Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Vixen: Not Beyoncé, But Close Enough

Looks? Check. Energy? Check. Attitude for change? Check. The Vixen has been using her multiple talents to captivate Chicago nightlife for quite some time now. One of her biggest influences is Beyoncé and not only can she completely slay a stage with full on dance performances, she also desires to use her platform to speak out about different issues happening in our society. She has been winning hearts not only in Chicago, but other areas as well.

1. Describe The Vixen as a performer.

The Vixen is a Power House! I like to bring alot of elements to each number. A little fashion, some drama, and a ton of energy. I want you to feel like you've been to a five minute concert! 

2. When and why did you begin doing drag? 

I've been performing in women's clothes forever so it's hard to say when it became drag. I started lipsyncing in a drag show after seeing the first Beyoncé superbowl show. I just wanted to feel like her for 12 minutes.

3. How did you come up with your drag name?

I love pinup girls, and the idea of owning your sexuality as a woman. One day someone said "is it Vixen or The Vixen?" I decides right there. "THE" 

4. How did you learn to do your makeup? 

I took stage makeup classes in college. They went over drag for one day but it changed my life!

5. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment? 

I always wanted to be an activist. I thought that was over when I started drag because queens aren't/weren't encouraged to talk about issues. Using drag to bring awareness to real issues is what makes me proud nowadays.

6. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about doing drag?

My favorite is growing as an artist. Queens require so many skills to get dressed and I like to put as much art as I can into my details.
My least favorite thing is being so involved with my own image and networking, pushing my brand. It's all so fake. And it takes me away from quality time with my loved ones.

7. If you had to drop everything and move somewhere else, where would you go and what would you bring to the drag scene there? 

I'd move to Puerto Rico! They have amazing queens and the shows there are so elaborate. I think I'd really fit in there more than anywhere. I look up to those queens! Hopefully I'd bring an aspect of activism to the stage.

8. If you could work with anyone in particular during your career, who would you choose and why? 

I really wanna teach Beyonce to deathdrop. I just want her to have all my skills and hopefully gain some of hers so we can see each others shows and just gag!

9. Do you have a most embarrassing moment? 

My wig used to fly off a lot. I take alot precautions now but If I feel like it's sliding I'll tone down my performance by 100%...too risky.

10. What's your favorite makeup product to use?

I have metallic liquid eyeliners in 4 different colors and they are the perfect finishing touch. I use them to draw lines in my brows and it's so cute!

11. If you could change something about either the Chicago community or the drag community as a whole, what would it be and why? 

Chicago community is a great mix of talented radical artists. I just wish we had more ClubKid specific events. Alot of queens who are great at looks and style aren't necessarily performers or interested in being feminine. Which is fine, but don't call that drag. Drag is performing gender in a lot of ways. There are standards to it that I don't think should be broken. Club Kids can break all the rules and I live for it. But to call it drag, which is an age old tradition that has become so refined...seems insulting.

12. Where do you see yourself taking your drag career in the future? 

I wanna travel. I'd love to tour with a Vaudeville show and learn more tricks like silks and hula hoops, stripper pole, unicycle. I wanna be a one woman circus.

13. Do you plan on making anymore music?

Hopefully I'll put a whole album out at the beginning of next year. Stay tuned.

14. If you could give advice to younger queens on how to make it on the drag industry, what would you say to them?

Pay your dues. Learn the basics. Once you can master the elements of drag, play with it and go crazy, but respect the craft. And don't kiss ass. Be your best self and stick with people who get you. Also, don't work for free. Figure out your fee, don't take any less. It makes it easier for us all to get paid. Even bad drag is expensive 

15. If you were stranded on an island and could only have 3 things with you, what would you bring? 

A journal. 
A barrel Cucumber Effen Vodka. 
Duct tape...Cause that solves all my problems

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