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Miss Crime Scene: Unbreakable Work of Art

Fresh off the Facebook drag competition, The Drag Race, Miss Crime Scene has no plans of slowing down. As a woman in the drag community, she's had to work especially hard to prove herself as a drag performer and continues to show that she's more than just a girl in a costume. Miss Crime Scene won the first season of The Drag Race by winning the hearts of her judges as well as having the opportunity to gain a following in the process. Unlike most queens in online competitions, Miss Crime Scene has always gone above and beyond to show her support for her fellow contestants even in tough times during the competition...which is a truly admirable quality.

1. Who is Miss Crime Scene? 

Miss Crime Scene is basically my escape. She is so different than who I am normally. She is not scared to put herself out there, show off her body, bend the rules, and just go for it. While normally I am a hermit, shy, glued to some video games or behind the scenes creating art, all paired with yoga pants, messy hair and no make up on. She is in the spotlight instead of holding the spotlight. She comes off as a very sexual being who is just isn't scared to take on the world and give everyone a show. She is everything I am scared to be, everything everyone told me I couldn't be.  No matter what is thrown at her (even if at the scene of a crime) she refuses to let things break her. She turns anything that might harm her well being or happiness into humor, or her own personal cat walk. She makes the best of anything that comes her way. Putting her feelings aside to make sure she keeps herself together is what she calls her "survival instinct" and it kicks in whenever it's needed. 

2. Where did you get your drag name? 

I got my name YEARS ago, when I was 13 years old and I am 27 now. I made it up one day, because I wanted to use a modeling/photography name for any online profiles I had. I had crime scene tape all over my room and pictured what you saw in my drag race photo for the name challenge, and Miss Crime Scene was the name that popped into my mind. I never knew it would become anything really serious or even stick, but everyone started calling me by that name. People in my school, others schools, people online and it just grew like wild fire. People really liked my stuff, made fan art, sent me gifts, featured me on pages and I just knew I couldn't change my name and really didn't want to after thinking about it because it's cool to see how much I have grown with this same name over the years. 

3. When and why did you become a drag performer? 

When I started I wasn't a bio queen, I was a back up dancer for my friend Twylyte Starr. I met him at a show I went to and he wanted to go dancing after, so we all met up at a bar. I drank too much and fell off stage, bringing him down with me onto the dirty muddy floor. The next day I apologized and we laughed about it and the bruises that came from it. We didn't even know it happened until someone told me and I said I was sorry. It was such a fun time, and we kept going out dancing together until one day he asked me to be a back up dancer and I said I would try it out. It was so fun, I did back up dancing for him, was in an "Alice in Wonderland" play he put together as the white rabbit, and then one day I asked if I was allowed to do a solo number and he said yes. I was so nervous and did my first number which was teeth by Gaga as a lion tamer. After a while I started doing more solo numbers and trying to experiment more with my look and performances to just prove to myself that I was allowed a spot next to all these talented queens. I learned about being a bio queen way after and I am just so happy to keep growing and learning. 

4. Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I get inspiration from so many things. I use all the negative things people have ever said to me to keep going. I LOVE the 90s, video games, cosplay, comics, halloween, clowns, and just so many other things. I am used to being able to be visual because of photography/modeling and putting together an entire theme, outfit, background etc so visual art in general has looking at it and thinking "how can I make this come to life, instead of just an image but a performance". I also use the fact that I want to help everyone who has ever been bullied to know that they can do anything they want. Anytime I think I am not good enough, I push for all of those people and for anyone who is just scared. The whole reason I do modeling…. I am a fat human who says "I am allowed to feel beautiful and to create art with my body, or even just to look sexy" and I want to show others that also. I refuse to give in due to bigots, bullies, negative miserable trolls, or insecure people who try to rip apart anything different. 

5. What is your favorite and least favorite part about being a bio queen performer?

My favorite part is being able to tell women of all ages that they can do it also, even though they are so used to the world telling them no…. it's a yes if you want it bad enough. Also being able to interact with such talented and amazing artists and being able to learn from them for my personal growth as a performer and person. My least favorite part has pros and cons to it. Not being valued, discredited, or not taken seriously due to the fact that I am a biological woman is my least favorite part, but also it's part of my drive to do better, do bigger, and push like crazy…. so it's still a win. As long as I get my McDonald's after each show, I am gooooood gorl. 

6. Have you dealt with any discrimination from the drag community because you're a biological girl? How do you handle negativity thrown towards you?

It's 2015 and still humans just can NOT accept other humans. So many people seem to have to be oppressive about something. I get shit for being a "woman" from a lot of people online randomly, it always comes in waves. I even get shit from other bio queens which makes no sense at all. I don't understand how people can preach about equality or how their art is valid but then try to rip others down and say they aren't valid. It's literally the chicken surfing on a pizza a potato. That doesn't make sense and neither do their views. I am thankful for feminism every day. When it comes to handling negativity I try to remember that anyone who acts unpleasant is most likely dealing with bad things in their life, had it rough and can't figure out how to deal with all of that frustration, dealing with their own insecurities and projecting it onto others, or they just want your attention so they try to insult you and take it back as soon as you say something back to them. Sometimes I might take a break from the internet and compose myself. Nature, baths, dance parties, friends, things in the real world can help you stay away from that dangerous fake negative head space that tries to pull us in. Getting upset? Go do something, don't stew in it. When you come back, you will feel fine and you will be able to laugh at them.

 7. What advice do you have for women who would like to become a bio queen performer?

:insert Shia labeouf photo: JUST DO IT! No but seriously, life is short and if you were laying on your death bed the only think you will regret is the shit you didn't do, you won't give a shit about who said what, and all of that other shit that doesn't matter. Don't let yourself down, and fight like hell for the things you love. Respect and love yourself enough to do the things that you want to do, you deserve it and only you can make things happen.

8. You recently won the Facebook drag competition, "The Drag Race", what do you have to say to your supporters? 

THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU SEXUAL ANGELS!!! I thought I would be the first one to be eliminated and you guys just were so supportive and kept me going. I always think everything I do is terrible, so thank you for letting me know when I did something that you loved! 

9. What was your favorite challenge from The Drag Race? 

DAT INSTA WEAVE GORL! Magic in a spray bottle. I had so much fun filming that video and I might keep going with more videos like it. I love my boyfriend for always helping me out and also one of my best friends Ryan for helping out also. I was so excited to use my dog Captain Bill in it as well as the lip sync challenge. He loves his camera time. 

10. Which challenge was the most difficult one to execute in your opinion? 

Snatch game nearly killed me. I was so upset trying to think of who I could be. I ended up choosing Sofia, drinking some beer and filming it. I ended up having fun and people loved it. That is what really makes or breaks anything to do honestly, always remember to make it fun.

11. Who were you closest to out of all the other competitors? 

Well besides Twy and Myrtle because they are drag family, I got pretty close to Vegas and Luxe the most. Vegas and I figured out that besides our drag style, we are pretty much twins. Luxe is just such an angel and I enjoy talking with her a lot. In reality though I talk to all of the girls and love them so much, everyone is so nice and supportive. I am in love with this cast and all of the judges. I was scared that everyone would fight and it would be a war but it ended up being a sisterhood. Season 1 sisters and I feel very grateful to know these angels. Oh, and Sunday and I are having a chicken nugget wedding. 

12. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration when it comes to drag? 

This is so hard, I have a list of people that inspire me in drag. Honestly I would just have to say members of my drag family are my biggest inspiration, they are always there to support you and to give you talks if you are doubting yourself. They never let you fall flat, they teach you things so you can improve, everyone loves to share the spotlight instead of fighting over it, they keep you laughing, and they are just part of my backbone. 

13. What is your biggest insecurity when it comes to drag? 

Hmmmm…. I have 2 things that get to me. The fact that I always have ripped tights because my thighs fight with me each time I pull them up and trying to not bore the crowd. Performing is SO fun, but I want people to always enjoy what I do and never to fall into a safe zone where everyone knows what I am going to do before I do it and they lose interest.

14. If people want to see you perform, where should they go? 

They can come to Higher Ground every First Friday of the month in Burlington VT, or they can come on over to Plattsburgh NY where I live. I perform other places also when booked, was recently in Massachusetts and heading down to Albany NY in a few days. So if you know people in your area who put on shows, request that I am booked and I would LOVE to go meet all of you and perform in your town! 

15. Marry, Kai Kai, Kill...a few of your former competitors: Capria Luchia, Vegas Van Dank, Nina Von Queefs

Marry and Kai Kai all of them bitches. Only kill if they touch my damn pizza rolls.

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