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Bianca Lynn Breeze: Variety is Beauty

Mainly residing in Madison, WI, Bianca Lynn Breeze has been performing and competing in pageants for a little over 2 years. With experience in different types of drag, she has won an array of titles but really dreams of winning Miss Club Wisconsin. Who knew one night of watching an episode of Rupaul's Drag Race would begin the career of a blossoming queen? 

1. Who is Bianca Lynn Breeze? 

Who is Bianca Lynn Breeze...I don't even know if she truly knows who she is yet. I've been performing for about 2 and 1/2 years and I've dove into many different aspects of drag. I typically do Top 40, Mixes, and some theatrical. 

2. Where did you get your drag name?

I got my drag name from a local queen who was hammered at the same time as I was. She looked at me with one eye looking at me and the other off somewhere else and said, "YOU! Sir...*swaying* YOU look like a Bianca!" It was quite comical.

3. When and why did you start doing drag? 

Well I was sitting at a bar at Plan B in Madison, WI watching RuPaul's Drag Race while sipping on Martinis with an old college friend of mine. Martini's were on special so I had quite a few. A local queen was hosting the show while at the bar. An old college friend and I were looking at some old photos of me in "drag" aka lip gloss and eye shadow and the queen saw the pictures and was like you have potential. You should give it a show. And I laughed and said absolutely not! I was shopping the next day for drag! HAHAHAHA!

4. Who is your biggest inspiration? 

I can't really say I have one person that has been my biggest inspiration but my mother has always told me to believe in myself and don't worry about what others think of me. Lucy Von Cucci is a local queen in Madison who made me believe in myself when she won Miss Club Wisconsin. She does a lot of Broadway and musical numbers which I also enjoy doing and watching her talent and for her to get crowned inspired me to reach for my goals.

5. What has been your biggest accomplishment? 

I would say becoming Miss Players 2015. Several of my family members have won the title in the past so people felt like I would win anyway. However, I probably had the hardest time because 3 of my family members have won the title previously. I worked hard and held true to myself and snatched the title fair and square.

6. What has been your biggest obstacle?

My biggest obstacle is myself. We are our worst critics. We look at ourselves, our performances, and our costumes and think what can we do better? You have to try to be happy with what you do and love the stage whether its a performance, a pageant, a fundraiser, or a public appearance. Always be willing to better yourself and put your best foot forward.

7. How many competitions have you competed in?

Several local, state, and once nationally. 

8. What titles have you held?

Miss Wisconsin Entertainer of the Year 2014, Miss Players 2015, Miss Gay Capital City USofA 2014

9. Where did you learn to do your makeup? 

YouTube and watching other queens. I can't tell you how important it is to watch and learn from others. I have learned so many things from multiple people to get the look I have today. Even queens who have been doing this for YEARS are learning things from me. 

10. What is the best piece of advice you can give to drag performers who are just beginning?

Watch, listen, and learn. Take advice with a grain of salt. If it's something that works for you then use it. Be yourself and be happy with what you do.

11. Have you ever dealt with negative opinions? How do you handle them?

Of course! We all do. I got a lot of crap when I was first starting out and even now. The thing you have to remember is that it's all about what you want to take from it. If you want to take it to heart then this probably isn't the business for you. For every hater I have more lovers! 

12. What is the most expensive drag item that you own?

Gowns Gowns Gowns...They are so damn expensive

13. What is your favorite/least favorite thing about drag?

All of it. I have how long it takes, I hate lashes, I hate hip pads..But I love what I do.

14. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Europe. I've seen some pretty unique drag in Europe. I think I'd really enjoy watching what other parts of the world do.

15. What is your biggest goal for the future?

I really want to be Miss Club Wisconsin. This is like THE title to have and represent our state. You represent all of the clubs in Wisconsin. Don't get me wrong there are other systems of pageants but I feel like lots of those are looking for a certain type of drag. Miss Club lets you be who you are and it doesn't matter. If you're a pageant queen then that's great...if your creative or comedy that's great too.

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