Friday, June 12, 2015

Evonka Rump Tration: Not Slowing Down

Being a YouTube personality can be a pretty tough situation especially when others try and drag your reputation through the mud. Evonka Rump Tration has been through a lot while trying to balance YouTube and drag, but is still showing that she will claw her way to success and not let anyone hold her down. 

1. Who is Evonka Rump Tration?

Evonka is a hot mess who strives for beauty above anything else, she isnt the best singer or dancer but prides herself on her ability to put on a good show. She knows how to make people laugh and smile and she loves to think outside the box when creating her character. She is also a pageant queen, but not your typical cookie cutter pageant girl.

2. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I began drag on a total whim, in a hotel room in Washington DC, I know sounds like a joke, but the art of female impersonation was so interesting to me I just had to at least try it. I've come a long way from the booger mess I was in that hotel room. 

3. Where did you get your drag name?

Evonka Rump was a play on the glamazon Ivanka Trump and Tration is after my drag mother Penny Tration she held a competition at her bar to find a drag daughter and add a cast member I competed and won.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

I pull insprition from all sorts of places, other queens, music and art. But my biggest inspiration is my fans, I know there may not be that many sometimes but the ones that follow me inspire me to continue to work hard and get better and try new things.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeves are people who can't admit when they have a big head and act childish, I know I can come off as a bitch sometimes and have been conveyed as such but at least I can admit I'm not always the nicest. 

6. How long does it take you to get into drag?

Depending on the look I am creating getting into drag can take me anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

7. Where did you learn to do your makeup?

all the skills I have learned about makeup has been all me through trial and error and watching youtube. I never really had someone to show me how to do things, so i try and help anyone I can when they ask.

8. What is your favorite makeup product?

I've gotta say my favorite makeup product is my my beauty blender sponge. I feel like its the best for blending my foundation and it helps not to waste makeup.

9. What is one item you can't live without?

My cell phone. It's literally my ticket to the world and my main resource for reaching out to people.

10. When and why did you start doing YouTube?

I started YouTube about 4 years ago after I left my cast position at "The Cabaret" and I started as an outlet to continue growing my drag and to continue meeting people.

11. Describe the channel Altered Illusions.

Altered Illusions is a place to learn and grow and yes at times it can feel like a job or like its not worth it, but personally over everything that has changed over the years on the channel i can say that no matter what the fans and friends I have made mean more than anything to me.

12. Which Altered Illusions video was your favorite to make?

It's a tie for me between 3 the toot and boot video we did with myself, Harlee, Emma and Siren and it was my favorite because personally I felt this was the best cast AI has ever seen and we got to do this together and it was alot of fun.

13. If there was one thing you could change about the world, what would it be and why?

I wish people would just be over all more excepting of everything about the LGBT community I feel like people hide behind excuses that if they would just open their minds they would see we are no different from anyone else and we all want the same thing, to be happy.

14. What do you love most about the drag community?

I love that there are so many creative outlets with drag, so many things you can try and ways to do drag. There is no right and wrong way to do drag. And no matter what kind of drag you do you still have a large community to surround yourself with to make yourself better.

15. Marry, Kai Kai, Kill: Willam Belli, April Carrion, Tammie Brown

Marry: Tammie Brown
Kill: April Carrion
Kai Kai: Willam Belli

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