Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vegas Van Dank: One of a Kind Sensation

Residing in North Carolina, Vegas Van Dank has been steadily taking over the drag scene and raising the bar to new heights. With incredible talent in many aspects of her drag, she's become a multi faceted performer who is quickly making her own brand and becoming a one of a kind sensation. 

1. How would you describe Vegas as a performer? 

I think as a performer the best way I can describe myself is high energy, animated, cartoon, glam. I love incorporating all different types of drag into what I do, but I love being a cartoon always.

2. When and why did you begin doing drag? 

I started dressing up on my 21st birthday for fun, but I didn't take it seriously, it was more of a club kid kinda thing. But Ibdont perform until November 2012.

3. How did you come up with your drag name?

My drag name actually took me a long time to come up with. I knew I wanted it to be like a city, state, provence, etc. I contemplated on Paris and London but then chose hollywood, but I had a friend in the porn industry with the same name so I figured that wouldn't work. Then Vegas just came out of no where and it was perfect. 
And the Van Dank is of course due to my recreational activities of choice. 

4. What is the biggest lesson you've learned when it comes to being a drag performer?

The biggest lesson I've ever learned in drag is to stop living in comparison to others. Compare yourself to what you know you are capable of. You are you're own person, there is no point in comparing yourself to anyone else around you.

5. How did you learn to paint your face? 

When I started painting I wore extremely minimal makeup on drag and like twice as much for my club kid looks. I eventually just made those 2 characters combine and then protected my makeup. It has honestly taken me a long time to become good at makeup. It wasn't like a natural thing for me, and I'm very impatient. So yeah, I never know what my face is going to look the next time I go out. 

6. What would you say is your favorite thing about doing drag? 

My favorite thing about drag is the sisterhood bond I have created and the relationships I have built. This is my creative outlet when I felt lost. Drag has boosted my confidence. So more less, I would say my favorite thing is what drag has done for me on the inside. 

7. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment so far in drag is becoming completely comfortable in my own skin and having a platform to help other teens or anyone who deals with self doubt or just like no one gets them. I was there for the most part of my life. Yes I have won a few smaller pageant titles and competed in other things and do drag as my job. But being able to help people see it's okay to be different. Its okay to be wrong. Its okay to be the outcast. No matter who or what you are, IT IS OKAY TO BE YOU

8. If you could change anything about the drag community, what would you change and why?

I would change the fact that all drag isn't accepted in alot of places. Even in NC I had to work my ass off even harder because no one took me serious or even understood what I was doing. I just wish everyone accepted everyone (as dumb as that sounds)

9. If you could work with anyone in the future, who would you choose and why?

I would absolutely looooove to work with Alyssa Edwards. I would probably be gagging too hard to even focus. 

10. How long does it usually take you to get ready for a performance?

I usually spend 45min-1hour on my makeup and like 45min getting ready, so 2 hours usually. 

11. What is the weirdest comment anyone has ever said to you while in drag? 

I get alot of weird stuff said to me because I look weird I suppose. I've been asked alot of really sexually inappropriate stuff. I always get asked if my makeup hurts, that's probably the worst. 

12. What is your most embarrassing moment?

One time I was performing and the top half of my hair was falling off and you could see my underneath layer of wig and it looked like brains. It was soo bad. 

13. What is a makeup product you can't live without?


14. If you made it onto Rupaul's Drag Race in the future, what character would you consider doing for Snatch Game?

I have a couple characters I want to do. Bjork and dooneesee. But most of all I want to do Divine, I just know those are huge shoes to fill. 

15. Marry, Kai Kai, Kill: Sharon Needles, Raven, Jinkx Monsoon.

Marry Sharon. Kai kai Raven. Kill Jinkx. 

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