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"10 CMD" by Jayy Von Monroe: Album Review

Released on August 29, 2015, Jayy Von's premiere solo album "10 CMD" was definitely worth the longer than expected wait. Jayy mixed personal lyrics, haunting vocals, and electrifying beats to make a deep yet fun album that tells a story from start to finish. There's a song for every situation, from being in love with someone, to owning who you are, to recovering from a nasty breakup...and so on. Here's a breakdown of each song accompanied by the message I got from the lyrics and what I thought of the music overall.

1. "Leo"- This song, in my point of view, is seeing a relationship with someone end while reflecting on what went wrong and trying to let that person go. Also being hurt by the whole situation but realizing that being alone is the best option at that time. 

2. "To Burn"- The best thing about this song is it starts off slow but it builds up and with the chorus it goes off with a bang. This song makes me think of wanting to be with someone that you know is bad for you and has hurt you in the past, but you can't resist them. 

3. "Uneasy" - MY FAVORITE. A song about being confident and loving yourself regardless if people like it or not. Standing by your beliefs no matter how much hatred comes your way and becoming a stronger person through all the hardships and heartache you've been put through. This song is perfect for dealing with any type of conflict whether it is fighting with friends all the way to going through a breakup. 

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4. "Welcome to your Funeral"- Upbeat song that is perfect for going out with your friends and having an exciting night. This song is about being weird and standing out while completely owning it and not caring what anyone else thinks. Definitely one of my favorites on the album next to "Uneasy".

5. "All I Want"- There's not really a deep message to this song. It's very self explanatory. Imagine an energetic song playing while you're at the club about wanting someone...that's basically what it is. The lyrics are very direct and there's no explanation needed. It's very upbeat and fun, of course. ;) 

6. "Love Rehab"- This one describes being so in love with someone that their presence in your life is compared to being on heavy drugs. When they're not there, it's like you're going through extreme withdrawals. They're like a major drag addiction and without them you would be miserable. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful and symbolic and I loved every second of it.

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7. "Oh Bitchuary"- A song about casting a spell of major karma on someone in your life who you trusted and they did you wrong, and you want nothing more to do with them. I wouldn't say it's about wishing actual harm, but wanting this person to experience the pain they put you through. 

8. "Go Home Girl"- This one seems to be about the regular everyday groupie that goes to all the concerts and tries to get with the band members. In this one, Jayy is speaking to the person basically saying he already knows what they're all about and he sees through it. 

9. "Numb"- Being numb is something I relate to very well. It's like, being disappointed and hurt so many times that you feel almost robotic. Like you have no feeling...which is why I loved this song. Along with the lyrics about being "numb", the overall sound reminds me of a robot that wants to feel something but they can't get what they need to feel anything no matter how hard they try. I loved it! 

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I know not everyone is going to be a fan of this album, but if you're into dance music, I promise it's worth the money. There's literally a song for everything and I love everything about this album. While some of the songs are meant to just be about having fun, there's a few select songs on this album that really hit home for me and what I've been through myself...such as "Uneasy", "Love Rehab", "Numb", "Leo", "Oh Bitchuary" and "To Burn". The vocals have a very haunting feel and I also felt what I loved most about a lot of these songs was all the symbolism. Some of the lyrics were very artistic and made you think while other songs were more straight to the point and direct. I think Jayy really lived up to what I expected from him and I'm very happy with my purchase. It was very beautifully constructed and thought out. I give it a 10 out of 10 on my scale. 

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10Cmd by JayyVon

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