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Phaedra Phaded: Plastic & Phaded

If you're ever looking for a versatile queen who is everything rolled into one polished performer, Phaedra Phaded is your dream. With a mug beat for the GAWDS, a fashion sense that makes a supermodel look bad, and a sweet personality, Phaedra is the total package plus more! 

1. Who is Phaedra Phaded?

Phaedra Phaded is a Grecian Sex Puppet with a killer ass and a mug made of plastic. If 90's Pamela Anderson and Courtney Love had a three-way with a blowup sex doll and somehow made a child, Phaedra would be the unholy spawn. She's just the right amount of ditzy party girl, weird kid at school, and a refined glamourpuss.

2. How did you get your drag name?

My first time ever in drag was December 31st 2011, I was 21... New Years Eve. I chose Phaedra because its my favorite name in my language [Greek]. I was in this GORGEOUS Badgley Mischka flowy, WHITE cocktail dress cinched to the heavens and feeling so vagina that night... My friends I was with kept feeding me their drinks because they couldn't finish them and I was like "sure, I don't feel any of these drinks being strong I don't know why you guys are such babies??" No one told me if you're cinched, drink a lot, and un-cinch that you basically feel like you got hit by a bus because thats EXACTLY what happened when I decided I had to untuck and go to the bathroom... I took my corset off and in 5 seconds I felt every drink I had that night hit my stomach and I don't think I have EVER been that shmammered in my life!!! I stumbled out of the bathroom, got to the bar, proceeded to lay on the counter "planking style", and fell asleep with more than 200 people at the club I was at starring at me. My friends pieced together the night for me the next day and my only response was, "wow, I was 'Phaded' as fuck, huh?" To this day I have been called Phaedra Phaded... I woke up for the ball being dropped I was told and had another shot before I started dancing on the stripper pole I guess as well <-- Because of this night I don't drink in drag as well.

3. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Marilyn Monroe, easily. She's been my style icon since I was a little boy growing up in Greece. She was and is the ultimate expression of glamour, talent, femininity and sexuality to me and I base a lot of what I do after her. Did I mention I'm a Marilyn Monroe impersonator as well? 

4. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I think you know the when from my last question I answered, but the why is simple. I wanted to challenge myself creatively. Growing up gay in a strict Greek Orthodox household I was quite repressed in any sense of artistry. My parents at the time were not accepting of my sexuality and it was books and sports for me all my life and still is, I love reading and being active.. And it wasn't until 8th grade that I participated in my first musical in my school when I really started to love preforming. By no means am I a singer, thats why I lipsync haha, but I always hungered to express myself creatively and took any opportunity to do so. I'm so fortunate to have supportive parents now who love and accept me for who I am and what I do. Their greatest hope for me is to see me happy and succeed in anything that I do, they've even been to my shows a few times. 

5. What is the biggest lesson you've learned regarding your drag career? 

I have learned that as much as you succeed in your career, there's always someone out there who will try at anything to bring you down, make you doubt yourself, and deter you from any sort of success. The lesson learned is to stand strong and above it all and not let it get to you. Only YOU are in charge of your own success and happiness don't let anyone stand in the way of achieving your own personal goals. Stay humble. Stay smiling. Stay sickening.

6. How long does it take to get into drag?

A quick beat is like a 45/hour mug. A beat in which I am GAGGING over takes an hour and a half this includes padding, dressing, wigging yatta yatta. Fastest strangest mug ever done was on a train to Providence, RI for Pride two years ago I got ready in 30 minutes in the bathroom having to go in and out to let others use the lavatory.

7. What is it like winning the crown at Boston Pride 2013 and holding the title for another consecutive year in 2014?

It was a total shock winning since it was my first ever pageant and I had gone against seasoned queens. I was very honored and humbled to have won the crown and title. I served for two years and I got to help a lot of LGBT organizations and charities though my philanthropy... Eternally grateful of my city and peers for letting me bring positive change to our community through my efforts and that of the Pride committee behind me.

8. What preparation do you need to do in order to get ready for a pageant?

It takes time and lots of planning and not going to happen overnight. Think of every minute detail down to your nail color. Its about presenting the best you that you can show. Think about what holding that title will mean to you and what good you can do with it. It isn't cheap either so if you have a supportive club that can hold a fundraiser for you I suggest you do that too.. Unfortunately I didn't have one of those but I had a supportive drag family who helped guide me along the way and I'm so thankful of that! If you have any questions just shoot me a message to be honest. I'd love to help give you more advice.

9. What is one product you can't live without? 

Cabana Boy by Atomic Cosmetics. Nothing but good things to say about their products!! I only have this foundation but I tried a few other products of theirs from some friends and I'm OBSESSED.

10. What makes you unique compared to other queens?

I feel I'm very evolutionary in my drag. You're never getting the same face twice or outfit. Staying fresh and surprising my audience is what I live for. I hate seeing the same damn cut crease and pretty dress in a club which is why I choose to branch out of my comfort zone and do so many looks I find interesting and different. I've shown up places as my interpretation of an alien before, bearded lady, and down to good old fashion high-whore drag and everything in between. 

11. What is something that not many people know about you?

I'm an Interior Designer! I went to school for it and am certified; aside from drag, one of my greatest passions in life is decorating and building a home from the outside in.

12. If you could work with anyone, who would you pick and why? Bruce Vilanch because I love his laugh and hair. I want to put little bows in his and mine and take selfies.

13. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don't see myself stopping what I'm doing now; I live for it and I love it. Hopefully working more in my design field and taking on new ventures as well. 

14. What is the most misunderstood thing about drag, in your opinion?

All drag queens are feminine men. Not the case for many in my opinion; I'm lewd and a total guy in drag. Often times I forget I'm in my mug and will just burp in public and have to giggle and pretend it wasn't me. *twirls hair* I'm delicate 

15. If you were a superhero, and you could pick any superpower to have, what would you pick and why?

Make money rain because we all have bills to pay!

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