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Candi Kame-Loudly: The True Definition Of A Queen

Starting drag only a little over a year ago, Candi Kame-Loudly has quickly made a name for herself in her community. Being someone who has dealt with other performers being rude in the past, she's been working on making everyone who works with her feel accepted and included. She is a true queen who shows true hospitality regardless of how people have treated her in the past and she goes above and beyond to show love to everyone and help those who need it. One of her biggest aspirations is opening her own drag club someday and would also love to work with Rupaul's Drag Race powerhouse, Latrice Royale.

1. Who is Candi Kame-Loudly?

Candi Kame-Loudly is the other half of my Gemini zodiac. She was locked away for so many years deep in the back of my mind just waiting to come out and play. Candi is a go getter who is hungry for success and recognition. She loves to inspire people to go after their dreams and to be as fabulous as possible on that journey. She is a true underdog who roots for all other underdogs as well. Because she had such a difficult time being accepted by some of the local Queens in New Haven, she is always more than welcoming to the new Queens on the block and will help create opportunities for them to perform when she can. Candi loves diversity in Drag culture which is something she believes in and is what motivates her to constantly push herself with her look and to try new things. All in all....Candi Kame-Loudly is a reminder to me and hopefully other people that, it's never and will never be too late for living your dreams. 

2. Where did you get your drag name?

My drag name, Candi Kame-Loudly, was the result of a phone conversation/video message with my best friend. When I was in the very very early stages of pre-production of Candi Kame-Loudly. I had the 1st wig I purchased on my head and was feeling my fetus queen oats and it just came out " this is your girl, Candi...Candi Kame...Candi Kame-Loudly ". And that's pretty much how she got her name. And I f*cking love it!

3. When and why did you begin doing drag?

I began doing drag on June 14th 2014. I guess I had always wanted to do drag but was terrified of how I would be treated by family and friends. And probably terrified of how hideous (I thought) I would look. I remember spending a lot of time with my friend Jack who had never watched RuPaul's Drag Race before and was like " Oh gurl, we need to fix that!" and we would make fabulous dinners and watch episode after episode together. But the moment I decided to start drag was when I went to see Jiggly Caliente at The Polo Club (now closed) in Hartford, CT. She is so talented and so beautiful. Watching her perform and getting to chat with her for a little while really is what inspired me to do drag. I love her so much for that experience and I think she is fabulous. 

4. Where did you learn to do your makeup?

I learned to do my makeup primarily on my own. I have watched a few tutorials by Vivienne Pinay in the beginning and then just expanded on my own. Ari Ola of Providence, RI had recommended a few products when I knew nothing and Miz Destiny Nations of Hartford , CT also gave me some tips at that time. Thank you ladies! 

5. How has drag changed your life?

Drag has changed my life in all aspects. My confidence has definitely been boosted since Candi Kame-Loudly burst forth from my mangina. I have learned to be more diplomatic when it comes to conflict. Often looking for the resolve rather than placing the blame. And let's face it gurl, there is a lot of conflict in the world of drag. But I digress, I have become more outgoing and compassionate.
Drag has also changed my life in the realm of friendship and love. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I'm sure you see me spouting my love and respect for one of the most amazing people I have ever met via the drag world, my sister and very dear friend, Mia E Z'Lay. Such an amazing person and Candi Kame-Loudly is as fierce as she is because I have such an amazing role model. And I know this answer is getting long but, this is a very important question and the answer is just as if you are still with me...thank you. 

Drag has also changed my life when I by chance met my Drag Grandmother at a charity event, the amazing Brandy Alexander of the Imperial sovereign court of all Connecticut. This wonderful person has shown me such kindness and has bestowed to me the greatest gift of all. My partner and future husband, Johnie Burke. Being a Drag Queen its hard to find someone who is secure within their own self who is aware enough to separate the two entities ( performer and person ) and love them and accept them both equally. I have been so blessed since starting drag and I hope that I am able to pay it forward for someone else someday. 

6. Who are some big inspirations of yours? 

Some of my biggest inspirations have been and continue to be: Mia E Z'Lay, Brandy Alexander, Ari Ola, Destiny Nations, Biana Del Rio, Coco Peru, Ben Delacreme, Raven, Alyssa Edwards, Dandy Lions, Sassie Saltimboca and waaaaayyyy too many more to name. Anyone who really has put in work to get where they are and yet continue to strive for more without being a total bitch about it. 

7. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about drag? 

My absolute favorite thing about drag is the moment when your face is beat for filth and you look kinda disgusting and then you put that wig on...and then BAM! There she is hunny!!! Eat it!! My least favorite thing about drag is having to shave. Being of the bear community, I have to shave a lot more than most people. F*ck my hairy life!!! 

8. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment so far has been from in a year being the underestimated booger queen who wasn't treated very nice by my gay "hometown" at pride, to hosting this years New Haven Pride with the legendary, Robin Banks. Actually, I'm proud of everything I have done with Candi Kame-Loudly. Hosting my own drag competition this year, to having my own monthly party, Candiland at Partner's Cafe in New Haven, CT. And of course all of my connections in and out of state. Its really insane and I am so grateful. 

9. Do you have a most embarrassing moment from a performance that you've done in the past?

I have an embarrassing moment from every single time I perform and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a 30 something year old man in a wig acting up for tips, smiles and applause. But specifically...on opening night of Candiland, 2 minutes into my opening number , my nipples kept creeping out as my top was slipping down. I went with it and just flashed everyone and kept it moving. Which is what you have to do. Not just in drag but in life. Your wig is gonna fall off...your balls are gonna fly out and sometimes your gonna piss yourself. Its the perseverance that is what's important. Ha ha 

10. Do you ever get nervous before getting onstage? If so, how do you calm your nerves?

The only time I am ever nervous when I go on stage is when the audience has NOT paid a cover charge. I feel like if you have a cover charge, it says " I want to be here and I specifically came to see this show ". In my opinion is makes it much easier to connect when you know they are there for you and not just because it's a bar with no cover. I over come those nerves by reminding myself that I always put together a great line up and if people don't like it because they aren't educated on the various styles of drag..too bad...they didn't pay to get in anyway. 

11. What is something you wish to change about the drag community?

One thing I wish I could change about the drag community would be the way we are 9 times out of 10 underpaid and disrespected by the club/bar we work at. We are your guests and should be treated as so. No Queen should ever be told to "get your sh*t and get the f*ck out! ". Especially after we have just spent the last 4 hours mingling, performing, taking pictures, promoting the establishment we are at and so on and so forth. Maybe we should start a drag union. #sallyfieldrealness

12. Out of all the performers you've worked with, who are you closest to? Why do you think you've bonded with them so well?

Out of all of the performers that I have worked with that I feel closest to would of course be, Mia E Z'Lay. I think we have bonded so well because we have the same sense of humor and we both respect one another's take on drag. She is an amazing performer, seamstress and promoter. I admire her for all of her hard work and I appreciate her hunger for (dick) success. I love you girl!!! 

Having said that, I wouldn't feel right not mentioning my New Haven family, Karelys Blue Rose, Tiana Max, Sylvia Heart and Casey Fitzpatrick. Great people and fabulous performers as well. 

13. If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you want to perform and why?

It's not so much a specific location, but, I would love to own my own exclusive drag club someday. A club with tables and chairs, a fabulous stage with a theater crew and a gorgeous dressing room where everything a queen needs to feel comfortable would be right there. Since I started drag that has been one of my goals to accomplish. That sh*t would be sickening as f*ck!!! Yaaaaaazzzzz 

14. Which performer do you wish to work with in the future and why did you pick them?

I would really love to work with Latrice Royale. I have heard nothing but amazing things about her and from what I see on television and on the internet just validates all of her praise. I am looking forward to meeting her as soon as possible. Hey girl! 

15. What is something not many people know about you? 

Something that people may not know about me is that I'm convinced I'm not walking the correct way in heels. Seriously, how the hell do these dudes make it look so easy. I'm over here all like...careful..careful..don't are too old to break anything. 

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