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Luxe Trapp: Variety at it's Finest

 Photo by Chris Fitzgerald

Luxe Trapp is a newer queen on the scene who resides in California. She has participated in numerous online drag competitions and recently got the opportunity to compete in a pageant. She didn't win, but she appreciated the opportunity to challenge herself. Luxe has proven that the art of drag isn't just one certain aesthetic, but instead a variety. 

1. Who is Luxe Trapp as an artist?

As an artist I feel like things come and go. When I started drag I wanted to pay homage to a lot of my favorite concept artists from the video game industry, Yoshitaka Amano being my favorite. I grew up playing a lot of video games, hell you could say they almost raised me. I really wanted to take the things that inspired me from them and put them into my drag, specifically the women. I saw a lot of strong, beautiful, independent girls in the games I played, and as genres that I feel aren't as explored as their counterparts, a lot of people miss out on these cool role models, so I want to show people things they haven't discovered yet. 

2. When and why did you begin doing drag?

Well as any cocky 20-something year old gay man, I watched RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 and I kept saying to myself I could do this, I could do this, better. Then reality hit after I started, this shit is HARD and the girls do NOT get paid enough. I started about 2 years ago as far as makeup goes and I have only been on stage a little under a year. My first performance was to Lana Del Rey's "Gods and Monsters", and my most favorite performance is either my Pokemon mix or my Mortal Kombat/Babymetal Karate mix! I get really weird. I also discovered that I like to perform with fan veils!

3. Why did you decide to start YouTube and do you plan on making more videos in the future?

So the reason I started doing YouTube was because I felt like there were never any real in-depth drag tutorials online and I wanted to change that. I feel like in order to see success for that I need to restrategize my multi-media marketing because I am not very good at advertising myself. I get distracted by pizza and shit. I do plan on making more videos and my makeup has changed since I started that so I'll probably start with a brand new full face tutorial and then break them down into segments for people looking for something specific. I also have no problem helping people over Skype or Google Hangouts I'm just a text message or Facebook text away. Seriously, just approach me. 

4. How did you come up with your drag name?

So for the Luxe portion I was just looking for something that was unique and that no one really had and I came across the name online, I liked it so I settled with it. As far as the Trapp portion one of my friends that I was working with at a pizza parlor told me that I'm basically a trap, which is like an anime archetype kind of, basically means the boys want to sleep with you because they think you're a girl they don't realize that you have a penis! I thought it was funny so it stuck ever since.

5. What was your favorite moment about doing the pageant that you recently competed in?

Hands down my favorite part was that I got to compete with a bunch of my friends. What REALLY got me was the fact I got to cosplay as a female Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and lip sync to Babymetal's "Karate" with fan veils on an awesome stage setup! Too bad the lighting with a good cuz I would have video and pictures! I got told that my Lady Gaga impersonation was pretty good. I perform to "Marry the Night" and had a tear away I borrowed from a friend (thank you Echo!) and a lot of people liked that so I was pleasantly surprised. I never have done evening gown portions or anything similar to that so that was interesting to see myself in an evening gown made by Vegas Van Dank.

6. If you could change something about the drag community, what would it be and why? 

As far as the drag community, definitely the fans. The fans of drag race are some of the most disrespectful, discrediting people I've ever encountered in my life. There's no such thing as building people up in that community, only tearing others down. I think that they need to seriously take a step back and reevaluate what they're saying because I don't think they realize how detrimental to someone's confidence that comments can be. And I think telling the girls to not read comments isn't fair to them because they've worked so hard for this.

7. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is probably being able to have so much growth in such a small amount of time. I've had people tell me that for someone who's only been in the game for such a small amount of time, that I'm pretty polished. And I'm not saying that to toot my own horn. But if people are seeing these kinds of things I have to be doing something right. I did learn how to sew recently, kind of...not really...I'm getting there! I did make my Scorpion costume with no pattern, so that's progress! 

8. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about doing drag? 

Basically or where I live kind of ruins drag for me because it makes it to where I have to constantly travel back and forth from my venue which is about 3 hours in total. When it comes down to the actual drag or getting ready, I don't like having to shave my arms it really bugs me and wearing heels fucking suuuuuuuucks, don't do it. Okay, no, I change my mind. The WORST thing about drag is the PGP's, also known as the pre-gig shits!!! I used to get really nervous and I'd have to use the bathroom before the show, this includes taking off my outfit, my tights, my pads, my tuck (hopefully I don't have nails on at this point) and then when I complete the deed (that's nasty) I have to get all that shit (no pun intended) back in order and make sure I'm on stage in time to collect your tips with my dirty bathroom hands (you're welcome)!

9. If you could travel anywhere to perform, where would you go and why?

So there's a few places I would love to travel to perform. Right off the bat I want to list Chicago because Chicago's weird, Chicago's artsy, it doesn't matter what the fuck you do, people are going to like you for you and I like that. New York is another destination I would love. I've always wanted to visit Seattle, Australia would be great too, and I would be so fucking happy to go to Tokyo. I'm actually going to Hawaii in November for a week, purely recreationally though. 

Photo by Cody Kiniry

10. If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

Miss Fame is from Templeton, which is only about an hour north of me. She used to hang out with my boyfriend about 10 years ago almost and the fact that someone as successful as her, in my field of work, is from where I am, really inspires me to keep doing what I do. And if we're going based off of just talent, definitely India Ferrah who I might actually get to meet at our pride which is in 2 days(technically tomorrow from the time I'm writing this).

11. If you could pick one person that you would say is your number one drag inspiration, who is it?

It's hard for me to pick just one because there's so many different people who do it, and do it so well. I'll just go ahead and say Trixie Mattel because she doesn't conform to what she thinks she needs to be for people to like her. She just does what she likes and feels good about it and I really admire that confidence. Confident queens really move me. 

12. Where do you see yourself taking your drag career in the future?

Honestly I would love to become a house mother of sorts or just a really genuine drug mom to Queens wanting to get a start in the scene. I was lucky enough to come under the wing of two amazing people in my life. Nathan Louis and Deja Re. Nathan taught me everything about how to carry myself and how to treat others with respect, because respect is something that gets you very far in this industry and being polite is nothing to be ashamed of. Deja gave me my stage if it wasn't for her I don't even know where I would be right now. She gets me off my ass and she gets me going and I aspire to be everything that she is as a woman and an Entertainer. So if there's anything I could be in the future, I would want to be the presence that they are in my life for someone else.

 Photo by Chris Fitzgerald

13. What is the biggest misconception that you've noticed people have about you?

People like to think I'm a bitch! I'm really not! People also like to think that I'm two faced just because I like to listen to both sides of a situation and if I feel like I can mediate a problem, I will. People read that as me trying to play both sides of the fence when in general I just want people to chill the fuck out and get along.

14. If you ever tried to get on RPDR, who would you pick to do for snatch game and why?

I'm going to tell you right now, I don't know! I'm still trying to discover things I can do and my limits when it comes to drag and I'll be honest, impersonation scares me. I think it's because I feel that trying to be someone else is ingenuine to myself, so in doing so I feel as if I'm crippling my own growth as a performer, it's a stupid mentality. 

15. If Luxe was a superhero and had one super power, what would it be? 

Horse Girl! A woman with a face as long as a horses and a dick just as long as well. She gallops at the speed of sound and if easily startled will run into a wall. Her hobbies include eating oats, letting flies crawl on her eyelids, and having the shit scraped from her hooves. Her only Kryptonite is if she breaks her ankle, for then she will be shot in the neck for being lame and sent off to the glue factory! 

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