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Rupaul's Drag Race Season 7 Episode 8 RUVIEW

Oh hey look who's back with a new episode review! This episode is full of fun and unexpected twists so let's get started!

This week's mini challenge included making boring prison outfits into drag outfits and it included the beloved Latrice Royale as the cop! The girls were supposed to drag up their outfits and have a prison fashion show. In my opinion, all of them turned it out but I think my favorite was Katya. Kennedy ended up winning. Of course. No comment.


After that we get to the interesting stuff. Rupaul reveals who's coming back and Trixie Mattel walks in and everyone gets all excited. And then comes Tempest. And then comes Kandy. And Sasha. And Jasmine. And  Mrs Kasha Davis. And Max. EVERYONE COMES BACK. The girls are just rolling their eyes at this point and here's the twist. The challenge is to be teamed up with one of the eliminated contestants and put together a conjoined twin look. Which ever team wins, the eliminated queen on the team gets to come back into the competition. 

Since Kennedy won the mini challenge, she gets to put the teams together. The teams were as follows:

Pearl and Trixie
Violet and Max
Ginger and Sasha Belle
Kennedy and Jasmine Masters
Jaidynn and Tempest Dujor
Miss Fame and Kandy Ho
Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis

Right away, Ginger is just not having it. She doesn't like the challenge and she doesn't want to be teamed up with Sasha. At one point she pulls Katya away for a minute and just vents to her because she feels like she's doing all the work. So right off the bat, I could tell she was going to be in the bottom for the first time ever. Ginger, girl, I love you, but you need to be ready for any challenge that's thrown at you! Pull yourself together mama!

Kennedy is complaining about Violet and her beauty. Girl. Please. I absolutely LOVE Violet and her corsets. Leave her alone.

Pearl is really excited to be with Trixie and right away I know they're going to slay this challenge because they just feed off of each other and they work together so well. So thank you Kennedy for basically making yourself lose. :) Cause I'm going to be real if I were in the competition I would put girls together that don't get along so that they would fail because I'm just shady. 

Miss Fame rambles when she's nervous and she makes me laugh. I didn't know how to feel about her but she's so quirky and silly I can't help it. Rupaul throws a joke at her and it goes right over her head. But I love her on the show. I can't help it. "Miss Fame, how's your head?" "Fine!"

I really love Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis together. I know they were teamed up when Mrs Kasha Davis got eliminated but I do feel like, regardless, they can pull it together on this challenge because they're playing characters and that's completely different from hosting an awards show. 

When Kennedy was given the power to choose the teams, I knew she would pick Jasmine. I think we all knew. And we also knew their conjoined twins would be pageant queens. No surprise. Next.

I feel terrible for Jaidynn because she was given an extra hard task but I know she's going to try her hardest to make it work. 

I realize this episode how much I actually relate to Trixie and her backstory. Bless her. I love her dearly.

RUNWAY TIME!!! My favorite!

Top looks:

Pearl and Trixie Mattel (BREATHTAKING!)

Violet and Max

Katya and Mrs Kasha Davis 

I actually agreed with Michelle Visage tonight. Thank you for standing up and saying Kennedy's look was predictable. 

In the end, Pearl and Trixie won which means Trixie is back in the competition...HALLELUJAH FINALLY A DECISION THAT MAKES SENSE! The bottom was Ginger and Jaidynn and they had to lip sync with their conjoined twins. Ginger and Sasha were conjoined at the boobs, so they literally cut themselves out of their costumes and it was really bizarre but hilarious at the same time. In the end, Ginger kept her spot in the competition and Jaidynn sashayed away. 

I really love Jaidynn but I wasn't too sad about this because I figured it was going to happen within the next couple episodes anyways. But Jaidynn is very talented and always so positive and happy. I love her.

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