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Rupaul's Drag Race Episode 5 Ruview

This post is a bit late but oh well. Let's jump right into the shenanigans of Episode 5.

To be completely honest this episode seemed really empty due to Trixie not being in the workroom and I still don't think she or Pearl should've been in the bottom 2.

The mini challenge this week was to create celebrity looks out of paper and everyone was divided into groups of two. The teams and looks were as follows:

Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho: Lil Kim

Jaidynn Diore and Kennedy Davenport: Lady Gaga

Pearl and Max: Cher

Mrs Kasha Davis and Katya: Björk

Violet Chachki and Miss Fame: Jennifer Lopez

The winners were Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis and that was pretty obvious because they played up their look by having Kasha act like Joan Rivers on the red carpet. Yaaasss.

The main challenge was called "The Despy Awards" and the girls stayed in their pairs and had to put together presentation speeches to present awards for the categories:

"Sexy Sexy Drag Queen" presented by Jaidynn and Kennedy

"Most Busted Queen" presented by Max and Pearl

"Shadiest Queen" presented by Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho

"Meatiest Tuck" presented by Violet and Miss Fame

Since Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis won the mini challenge, they got to be the co-hosts for the award show.

To help the queens put together their material, Kathy Griffin came back to the show. Each team had time with her during their preparation time. Right away, Miss Fame and Violet start clashing. Battle of the beauties....neither of them are comedy queens so they're throwing ideas back and forth and they both attack each other's ideas.

Kennedy and Jaidynn are clashing because Kennedy is a bit over confident due to winning last week's challenge and Jaidynn is just not having it.

Let's talk about Pearl and Max for a minute. This moment is like...the craziest point in this episode. Pearl has been picked on every week for not having enough personality and acting tired all the time. Rupaul walks in the work room to check on all the teams. He walks over to Max and Pearl and asks how everything is going since Max has a big personality and Pearl doesn't. This gets Pearl upset and she goes "well you kind of just told me I have no personality so that isn't supposed to make me feel good or give me confidence." After this, Pearl and Rupaul kind of have a huge moment of tension with a few words exchanged and a stare off in which Pearl replies "do I have something on my face?" and Rupaul basically tells her that he's not convinced. Max starts encouraging Pearl and Pearl walks out of the workroom and doesn't come back for a few hours. Eventually Pearl comes back and Max tries her best to get her back on track.

Next the girls show Kathy Griffin what they have put together. Kathy wasn't really impressed with Kasha and Katya, although I thought the "Ginger Minj is the Danny Devito of drag" line was pretty witty...but that's just me. Kennedy and Jaidynn say "girl" too much during their presentation to Kathy which I couldn't agree more. Miss Fame and Violet are the farthest thing from funny and Kathy looks bored....I still really love them though, they just aren't comedy queens. Max and Pearl walk in and Kathy isn't too impressed. Kathy is a tough cookie, that's for sure. Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho were next and Kathy calls them out on copying a joke from someone else. Ginger seems unsure of herself at this moment because Kathy told her that their speech wasn't funny.

The next part of the awards preparation was each queen had to vote on who out of their peers should win the award categories. Right off the bat I could already guess a couple of the winners and come to find out, I was correct. :)

When the queens are getting into drag for the awards, Pearl reveals her teenage years were spent being mostly angry all the time and that she has issues with past abandonment. After hearing that, it makes a lot of sense and maybe her Rupaul stand off was something that needed to happen for her to realize she isn't living up to her full potential.

This episode also helped me see how much I really and truly adore Max for always encouraging everyone and standing behind them no matter what. Even though it is a competition she obviously still cares about everyone and doesn't want to see people completely fall short and I feel she needs to be recognized for that. She seems like the rock that holds everyone together in times of tragedy.

The next highlight was Miss Fame putting her makeup on next to Violet and her talking about chickens. This is probably one of the most bizarre minute of Rupaul's Drag Race ever. Looking at Miss Fame and her flawless appearance in would never guess that she is completely obsessed with chickens. It finally makes sense. She even has a tattoo on her arm of a chicken. A whole minute of the show was dedicated to Miss Fame and her obsession with chickens and it was the best thing ever. She even revealed she sang songs to her chickens and did a chicken noise in the confessional room.

After the conversation about chickens, Violet and Miss Fame seem to open up more to each other and a friendship starts blossoming. No more battle of the beauties.

The award show starts with Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis opening the show and they threw a bit of shade at the other contestants. It was pretty witty but I thought they could've done better because I know they're capable. Same thing with Jaidynn and Kennedy...they did good. Pearl and Max were next and they had me in tears....absolutely FABULOUS. Ginger and Kandy were next and I wasn't a fan of Kandy's dress but that bit where she called Ginger an elephant was pretty funny so they didn't do too bad. I know people will disagree but I really liked Miss Fame and Violet's presentation

The winners were:
"Sexy Sexy Drag Queen": Miss Fame

"Most Busted Queen": Jaidynn Diore Fierce

"Shadiest Queen": Violet Chachki (of course)

"Meatiest Tuck": Katya

And then it was time for the critiques. Pearl and Max won the challenge which I was very excited about because they deserved it. Mrs Kasha Davis isn't over the top enough. Katya's acceptance speech was funnier than her opening speech...and she needs more volume to her wig. Ginger Minj was hilarious in her presentation and she needs to cut back on her black spray she puts on her forehead. Kandy Ho faded into the background compared to Ginger Minj (I agree) and her dress is ugly. Violet talked too fast but she looked stunning as always. Miss Fame looked stunning and the judges are seeing that she's at least trying to be more funny and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Top looks for me:
Miss Fame
Violet Chachki

In the end, Mrs Kasha Davis and Kandy Ho. Mrs Kasha Davis ended up going home. This week, yet again, I disagreed with the elimination. I'm a bit shocked about it as well. What is going on this season?

That's all for now! Check back next week for Episode 6!

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