miss Pearl is an icon who has a really chill and relaxed personality but I see her reading bitches if it needs to be done. I have high hopes for this one and she has the potential to outshine anyone who crosses her. :)

5. Sasha Belle

All I can say when I think of Ms Sasha Belle is YAASSSSSS. She's proven that she's extremely versatile and you never really know what she's going to pull out. She's another one who I have high hopes for and I can't express enough how much I admire her work. She even does these Facebook videos where she has impersonated some of the other Season 7 cast members and she's extremely funny.

6. Max Malanaphy

I've been following Max for a few months on social media. I've heard a lot of people comparing her to Milk and Sharon Needles but in my opinion her style is all her own. She mixes camp with a dash of spookiness and just a bit of high fashion. She made her drag persona an actual character in her Meet The Queens video and she's just all around interesting.

7. Jasmine Masters

Jasmine has been really underestimated by people and it's been bothering me. To me, she seems like one of the most honest and down to earth queens that will be on the show this season. She has a serious of online videos called "I have something to say..." and she's given me quite a few laughs and has showed me that honesty is the best quality one can have. I have a lot of respect for her and I think people should give her a chance.

8. Katya Zamolodchikova

Ms Katya, I am LIVING! I can already tell that she is going to be one of my favorites to watch this season. She's so creative. I was on Facebook earlier and I saw her and Trixie share a video of Katya performing "My Heart Will Go On" from the Titanic movie and it was the Russian version. She made herself the iceberg and had this strap on half Titanic boat on her shoulders and wrapped around her body. I swear it was the greatest thing ever and I feel like when it comes to out of the box creativity, she will SLAY.

9. Kasha Davis

Kasha seems so genuine and sweet. While I was watching her Meet The Queens video, she had me smiling the whole time. She's very down to earth and has a very positive attitude. I don't know too much about her yet but I feel like even if she does end up going home she will still have a hell of a career ahead of her. She's absolutely beautiful and I feel like she has the potential to take the world by storm. 

10. Tempest Dujour

When I first saw the snapchat hints, I seriously thought Tempest was Miss Coco Peru. I don't think I can describe Tempest's style exactly, but let's just say she's one of those queens that you either understand or you don't. She's very camp and out of the box but still extremely gorgeous. I feel like if she ever collaborated with Miss Coco Peru, it would be absolutely EXPLOSIVE. She has experience and she knows who she is as a performer and it shows. I can't help but love her. She's going to be a threat this season in my opinion.

11. Ginger Minj

Ginger is probably going to be the sweetheart this season. I feel like she's going to maybe be the one who just wants everyone to get along. I don't see her as being really sassy unless she has to be. I feel like she reminds me of someone who just wants to make friends with everyone unless you cross her path. That being said, I don't think people should underestimate her either because I see her as being someone that will use that quality to her advantage. While everyone else is fighting I feel like she will be the one who just stays out of it and works hard on her challenges. I could be wrong but I really love her. She's a sweetheart.

12. Kandy 'Ho

Kandy is the Puerto Rican of this season! I always end up loving the Puerto Rican contestants of every season. Kandy is absolutely adorable. I've heard her name basically everywhere and I know she's a very loved queen in the drag world. Her look is very polished and I swear I need to go to Puerto Rico and drink some of their water or something because I feel that Puerto Rican Drag Queens are all so polished and beautiful. But Kandy isn't like every other Puerto Rican queen because along with her beauty comes a lot of personality and attitude as well and I love it! You go girl!

13. Violet Chachki

GIRL. I have been following Violet just as long as I have been following Max. She's absolutely gorgeous!  Her style is very high fashion and her face is always beat for the galaxies. If she ever has to lip sync for her life, she would have that performance in the bag. She can dance, she's extremely pretty, and she can most definitely perform. Hands down. 

14. Kennedy Davenport

Last but certainly not least, Kennedy Davenport. I honestly didn't know much about her until she got ruvealed with the rest of the cast so I had to do my own research. I found out she appeared on the hit TV show America's Got Talent and has also done pageants. From watching her Meet The Queens video, her personality was really laid back. But it's like when she gets onstage she goes crazy and she's unstoppable. I really love that about her and I hope she translates that energy into the challenges because if she does that, she will probably steal that crown.

As you can tell, I love all 14 contestants and I can find nice things to say about each and every one of them. There are a few I knew of already and a few that I've never heard of before. I usually try to stay away from the show on this page because my page is more focused on queens that haven't been on the show. I've spoken with a few girls from the show but most of my interviews are queens that haven't been on Drag Race. This review though, it's been in high demand. Ever since the ruveal happened, I've gotten lots of messages from people asking what I thought of all the contestants. My main overall judgement is that it's going to be a close season and all of them could possibly steal that crown. There isn't one that is better than the other. I'm also going to say that I wanted to do this because I see a lot of these contestants getting underestimated and I don't exactly agree with it because everyone does their own thing. I think all of them will bring their own talents and it's going to be one hell of a season. You're all welcome!

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